anterior discectomy fusion c5.c6.c7

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anterior discectomy fusion c5.c6.c7

hi iam a patient that will have a anterior descectomy fusion, c5c6c7, really i like to know if that surgery will help my pain in my neck, shoulder, leg, feet, vertigo.
i have read other patient post, and i have read after surgery they keep having the sames pain, numbdess, and other sintoms, thank you.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I had 4/5 5/6 and 6/7 done 3 months ago. The pain in my upper back is gone. All I have now is healing pain. My neck has plenty of healing left to do.

Each person heals differently. My doctor made very clear with me that he was doing this surgery to protect my nerves and to preserve the structure of my neck. He my pain may not go away.

As I said for me the pain is gone in my upper back. I had nerve damage in my left arm but was able to correct that through exercise before the surgery.

I'm hopeful that I will not have the neck pain I did before the surgery. I will lose some ROM and will need to tone down my activities. I was an athlete before the surgery. Mine was a sport injury.

I'm 59 years old so it was time for me to slow down anyway. I'm grateful for the chance to have less pain for the remainder of my life so I do not regret having the surgery.

Good luck on your surgery and I hope to hear about your recovery on the forum.


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Welcome to SH

I had cervical fusion in 2005. Pain relief was almost instant. I don't think it will help with the vertigo. Praying for you during your surgery and recovery. Keep us posted. God Bless!

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cervical fusion

i recently had my c5,c6, & c7 fused and in the begining i had less pain, but for the past month i have been feeling worse. My c3, c4 & and my T1 have deviated and causin me more pain. I was told, after my surgery it be like havin a new stronger neck, not more pain and problems. so im looking for healthier ways to deal with my pain, without meds. So if anyone is able to give any suggestion please do so.

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ACDF worked

I had a C5-C7 ACDF in 2006 and upon waking up the nerve pain was gone. I still had some residual symptoms but the surgery was very beneficial. It increased my functioning a great deal.

Multiple ACDFs, Multiple Lumbar Fusions; Rt TKR; Rt thumb fusion ; Lt thumb arthroplasty

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thank you

please tell me how danger and risk is the anterior discectomy fusion c5c6c7 surgery, thank you again.

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Neck pn..

I can't help with any advice, just good thoughts. Hope you get some answers. I am a low back gal, never had anything in my upper area, seems like such a bummer, "pain in the neck" so to speak, at least I can lay down and feel somewhat better, but I feel bad for neck pain sufferrers, having pain when you turn your head, move your neck etc. I woke up once with a "crook" in my neck for 4-5 days and was miserable!!! Have so much sympathy for you! Hand in there!