Scoliosis, Weight Loss, Bowel issues; connected?

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Scoliosis, Weight Loss, Bowel issues; connected?

Well let me begin with my general information:
I'm Elle, I'm currently 17 years old. 5'5''(Lost 2 inches in height). 91lbs.
I have been dealing with Scoliosis since I was 11 years old, at age 12 I received a back brace and wore it for 20 hours a day for over a year. I currently have a 48 degree lower curve, yes I am very near surgery which means I will probably need it. My mother and sister both had scoliosis and spinal fusions around my age. But as it progresses worse I've been noticing some things changing. Like shooting pain up my spine sometimes when I breath but the worse one is the bowel issues I've been having. I used to be alright until my spine hit about the late 30 degrees. Then I started having pain. I had recent blood tests done and it shows I'm 100% healthy. No infections no nothing. I did Google research and nothing is fitting into place plus I've had tests done. Doctors can't figure it out. My mother and sister both did lose weight and I did do some reading on some other forums that said others were having bowel issues as well with their scoliosis. I'm not sure but could this be my lower scoliosis curve pressing into my organs which is causing the pain or perhaps something different?