Patient-Focused, Comprehensive Care

Treating the full spectrum of spine, neurological, and orthopedic conditions through an integrated, not-for-profit health system

Our Expertise

Providence St. Peter Hospital Neuroscience Center builds upon a long history of clinical distinction. Our specialists provide expertise in neurosurgery, spine surgery, pain management, and rehabilitation.

Providence puts the patient first. That is why our team of specialists is dedicated to working with each patient to get them back to their regular activities as soon as possible. Taking a team approach to spine pain and neurological disorders allows for complete care under one roof, keeping the focus on the patient. Surgeons, neurologists, physiatrists (rehab specialists), pain specialists, neuroradiologists, and physical therapists may all be involved in finding the best way to treat their patients’ back pain, whether it be non-operative or advanced surgical options.

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Patient-Focused, Comprehensive Care

Did you know? Providence is a not-for-profit health care system

Helping you explore options and find your best path to recovery

To be a not-for-profit health system means that the vision of the physicians and health care professionals is to put their patients first. It means the health system understands the importance of investing its time and resources into the community. When considering a hospital or health system, ask yourself this: Will they put ME first?

The specialists at Providence Medical Group – Southwest Washington Surgery value their patients' input through the continuum of care. They include the patient as the team evaluates all non-operative approaches before considering surgical intervention. At Providence, you will receive patient-focused, compassionate care while having access to the best specialists, technologies, facilities, and care teams.

"I strive to provide compassionate and individualized guidance in helping patients decide their goals and best course of treatment for reaching those goals."
— Dr. Joseph Ho
"The most satisfying thing is to have my patient tell me they don’t have pain anymore."
— Dr. Barbara Lazio

Our Doctors

The Physicians with Providence Medical Group – Southwest Washington Neurosurgery are experienced in the latest techniques with medical training gained at top institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, University of Maryland, Baylor College of Medicine, University of Washington, National Institute of Health.

The neurosurgeons have collectively have performed more than 5000 brain and spine surgeries. They have come from some of the best training programs in the country, publish neurosurgical articles in peer-reviewed journals and conduct valuable laboratory research. Should surgery not be the best course of action, patients have access to an award-winning rehabilitation team and facilities.

"The greatest thing we can do for our patients is to give: give them our attention, our compassion, and our expertise."
— Dr. Sheila Smitherman
"My happiest moments are when patients come back after surgery and whatever problem they came to me with is no longer there."
— Dr. Brian Iuliano

Awards & Recognition

Center of Excellence in Neurological Surgery

The award winning rehab can support the message of comprehensive/best care

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Patient-Focused, Comprehensive Care