neck shoulder pain

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neck shoulder pain

I was transferring a patient over a year ago and hurt my neck. MRI, catscan, emg, show nothing major; 2 slight bulges at c5,c6. I have pain in neck, pain and numbness in right arm, spasms by shoulder blade, tingling in fingers. They can't find anything and I refuse to believe I am stuck like this. Activity and putting my arm over my head increases symptoms. Do you have any suggestions? I am asking for a referral for a second opinion. Thank you

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neck& shoulder pain

Have they done anything to treat the symptoms or suggested anything - PT or exercises on your own or muscle spasm med. or anything? With this amount of time I would definitely want a 2nd opinion.

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Might be a pinched nerve in the neck. I'd suggest a physical examination by a physiotherapist who would be able to quickly find any problems and treat them.
Soft tissue trauma best diagnosed hands-on. You may have put a bit extra stress on the shoulder muscles, which then affects the neck.
Ice pack might help, but when I get this its off to the physio immediately, and they know just what to do.
You may want to review your activities and how they affect your neck and shoulders. It all catches up eventually.

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I had a lift injury like that before

I lifted a patient wrong and all they "found" was a C5-6 disc bulge. However, I found after I accepted a worker's comp settlement that I also had a SLAP tear in my shoulder, which is what caused the pain in my shoulder when I would lift things or try to lift my arm above my chest. In my case, I didn't have a COMPLETE tear, so I was still able to lift my arm, it just HURT to do it, so I could still "pass" their testing for a SLAP tear. Google it and see if you think that is what you have. If so, make sure your doc does an MR Arthrogram of your shoulder in order for the SLAP tear to show on the imaging. a regular x-ray, CT, or regular MRI will not show it properly. I had to go through quite a bit with the insurance company and ortho docs to learn that. Hope you feel better soon!

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From what I know extra pain

From what I know extra pain when lifting arm above head is a sign that the problem is in the shoulder and not the neck. Often when it is in the neck lifting your arm should actually decrease symptoms. I'd try to see a shoulder ortho and if they try to put it off on your neck then INSIST they investigate your shoulder further. Don't give up!

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This is just like what I have been feeling

I have identically symptoms and mine are resulting from a rear-end car accident. I had the MRI, CAT scan, and a EMG. I did physical therapy for 5 months, and have been on cyclobenzapar. A neurologist and my general physician both said that this is probably a "chronic" condition or slow to heal... The car accident was in August 2012... Hope you get better soon =) Please update with any changes as I too am looking for advice. Thank you and sorry I could not be more help