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Pain after L5S1 Discectomy

Hi All, first time to this forum so thank you in advance for any help. 

I am 3 weeks out from an L5S1 Disectomy. I have been doing as the doctored ordered regarding recovery, in bed with 15 mins walks and instructed stretched every 2 hours.

My question is regarding expected pain/symptoms post surgery and would like the view of others who have experienced the same surgery.

The pain pre op was presenting down right leg and immediately post op all that pain was gone. I am now having regular pain/strange sensations down this leg (hot cold tingling feeling down to toes).

Just want to know if this is a normal part of the recovery process? I am so worried about re herniated my disc.

Also, in your experiences, how mobile should I/can I be at this point? I am making all efforts to not bend my  back and squatting with back straight if I need to ‘bend down’ (pick something from floor etc).

Sorry if this seems a bit OTT asking these questions, just want to make sure that what I am experiencing is normal.

As a side note, my pain starting presenting 18 months pre op.

Thank you all in advance.



  • anujsingh0002aanujsingh0002 Posts: 3
    edited 03/16/2018 - 7:53 AM

    I am close to 4 weeks from my microdiscectomy at 2 levels. I resumed my work (desk job for now) a week after my surgery and walk around 3 kms every evening as it increases blood flow to discs and help them heal faster. 

    I too have been feeling strange sensation/numbness in my affected leg after the surgery but my surgeon said that this numbness is because the nerve root gets irritated during the surgery and can take 5-6 months to get back to normal. I am worried about this wierd sensation too but there's nothing much I can do about it right now. I sometimes don't even feel the cold floor under my foot but I don't have an issue walking in this condition so far.

    And regarding picking stuff from floor, I ordered a grabber from Amazon and it works great. Give it a try.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,473

    hello pete1985
    welcome to spine-health

    the feelings you are getting are, as stated above, from nerves waking up. you also have to consider how long and how bad they were compressed before surgery, and now they are trying to work again. and that's what you want. 
    no blt, bending, lifting, twisting. and yes, get a grabber, they are awesome.
    hope you feel better soon.

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    welcome to spine health

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  • Thank you both for the responses, this makes me feel better. 

    I will definitely get a grabber as squating to pick things up is not ideal!

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