Let’s do the supine leg raise stretch.

We’ll start by lying down flat on your back and extending your legs out long. Take your left foot flat on the ground with your knee pointing up, and then lift your right leg—keeping it straight—as high as you’re comfortable, without letting your low back curl up off the ground.

Contract your abs and your glute muscles to keep your back from coming up off the ground.

And we’ll do each side three times for about 20 seconds each time. So after you’ve held the right leg up for 20 seconds, carefully bend your right knee, bring the right foot back down to the earth.

And lift up the left leg, keeping it straight, as high as you can go.

Keep your breath slow and steady; try not to contract or hold your breath. And remember that if you feel any pain or discomfort, come out of this right away and consult a physician before coming back into it.

Bring the left foot back to the ground.

And that was the supine leg raise stretch.