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strakerstraker Posts: 1,851
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:35 AM in Sleep Problems
well as requested here it is the new thread!
i cant remember so i hope that some one can start it off better than me !!


  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,842
    - Some I see myself dying as a result of a crash, a gunshot wound, etc
    - Some I see myself as Mr Stud and having all these beautiful women around
    - Some I find myself playing professional sports
    - Some I have even found myself living during the Gladiator days in the midst of the Roman Empire.

    I would love to capture some of my dreams on tape for future use... (Not the ones about dying though)
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • I don't remember dreaming last night, but I do have certain recurring dreams: like you Straker, I also have the flying dreams and the teeth falling out. I also have freak-out nightmares going back to my college days (20 years ago!)In those I am told I can't graduate, or I lose my list of classroom numbers and wander the halls looking for where to go. If I can't find them I can't go to them, so of course I fail and can't graduate...I see a pattern! Once in a while I have crazy dreams that involve my first car and having all kinds of problems with it. Sometimes when I am dreaming I am not fully asleep and I chuckle along with the dream and make decisions on the direction the dream takes. Am I "normal"?!
  • i have just been awoken after just 2 hours sleep by pain again!! i was dreaming about being on holiday in a nice place {sounds good so far?!} but they never are ! apart from all the sun bathing etc we ..me and i don't know who..end up on a fun fair type thing .and i don't like them any way {in real life} but in my dream i am on a kids ride with a little girl {NO its not one of those dreams either!}she is about 10 and i remember her saying to me {in a sinister voice} don't worry this rides OK it for kids {it was a roller coaster}it starts ok at first then the safety rail rises and the nice little ride turns in to the ride from hell and i can't get the safety rail back down ...and wheres the kid?? smiling at me from the safety of the side lines as this bloody this sets of at warp factor 9 ..just as i am about to drop down the drop of death i am thinking in my dream my back hurt i wish that i was off this thing ..then i woke up ..back to real life now ..i go for my pint of water next to my bed ..my hands are hurting as they do when i get up and i drop it all over the wood floor /bed etc ..so i thought sod it got a bath sheet over it and now i am down on my recliner!
  • I find this topic so interesting!!! I tend to block my dreams, as I used to dream things that would actually happen. It wasn't neccesarily bad things, I used to like to freak out my friends in high school when I would finish conversations or someone's sentence because I had dreamt about it the night before. I also dreamt about my dad's death as it happened. He had terminal cancer, and I was camping with friends up the road. In my dream, he was in his hospital bed (which we had at home) but all his IVs and O2 tank and pumps were gone, and he was surrounded by people dressed in white. When I asked what was going on, someone answered that it was okay, he was all right now. I woke up, the sun had just come over the horizon, and I started the fire, put on the coffee and packed my stuff in my car. Just then, my friend's dad drove in, and I just said I'm on my way home. I think I freaked him out, too!! He just said I think that's a good idea. I got home, my dad, the bed, the IVs, tanks and pumps were all gone. He had passed at 5 am, which was just before sunrise... I could tell you all sorts of things like that, but that one is the most prevelant in my life.
    I also dream all sorts of fictional dreams, too, like my teeth falling out. You had mentioned it's because we care about our appearance? Is that another way of saying we're vain??!! :))(
    I also dream of vampires!! Maybe I'll send my vampires over to fend off Paul's zombies, lol.
    I once dreamt about being chased by assassins. It was so real and vivid, when I told my friend about it, she had a book on dream interpretations, so we looked it up. The book said that dreaming about someone trying to assissinate you means that someone in your life is going to back stab you. Figuratively, not literally, of course, lol. The day after, I found out that someone had snuck in and weaseled their way into a job that I was supposed to move into, everything had all been set for me to do so!! Coincidence? Maybe, but it makes for a good story anyways.
    I also dream a lot about falling, and the times I dream about the landing as well, I wake up actually bouncing in my bed!!! The worst was right after surgery though. I think it was another vampire dream, lol, and I had to be alert and aware, but was soooo drowsy and couldn't keep my eyes open, so in my dream I shoook my head to wake up a little. Well, I did it in real life, too. Man, did that ever hurt!!!!
    Anyways, Straker, I hope by this time, your back has let up a little, and you've got a little more sleep. I'll have to try to look up your roller coaster dream to see what it means? The roller coaster ride of chronic pain maybe? hhhmmmmm.....
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • i like this thread too and i hope we get a large response it would be interesting to see what kind of dreams people have that take prescription drugs .i have had the roller coaster type dream a few times but that's not my main repetitive dream ..that would be the empty of part full of dirt water swimming pool
    with no one about iknow that it does not sound scary but it is .Kelly i can identify with your dreams about finishing off other people's sentences and seeing thing befor they happen i had a phase of that when i was a teenager.it was very scary .i also used to get {funny feelings} like i could be driving my car ..and i would get a sense to change direction of come of the motorway because something would happen .and it did one night my ex wife and i were coming back from rochdale on the motorway and she was driving i told her to come off at the junction before we should have done ..puzzled she ask why? but did it any way ..as we got home we watched a fleet of emergency vehicles race past our house to a multi car pile up on the very motorway that we were on just minutes ago! another time .pre bad back days i use to cycle a lot in the park on my mountain bike .it was getting dark but i have all my light on and hi viz clothing and helmet so no problem.so i got in to the park and just about to set off down a long strip of tarmac and stopped i got a cold shiver down my spine and a massive rush of fear !! i shot out of the park as soon as i could i was scared stiff peddling like mad .what had happens ?? nothing ..so i thought !! the next day on the news a woman was raped and left for dead right where i stopped the bike {just behind the high treeline near the lake } so she would have been out of sight to me.but it was at the time she was raped the rapist was in the park at the same time as me !! i never heard or saw a thing but i was scared ..strange what the brain can pick up on ..as i have grown older i don't get thought like that any more i dont know if its a good thing of bad thing..
  • tonight dream was the chase dream .it was a nasty one i was being chased by i dont know who? and i had an old mobile phone and i could not get it to work i was running through shopping centres and always found myself on the roof top in a life with no light and as i entered the lift is went either down fast or moved to the side ! i managed to get from the life then i am in a car park looking for my car ..still being chased it sound not too bad but trust me it was very scary kath woke me up as i had grabbed her arm and was hurting her .as she removed my fingers from her arm i woke and said what happend she said you were moaning and were close to crying s]then you grabbed my arm so i woke you .i am now down on my recliner watching TV ..why do we have such scary dreams and why are they never happy ones? so tonight's dream was the chase dream with the lift dream mixed in with it ..my worse dreams is the one where you go to turn a light on and it fails or you turn on a torch on and it lights up but does not give out any light of it fails too then you go to a door and you can't open it ..i looked up some of my common dreams and i am happy to report i am not on my own with the most of my scariest dreams .the teeth dream .falling /and one that i thought was just me ,,empty swimming pools that are in need of repair or full deep dirty water pools are very common ..the explanation was everything from scared of water to worried about the direction of your life ..i could go with the latter as i am not scared of water ..strange things dreams
  • They are strange, how the subconscience works and lets you know something is not right!! I hope you get some more sleep... It's been elduing me all week, in fact my mom told me I looked like crap today... O took a zoplicone, but too late the other night, slept in and was late to work, thank god I have a very understanding boss, we've been friends for a few years... She actually sent me back home... So, no dreams for me, just more of that waking up in a pool of sweat, when I do manage to get a couple of hours in... I do get the being chased dreams a lot too though. Do you think it's us trying to run from our pain, but it's always nipping at our heels?
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • Hi Straker,
    I forgot in my previous post to mention the cell phone nightmares that I have. The flying/falling/losing teeth n-mares have been happening ever since I can remember. However, with the newer technology now I have added this nonsense to my list. Theres always some kind of emergency and I can't punch in the correct phone number, it goes on and on and I freak out trying in vain to call the correct number.
  • Hi All,

    I am new to this and very confused. I have DDD,Cervical disectomy with fusion C4-C6, spinal stenosis, Fibromyalgia, Really bad sleep apnea, hardly any stage thre and four. Chronic Fatigue or as I like to call it Myalgic Encephalamyelitus. Evrybody uses CFID/ME.

    I used to sleep like a baby,, didn't we all? I used to study dream and I love this thread. One piece of advvice I was given for interpeting dreams was to take them very literaly and at face value. For instance, say you dreamt you lost your shoes at work, at face value this could simply mean you feel like you are "loosing your footing at work" or that your afraid of loosing your job.
    I just wanted to throw this out for fits and giggles. I miss dreaming really bad, although I am starting to dream again. I had one this morning and the phone rag but I have a memory like swiss cheese,

    Carry one this is one great thread.I won't try and interpet your zombie drams or anybody else's, perhaps only my own....if I can remember one!

    One day I will learn how to get my bio of street creds to go on the bottom as to what surgeries and awful illnesses I have. Until then, good dreaming. Cookies before bedtime or Ben & Jerry's will do.
  • no dream that i can remember,, but did wake up whimpering and upset in terrible pain with my head soaking wet both my arms are on fire and my hands are numb as well as the back and leg problems also really thirsty?
    down on recliner now with acticare on and Oxycontin in .the real problem is trying to put on a brave face for the wife for the rest of the day as we have an evening wedding do to attend and i don't want to let her down
  • Sorry you are having such a rough time. I think putting on the brave face for others is very draining, but we still do it.
    Heres hoping you have some relief in time for the wedding.
  • I have a trifecta going on, I hade a cervical diesectomy with fusion after being in straight jacket pain for a year and then I came down with Fibromyalgia & Crhonic Fatigue which increase the pain just like an amplifier.

    I am on dis-ability after having a really good and well paying job and now I am not the Dad/Husband I once was. I was the life of the party, now I drag everyone down and try and keep the face on when I am dying inside.

    My advice is that you have to give it up, there is no other way. Male ego takes a big hit, but the truth will set you free. My biggest problem is that I look normal. Even my friends, My Doctor, my wife don't even get it. Fibro and Chronic Fatigue is called the invisable disease.

    You can run but you can't hide. I had sleep deprivation for a year and a half and I would cry like a baby at the drop of a hat. Thye thought I was depressed and it was sleep deprivation plus what I was going through.

    At some point you won't be able to hide it at all, I know it is a B**** but set yourself free and ask for help and understanding. No man was meant to carry all this, except one.

    My heart and soul goes out for you man, do it.
  • Last night, expct to have more, on Lamactal and I've heard it is good for nightmares and vivid dreams. If you like stephen kingish stuff read on. Otherwise move along there is nothing to be seen here!
    you have been warned, read fast, in case it gets edited!

    Anyway, I was back near where I grew up, walking home and I had many miles to go up through the mountains to get home. I come upon a cabin and low and behold both my sons are staying there! uh, with a bunch of teenage girls! I walk through that cabin making sure there is nothing "wrong".
    For some reason some other guys go down the long drive to the road, and cars are whizzing by. speeding. I think, they always do that, they need to slow down.
    Just then one of the guys turns to face oncoming traffic and starts waving his arms and jumping up and down to get the guy to slow down.
    WHAM, the car hits him and knocks him onto the bank. I know instantly this is going to not be good, so I start running down the drive, full speed thinking, I need sheets, towels etc, Then thinking, let the boys grab those.
    Next thing I see as I get close is the guy hopping across the road on his left leg. his right leg is GONE up to his knee! He is screaming as he hops, "that guy broke my arm". You see not only did the guy have his leg missing but he had a compound fracture of his right arm with the hand flopping back towards his elbow... I remember thinking as the guy collapsed, he needs pressure to keep from bleeding out. But he wasn't bleeding, it was like Paul said, Zombie wounds, no blood, just old looking gore. Last thought I had was, I can't touch him. That's when I woke up....

    cool, huh?

  • Last night I also had a strange one.
    My husband and I were staying in some kind of motel out in the woods. They only had one room left and it wasn't too nice but we needed a place to stay, no idea why.
    The awful part came when we woke up. I felt something tickling mt nose. It turned out to be a huge spiderweb.
    When I "cleared away the cobwebs" (sorry) I saw that there were long spiderweb strands hanging all over the ceiling and on us.
    Then we looked around more carefully and saw that there were big bugs all over the floor, furniture, etc., even in the bed!
    When I tried to get my shoes on to get the vacuum in the corner there were bugs in there too. Skeevy. Also, my husband had to go to work and I freaked and went to look for another room.
    I think it was early a.m. when the dream occured and I could hear him getting ready to leave, so that would explain his leaving, but the rest of the dream I have no clue.
  • did not want to wake up to go to work this morning... so I somehow unconsciously incorporated my alarm clock into my dream, and kept pressing the snooze button for apparently 2 hours without realizing it, much to the annoyance of my bf who didn't need to be up.... still hearing about it 16 hours later!!! **evil giggles** serves him right... LOL
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • a pair of horrible dreams .yes a pair.listen to this .!for many years my dreams had a tendency to come true {no i am not nuts!} when i was little i use to have lots of dreams that came true like i would see something happen then it would like a car crash or a friend get ill or something like that ..but thankfully those strong psychic feeling went...so i thought until tonight ..dream one i woke up upset and it was about my ex wife kath and i had moved in to out old house {that's my ex and i old house} and i woke up very mentally uncomfortable ..so much so that i came down stairs and after a whist decided to go back to bad ..but this time as i was unset and a bit shaken ..i went to the spare room .this was about 4am .i woke about an hours later {after having such a realistic dream it woke me up and i was sobbing!!}it was a continuation on my first dream but my ex wife was in it and i saw her get killed !!! at a well known road black spot
    i don't know if its just a terrible coincidence or not but my ex and i lived in that area when we were younger and what i saw could happen ..{there is also heart trouble in her family and i was wondering if something had happened to her in the night!?} her brother died at 42 /mother 51 and aunt 55...i know that this sound s like a crock..but do i ring her and tell her to be careful ..has something already happened in the night? or should i just hope it was a bad very bad dream and ignore it ?
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