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pain the the buttocks when sitting

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:32 AM in Chronic Pain
My friend has had pain the the buttocks when sitting for the last 16 months. He has had several MRI's and has had different diagonisis. One diagonisis was piriformis syndrome, another has been possible myofascial pain. Some doctors have flat out told him they don't know what is really wrong. Some doctors have said he has peripal nerve damage, but there seems to be no cause for it. He is extremely frustrated. Prior to the pain in the but, he was walking about 6 to 8 miles a week and was very active. He had a sinus infection and was in active for several days and the pain the buttocks started. He is on pain medication and nerve medication, does any one out there know of any similar case. The MRI show no problems, no tumor, not pinched nerve, , they show nothing that could be causing this problem, blood work shows no sign of infection. He did have slightly low vitamin D level and is currently taking vitamin D. Please help. He also has pain in his feet and has been told he has Morton's Neuropathy. He is very frustrating because he stands to relieve the pain in the buttocks, and then his feet hurt. Please help!


  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,385
    I'm there! I had this pain start in Jan. 09 and so far no one can tell me what it is. I can also feel for him with the morton's neuroma. I had one removed from my left foot Dec. 07 and now the right foot needs it. Just wanted to let him know he's not alone...I know that doesn't help the pain though. I hope he finds a solution soon.

  • Debbie,

    Thanks for the reply, it will help him to hear he is not alone in this. How did the surgery go with the removing the morton's neouroma, did it hel? He has it in both feet? I hope you find a solution also. If you find a solution, please let me know. If we find anything helpful we will let you know.

  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,385
    went well. It just takes a long time to completely heal. It seems like a roller coaster ride for a while. Now other than the two numb toes I don't have any pain from that surgery. I also had a bunionectomy and osteotomy on the same foot one year before the MN and then had the hardware removed when they removed the neuroma. I will probably have the other foot done this fall. Maybe. It just takes time and I'm very impatient! Best of Luck.
  • Hi...
    I had a problem several years ago with MN. Has he tried cortazone(sp?)shots? There is also an insert a foot Doctor can make to go in your shoes that relieve the pressure on that nerve that is causing the pain. As you know it's a very painfull condetion, WOW is it ever!! I had surgery on my foot and that was not a problem. I recovered very quickly and have had no problems since. A friend had inserts made for her shoes that helped her.
    When all my spine problems started I had pain when sitting caused by a ruptured disc. But that has been ruled out in your friends case hasn't it? Wish I could be more help. Private message me and I will try to be more help with the MN.I do have more information your friend may benefit from.
    Hugsssssssss >:D<
    Patsy W
  • Yankeefan: I have a similar problem with pain while sitting. I saw several orthopedic drs and had mri's, bone scans, x-rays, etc and nothing showed up on any of these. I was diagnosed with coccydynia and had all sorts of treatments, injections, physical therapy, etc, to no avail. I had a coccygectomy in Dec, '07 and my pain only continued to get worse. I stand most of the time and this does take a toll on your feet and legs, but it is so painful trying to sit. I use a special cushion with a cut out section in the back to relieve some of the pressure on the sacrum area. I've been seeing a pain specialist and she has recommended a peripheral nerve field stimulator. Just because nothing shows up on the mri's, etc, doesn't mean there isn't something very wrong. I just can't believe that someone can't determine what the problem is when there is so much pain that goes on, nonstop, for years, and continues to get worse. Very frustrating. I can't begin to tell you how this has changed my life...I used to be so active, now I'm limited as to how much I'm able to do. Hope your friend finds some relief from his pain. You just have to treat the pain and not worry so much about why you have all this pain, because the drs sure can't tell you. It drove me out of my mind, practically, trying to get a proper diagnosis...have given up on that.
  • Your story sounds so much like mine, It's scary, I've been in this nightmare for over 3 years now and no one knows, what is wrong. I've had a spinal fusion to no avail. Had so many tests and scans to no avail. Now seeing pain management, trying lyrica with vicoprofin. I just can't believe no doctor can find what is wrong, when I'm in excruciating pain when sitting. I definitely feel for you as I am so frustrated too. If anyone has any idea, please help!
  • I recently had a trial for the peripheral nerve stimulator which didn't help my pain at all...then the dr tried radiofrequency, which didn't help. PM Dr has now recommended I have the trial for the Spinal Nerve Stimulator...awaiting approval from Blue Cross on that. It just seems hopeless. I'm about to give up on the doctors ever being able to help me. I also have SI pain, which acts up once in a while, along with my sacrum (lower back) pain. I know there are others in much worse condition than I am, but believe me, it is no fun not to be able to sit down. Our situation is unique and you will notice we won't get many responses. I've been told by ortho drs that this is a unique condition and have been turned away by many who just don't treat conditions such as this. My PM Dr is wonderful and has really tried to help me, but so far nothing is working.
  • I wanted to give you a little update on the stimulator front. I finally had my appointment with the Doc who will do my perm implant. The Rep wants to put the leads at T12 to L1 for me but the Doc would like me to reconsider that option. He thinks he can get my feet and my SI Joint problem if we put the leads at T11-T12. Thought you might like to know that there is some hope.

  • My PM Dr said she would place my leads at the very lowest point possible. Keep us posted on your progress because you will have your permanent implant before I will...that is if the insurance co approves another trial and I continue on to the permanent implant.
  • I also have this terrible sitting pain and nothing shows on MRI or Ct scan. Feels like I am sittin on rock and hurts like hell in my bottom and 'pulls' down my legs at the top. As soon as I stand up I am fine. Have had cortizone, caudal epidural in case its coming from my spine, and have now trialed Lyrica 150 mg a day in case that would help. Endless physio and exercise progammes Am as bad as ever - I know one person in the States who has Vicodin and that helps her so am going to ask my pain consultant to let me try an opiate.
    Someone on here posted that they were doing the same but hasnt posted any result. Please do!
  • I would like to say I'm glad I'm not alone.I woke up in april with a shooting pain down my right leg and my buttock.Went through shots which did'nt work and have been on loratabs for a year with not much help my pm perscribed lyrica for me and that dose not help either! He gave me a video for a scs and after watching it I'm going to try it.But I'm a little scared but don't know what to do.I go back in feb to see him and I'm going to try the trial.
  • My name is Cheryl ans I'm 33 years old. I started having "shooting" pains down my right leg and in my right butt cheek. My pain management doctor diagnosed me with severe sciatica and spinsl stenosis. Standing sometimes relieves the pain in the buttock area but not for the shooting pains down my leg. I am scheduled for a Peripheral Nerve Stimulator trial on June 17, 2010. If anyone has had this procedure, please let me know how it went. Thanks!
  • Sounds to me like its an SI joint issue. Do a little reading on it and see if that is what his symptoms are. I have bad SI and it hurts to sit or lay on side lots of burning and stinging pain. There is an SI belt to help with the pain..
  • If you have pain in butt and its goes to legs it sound like nerve damage.
    Also about SCS the greatest thing that came a long.Iam 4 week out and doing great I love it.

  • I had this recently after my facet rhizotomy (radiofrequency ablation). It was really terrible and I was in tears a few times over it- it spread all the way down through my tailbone, down my leg to my toes. I couldn't even take a bath without a pillow to sit on.

    I'm pretty sure it was the facet nerve at L5/S1 being extremely unhappy with us that we'd be so rude as to stick an electrode in there and try to kill it.

    Anyway, after a week or two of some hard core meds it got much better, but of course that's because it was already in its death throes. That's just my experience.

    I've always found it interesting to look up "dermatomes" and see whether pain matched the nerve roots from a specific vertebral junction. In this case, since I had just had the procedure and knew which ones they'd done, I could pinpoint which nerve was unhappy. Pretty cool. Often my pain doesn't match up and then I figure it's muscle pain.
  • I had the Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Trial last year. I didn't get any relief from my pain, which is low in my back...sacrum area. I don't have sciatic pain. The leads for the PNS are placed directly over the area of pain, unlike the SCS, where the leads are placed through the epidural space. I also had the trial for the SCS in December...this didn't give me any relief from my pain either. The trial for the PNS was a piece of cake compared to the SCS. I hope this is successful for you.
  • I also have had this problem for the past six years. I had a back surgery at UPMC Pittsburgh, piriformis surgery at University Hospitals in Cleveland both which did not help. In the past week I have been seeing a chiropractor that pratices applied kinesiology techniques. His theory is that once the gluteus muscles weaken, the pririformis muscles tries to stabiize the SI Joints and in the process constantly aggravate the siatic nerve. I have have three spinal adjustments and have been doing recommended exercises to strengthen the gluteus muscles. I was ready to give up when I found this doctor.
    I am finally feeling better and can already sit for longer periods of time.

  • I've had excruciating pain when sitting...making my desk job a nightmare, driving a challenge & now my feet are painful & numb. My docs have no idea what this is. It has completely ruined my quality of life. Has anyone gotten any answers?
  • I have had degenerated discs in my back for a while, I thought that was painful, but over the Christmas holidays I learned to appreciate that pain so much more. I was asleep and my alarm went off, I started to sit up while swinging my legs over the side of the bed and was hit with so much intense pain, I had to lay back down, the pain continued. I waited and tried to get up again and the intense pain washed over me again. (I had been having some siactic like pain in my right hip, deep in the hip area, and at times it would run down my leg to my knee, but nothing helped, pain blocks, opiates, nothing) and this new pain ran from that deep area in my hip down to my knee. I live alone so I had no choice but to call 911. I didnt know what else to do. I had to force myself to walk to my front door and unlock it to avoid them breaking it down. They took me to the ER and for 5 hours I lay there and cried. I am not a stranger to pain, I have had 2 children, a hysterectomy, my tonsils removed at the age of 53 (and yes, it is oh so much worse as an adult) plus have had tattoos and piercings at various times in my life, I do not cry when I am in pain, never have. But I cried for the entire time I was in the ER. I recieved a cortazone shot in my hip, nothing, then when my mother, who is 79, arrived, they gave me a shot of Didlaudid, which is close to morphine, nothing. After another hour, the doctor came in and was amazed I was still in pain let alone awake and lucid. I recieved another "stronger" injection of Didlaudid, and still nothing.... I finally just went home... I saw my spine doctor the next day and set up an appointment for a pain block. I had had 4 in 2013 between July and December. This was did nothing either. Soon the pain was more centrally located in my right knee, and it would buckle when I tried to put weight on it, and I fell a number of times. My right leg just would not support my weight any longer. I had MRI's done on my lower back, and my knee, nothing explained why I suddenly was in so much pain. I was given a shot in my knee and sent home. It was a good while before I could walk without extreme pain. It's been over a month now and today I walked from my car to my office without the use of a cane for the first time. I am concuring that blinding pain, but the pain in my butt when I sit at my desk is just horrible. I have worked this job since March of 1990, and for the most part, I would sit all day, and rarely left my chair. I only left during the day to run an errand that could not be done after work, now I think I have damaged my joints in some way. One cause may be Myofascial Pain Syndrome, but my doctor has done MRI's on my pelvis and SI area, said he saw nothing. I start at the pain management center on the 20th of Feb, and hope they can tell me more and find a way to fix this. I am 55 and have 25 years in at work but will not be able to afford to retire for a good long time, if ever... so I am stuck. I take low doses of Flexeril 3 times a day, Lyrica 3 times a day, and at work I take about 25 mgs of Lortab once a day... if I took more I would run out before I could get a refill. I have a high tolerance, esp based on those Didlaudid shots I recieved in the ER, and nothing seems to touch these nerve like pains. I pray that the PM doctors can help me... I just do not know what more I can do. I have read your responses and will keep up on what all is posted...
    "We did the impossible.
    And that makes us mighty"
    Malcom Reynolds
  • I too have suffered with the problem of extreme pain when sitting for the past 8 years. So far I have had a gluteal vein embolization, L4-L5 discectomy, piriformis release surgery and nothing helped. I have had every test imaginable and had steroid injections with only minimal short term relief. A trial with a nerve stimulator did nothing.
    Then a break through with orthopedic doctors in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pa. They X rayed my hips and determined I have FAI, femoral acetabulat impingement. Three weeks ago I had arthroscopic surgery on my right hip to remove bone that was preventing my hip from functioning properly. I must add that I did not present typical hip symptoms. This is a relatively new procedure developed by Dr John Christoforetti. Other than some surgical pain, the pain from sitting on my right side is gone. I still have pain on the left side that my need to addressed next.
  • veronicamarlowevveronicamarlowe Posts: 1
    edited 02/18/2015 - 9:40 AM
    ischial tuberosity.
    I have had this pain for 8 years. Xrays show nothing. Chiro doesn't work. Haven't ever read a description before that seemed acurate until I read the web page above. Good luck all!
  • look into pudenal nerve entrapment
  • RainMamaRRainMama Posts: 1
    edited 02/17/2015 - 5:45 AM
    I have the same pain! I also have pain elsewhere. Mine stems from pain in the hip joints where the leg bone is in the hip socket. It's right in those spots that rest on a toilet seat and man do those things hurt! I have also had leg, knee, and feet problems. I have upper body pain too. It took a year, but I have just found out my pain is from Psoriatic Arthritis. You don't even have to have Psoriasis to have it and you may not know you've ever had a rash if you've had a tiny spot under your hair. Sometimes none. I have only had one small spot. There are many other symptoms. All bloodwork will come back normal as will xrays as well. So far opiates and nerve meds only shave off some of the pain. I have had many MRI's, Xrays, and bloodwork leading to this and all were normal. There are really strong meds that can help. I'm trying to decide which one I am comfortable with now. Look into it, I had no idea it existed and have suffered for so long. If arthritis of any kind is left untreated, it can cause irreparable damage. The new drugs can slow or halt the disease and help with the pain. I sincerely hope this helps and that you find relief very soon. I understand your pain and empathize 100%.
  • edited 02/18/2015 - 6:28 AM
    everyone here that has commented on sacral buttock pain, may I ask have you all had some type of epidural or surgery prior to this pain? I too suffer from it and mine is recent I too like Littlesurfer am researching to figure this out, because I want my life back and as much as some drs think we are enjoying the "high life" of meds thats not the case Id much rather get up every morning not in pain then rely on meds that DO NOT give me my quality of life back by any means...
    This can't be happening
  • FlyfishFFlyfish Posts: 1
    edited 03/04/2015 - 7:11 AM
    I sympathize. I can't read a book or sit through a plane flight. I have lost some weight - am sort of bony - and I think my lack of cushioning might be at fault. Are any of you who have posted skinny?
  • sitting on a rock I've actually used that term. There are many nerves the drs tend to over look. I am also finding they write off this piriformis syndrome a lot because its very rare. If you research it as I did it almost diagnosis me to a T. But from my research another nerve condition is femoral nerve dysfunction which from my research people can live with this their whole lives and never know one small injury even for women carrying a child in the womb can cause this. Often people will get diagnosed with saroilliac joint but not such the case, that tends to involve the sciatica nerve...if you are having the pain like i am it is acute chronic and severe. sacral pain, my buttocks (mine tends to be right sided) feel like they are on fire then the pain travels across the mid buttock over the thigh into the groin area(meaning the inner thigh) which feels like a vice is on that part of my leg and then travels over the top of the thigh, to the knee, sometimes numbness and tingling down to the foot depends on activity level, but I'm not a sitter... Mine is brought on by activity, thats why PT seemed to be just massage and stim which really is a waste still walking out of their in a high pain, even nerve glides and certain massage would send me thru the roof. tried a traction machine hit the button quick, tried aqua therapy when its nerve pain nothing touches it... sitting for too long (10 mins) driving obviously sitting, walking, very short distance, stairs ect. What I am starting to come to a conclusion to is that there is scar tissue from the procedures aggravating nerves...I have not yet had a nerve test but that has to be done soon because this is 8 months too long I haven't even begun to go back to work yet. I can barely get thru the day by doing a load of laundry and vacuuming the living room then making dinner...I have to live... before this pain I did yoga, 5 ks , boot camps, im 5 4 125 pds that picture is my back on a daily basis. my Pt says i tested positive for femoral nerve drs i think stay away from it from what I read its usually brought on by injury, and there is a cluster of nerves sacral that lead to the femoral so if you've had epidurals quite possible there is nerve damage we are all just going to have to deal with which I think sucks in plain english....so to those with SI , I'm not saying its not and that you don't have sciatica, but sciatica doesn't run over your top of your leg, and piriformis maybe its not so rare that your sciatica is running thru the piriformis muscle? Just some thoughts as I try to help myself get informed so I can get back to a better quality of life.
    This can't be happening
  • Hi. I am experiencing pain when sitting down which started mid february. I feel the pain at the center of my butt. The bony area. The pain goes away when i stand up or change my position like sitting using my right butt cheek or left butt cheek. Aside from this, and before feeling this, ive had back pain lower right and lower right abdomen pain. I can also feel that there is something swollen in my mid part abdomen. I can feel something round. I also feel pain when my right abdomen is touched with pressure. The pain in my abdomen and back is almost a year now. Also before the pain in my butt when sitting occured, i cant sit comfortably because my back hurts easily. I have to sit down with reclined chair to be comfortable. I havent seen any doctor yet coz im scared of what the results might be. I am overweight and right now i am trying to loose weight thinking it will be the cure to all the pain im feeling. I posted this coz i wanna know if anyone also feels what im feeling.
  • So sorry for all of you, life is a struggle at times right, but hope for
    finding solutions is a huge motivator for me and of course family.
    Gee in reading your post now I am nervous even more. I have your
    exact symtoms too and from research thought it was the SI joint.
    But you describe the wrap around to the groin too, so you have the
    spot on your butt that if it is touched you want to scream? I have had
    lots of injections so I wonder.
    I am so grateful and sad at times for this web-site it really helps to give your Doctor's
    some information of others who have had the same things and no
    results etc. I finally convinced a Doctor it was the SI maybe it is so if
    this injection today rules that out. I will pursue your ideas.
    How did the PT diagnose the Femoral nerve? Where are they going to
    do the nerve test in the leg. If you don't mind let us know please
    or all of you up-date us, it would be so helpful. Maybe we can get to
    the bottom of some of it or at least some helpful things to decrease the
    I know I have never experienced this kind of pain, I am a strong person
    but this has put me down.
    Best to all of you and sorry you are going through this.
  • I love the comment to liken this pain to sitting on a rock. Started for me on a road-trip and I had to beg them to stop and started sitting on my pillow - had intermittent episodes until last week and I find I cannot sit for very long at all no matter where or on what pillow:( I looked up the ischial tuberosity and find it closest so far to a dianosis for me - guessing I will have probs with my GP if I go in and say Ï googled it"lol :( What does everyone do for the pain? (Have OArthritis, Ankylising Spondylosis, Osteo Porosis, Underactive Thyroid, possible Meniere's and now this :( Wonder what's next for me!!
  • Li JincaiLLi Jincai Posts: 8
    edited 04/04/2015 - 1:54 AM
    Sorry to know that many of you suffer this problem too. I have de generative disc on L5. MRI shows nerve not pinch. But I am still having this sitting pain on both side of my but and when standing my feet really hurt. I use to be able to wear any type of shoe or sandals,but now I can't. I am currently seeing a orthopedic doctor. Trying lyrica med for now. But i really don't like to depend on these med. Will keep you all update on my issue. Really hope they can find out what is really going on for me.
    Li 35 years old.
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