Rib cage pain

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Rib cage pain

Can anyone tell me if pain in my rib cage is associated with my neck problem?

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probably not. It would be a

probably not. It would be a stretch that muscle spasms in arms and shoulders caused by neck problems, would reach into this area. Just my opinion. But that said nerves can be affected in funny ways. Good luck with finding the cause.

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What sort of rib cage

What sort of rib cage pain?

I know sometimes I have an ache that reaches my shoulder blade low and the chest area of the rib cage. I only get it on the one side that I get neck, shoulder, arm, hand, leg pain. I figure it just comes with it, but I do not know. I was thinking of asking my neuro next time I see him myself. But he'll probably say it is all related la la la la.

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Rib cage pain!


Have had rib cage pain and have been told by my Gp, that i have pulled one of the intercorsal muslces.

This often occurs as my neck problems cause me to turn repeatedly in my sleep, due to chronic pain.Wish i was aware off it at the time.

So when waking I can experience a sharp pain at my rib area, which makes breathing and moving very painfull. This lasts for at least a week, until the muscle gets better.

So yes in my experience, I have had rib cage pain caused by my Neck and arm problems. Hope this helps

What ever you do dont Laugh as this only makes it more sore. Rolling =))