Best mattress for low back pain due to herniated disc

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Best mattress for low back pain due to herniated disc

Can anyone suggest a mattress for low back pain caused by herniated disc? My seal posterpedic is killing me.
Anyone tried memory foam mattresses?
what would be the best place to buy those? any brand names?Thanks.

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Although it's a matter of personal preference, I find that a harder, firmer mattress helps me the most. I find I like something just a tiny bit softer than the floor! Grin I asked my doctor and he said to lay on the mattresses in the store for 20-30 minutes each. If they start to hurt bad before then, get up and move to the next one. He said the store won't have a problem with this since the samples are there for just that, to try out! If they ask, just tell them the truth, you have a bad back and are testing to see which one will hurt the least. Good luck in your search!

Much love and understanding,

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Sleep number, sleep number, sleep number

Rah. Rah. Rah.

Hubby and I purchased a sleep number bed about seven years ago and I don't think I could sleep on anything else. Some nights I feel best with a hard bed, some nights with a soft bed. Some nights I go to sleep on a hard bed then lower the number to get a soft bed in the early morning.

Coupled with a pillow top, you just can't beat it. I also have a $125 memory foam pillow that would be one of the first things I'd save if my house caught on fire.


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I agree sleep number is best

I love being able to change the number to make it harder or softer.


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Hello chilon ~ Welcome to the board ~

If you don't want to have to buy a new mattress, you could get a memory foam topper that you would lay on top of your mattress. You can get them in different thicknesses, from a couple inches to 5 or 6, I believe. I have ordered several online that I have been happy with. I also have ordered a memory foam mattress online that I have been very pleased with.

If you want to see what's available, just run a search and you will see a variety of choices that are for sale online.

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Several years ago, we purchased a Select Comfort Mattress.
This type has two air bladders. So that either person can control the degree of firmness. I might want a very firm setting , while my wife likes it softer. There are times, when I want a soft feeling also. This mattress does both.
In addition, we have a pillow mattress on top which makes the bed that much more comfortable

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Hi Chilon

My posturepedic beds I bought before turned out to hurt my back also. I bought a memory foam mattress from memoryfoam website as it was cheaper to get from the wholesaler than at a store. It's 5 inches memoryfoam and 6 inches foam. Make sure when buying a 3" topper or mattress to check the amount of real memory foam. I have a pillow from them and you can get at wally stores reasonable as well as toppers. I've found sleeping on memoryfoam I can sleep 12 hours straight but in one place it feels very warm when I get up. Good luck. Charry

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good advice

i can recommend an electrical adjustable bed with a sprung and memory foam combination mattress {my wife and i have one each} they are together and look like one king size bed.we got ours from sleepmasters {UK} it is a VELDA but with a sleep master logo on it to keep the price down .{Its called the sensor foam revolution} VELDA worldwide} call the same bed the proflex 30 with the bodyprint 5 mattress if you buy velda you get a choice of mattress..i also use a tempur millenium queen pillow {its so good it goes everywhere with me even been to fuerteventura and hospital! with me]..dont make the mistake of buying a full memory foam bed ..we bought a top end tempur bed cost 3k and now its in our spare room ...too hard ..the sprung and memory foam combination is a fine combination for anyone with back problems .and when combined with an electrical base its the best..just get the best you can afford ..we were a bit put off at first about getting electrical beds {thought we were a bit young 40s but i can tell you its the BEST decision we have made even my wife ..she has a good back wont sleep on anything Else..over the years we have spent thousands on beds but the velda has to be the best bed we have bought