oxycodone - long term use

oxycodone - long term use

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oxycodone - long term use

I have been suffering from chronic back pain since 2003 and had to coflex spacers inserted in 2008. Used tramadol to manage pain from 2004 to 2009. In 2009 early 2010 still used tramadol quite frequently (50 mg 2 to 3X per day on most days. March 2010 bad car accident, 3 bulged discs in neck and arthritis. Never had neck problems before. Also has post concsussion syndrome (PCS). Had to quit taking tramadol due to stuttering (increased from 100 mg per day to 200mg per day after accident). Switched to oxycodone, 5 mg 2X per day now 3X per day. In addition, low dose pamelor was prescribed for migraines and PCS, which at first helped with migraines but it increased my insomnia problem so I quit taking it. Question, I still get chronic pain and everyday I try to avoid taking oxycodone but OTC (tylenol, taking aleve or motrin upsets stomach and causing bleeding) doesn't work and my pain, and especially headaches get worse until I take oxycodone. I do not like the rollercoaster effect of oxycodone - takes pain away but 4 hours later headaches start return and increase and back and neck pain return. Doc says not to worry about my oxy intake, but I am worried, could I be developing a dependency and my pain due to trying to withdraw from oxycodone? Anyone been taking oxycodone regularly for a long time (over a year) if so, could you please give me your input? I am currently working 4 hours per day, but will be increasing my work load - wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to work, it would make things easier. My job is basicly a desk job, which doesn't hurt the neck that much, but the back suffers and I develop headaches as the day goes on. Also, does anyone take phosphatidyl serine (PS)- an otc supplement? I read that chronic pain patients develop high levels of cortisol, which could cause insomnia. I started taking PS and it seems to be helping with sleep, but I am still trying to figure out the right dosage and time(s) of day to take it. I used to wake up every 90 minutes, after a week of taking PS I wake up about 2 times per night, sometimes 3, which is better than every 90 minutes. Thanks, I will appreciate your input.

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As long as you are in real pain

there should not be a reason for worrying about long term usage of oxycodone. I was using it for almost 3 years. But I am a bit surprised considering all the various medications you have tried in the past, that your doctor did not recommend an Extended Relief Pain medications such as Oxycontin.

The immediate release (IR) like Oxycodone) does just that. Provides quick relief from pain, but that doesnt last that long, so after 5-8 hours later you need another dosage.

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Dont laugh at me

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long term oxycontin

i have been taking oxycontin and the instant version {oxynorm} for 4 years now due to intractable pain .i am on a heavy does now over 400mg a day .but i had some blood done the other week {liver and U'E} and they came back normal.as long as you are taking them as per script and not drinking alcohol you should be fine .they are a good pain killer and don't have all the side effects of morphine ,the only problem is constipation but you can take movicl for that.if you take the oxycontin for about a month you should find that the initial side effect go away .the down side is now that i have been on them for a long time should the time come that i don't require them i will have to go on a phased reduction program as my body now needs them and withdrawal is terrible .i never get high from them as they are just removing pain but i still get withdrawal if i dont have them or i run out ,its the best of a bad situation the pain is unbearable without them .i am due for a fusion in about 6 months so maybe i should be off them in a bout a year! any problems go and talk to your doctor

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I used to take Oxycodone along with Oxycontin and my body developed a huge dependency and tolerance. It was a constant rollercoaster ride and it did increase my pain levels tremendously. It was a vicious cycle. The more pain I felt the more of the drugs I was prescribed, the more dependence and tolerance I built and the pain just never seemed to be controlled for long. After a few years I underwent surgery to correct the pain generator and then detoxed off of the opioids. Now I control my pain using Neurontin, Celebrex and Zanaflex along with a Spinal Cord Stimulator.

I am not familiar with PS. I generally use OTC Benadryl as a sleep aid when needed.


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Long Term Oxycodone

I've been taking Oxycodone for over a year now. At this juncture I'm on 7.5 mg Oxycodone/Tylenol 3x a day. I also take 15 mg Extended Release Morphine every 8 hours I think it is.

I'm not away of being dependent on these. I don't crave them. There have been times where I forgot a dose. Generally, I do take both within the parameter time frames indicated.

I've had two spinal surgeries now. One was cervical laminectomy (just over a yr ago) and the other 5 lvl lumbar laminectomy May 17th of this year. These, with my Fibromyalgia, I do need the prescription pain meds.