Epidural Injection- Slipped Disc Nerve Damage

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Epidural Injection- Slipped Disc Nerve Damage

Hi everyone

I have a slipped disc L4/5 with nerve damage and pain down my left leg (siatica). This has been going on for two years now. I am finally getting an Epidural Injection on Friday. Can anyone tell me what its like? Does it hurt? Will it work? I'm fed up of only been able to walk 25 yards. The specialist said if this doesn't work she would operate- Yeah right - I am 33!.

Thanks in advance.


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Regarding your upcoming ESI. If you searched here or just look under the Pain Injection section you will find a mix between the success rate of ESI. Some people had good results with them, some had none, while others experienced some problems.

It is a very safe conservative treatment done by medical professionals in a controlled environment.

Take a look at this section of articles: Injections

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