Sciatica is not a medical diagnosis, but rather a symptom of an underlying medical condition. So when it comes to treating your sciatica, it is important to tailor your treatment plan to the medical disorder causing your symptoms.

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One goal of nonsurgical sciatica treatments is to relieve pain caused by a compressed nerve root.
Sciatica Treatment

If your sciatica symptoms are caused by spinal stenosis, the back flexion stretch may be able to provide you with meaningful relief in as little as 30 seconds.

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Back flexion stretch for sciatic pain relief

Before beginning any exercise program for sciatic pain relief, make sure to first get the okay from your doctor. After she or he gives you the go ahead to try the back flexion stretch, you can follow these simple directions:

  • Begin by lying flat on your back.
  • Next, pull your knees towards your chest.
  • Once your knees are close enough to touch, grab your legs beneath your knee caps and pull closer. You should feel a comfortable stretch.
  • Slowly return to your starting position after 30 seconds. Your goal should be to work your way up to completing 4 to 6 repetitions.

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The back flexion stretch may increase the size of your sciatic nerve passageway. This in turn can relieve your sciatica symptoms by reducing the irritation of your sciatic nerve.

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The importance of proper form

Not only is it important to choose the right exercises for your sciatica symptoms, but it is also imperative that you complete them with proper form. For example, improper form can make the back flexion stretch ineffective, and it may even increase your pain.

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If you have any questions regarding proper form, you can ask your doctor to recommend a qualified physical therapist.

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The back flexion stretch may not be able to solve all of your sciatica problems, but if it can provide even a little relief it is worth your time and effort.

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