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Bruising, Swelling & Pain After 2 Yrs

Let me 1st say to those that have a Spinal Cord Neurostimulator and it's working for you ... GOD BLESS & BEST OF HEALTH.       For US who got a SCS Neurostimulator and it has worsened our pain, ruined what life I had . . WHO CAN HELP ME? I've seen neurologists, neurosurgeons, pain mgnt drs, orthopedic drs. You name them, I've seen them. I've had my stimulattor out for over 2 Yrs and it feels like I still have it in me. My pain is excruciating, for I get massive bruises & swelling everywhere the SCS parts were put in my body. It was suppose to be for my lower back but the lamanectomy/metal plate was done at my T4-T6 or T7. I was told the damage is done nothing can be done. In the mean time I'm getting worse. I can't sleep, can barely walk on my right kefor use my right arm. The surgeon pushed so hard on my right shoukshoblade to this day and I have muscular damage. The battery pack was placed partially on my butt bone. Leads went up or down from where the lamanectomy was done & the metal plate screwed in at a 45° angle. Every piece was bulging thru my skin. IT HURT!!!!  It was suppose to be for my nerve damage caused by Guilkian-barre-Sybdrome I was diagnosed with in 1/2010. 3/2/2016 I get the Neurostimulator that was elextricuting me, I went to the surgeon 3/21/2015 & told him to get this monster out of me, He said NO. I was hysterical, I couldn't live like this. I complained to every Dr I was seeing & some. Finally after getting major depression, not eating, weighing 142 down to 117 he agreed 6/2/2016 to take it out. But my life is ruined, I can't visit my kids or grandchildren because I can't stand or sit more then 10 minute, I'm keeled over on the floor in excruciating pain unable to move. One Dr did tell me the surgeon messed up but he didn't want to get involved. I wonder why??? I KNOW WHY!!!!!!!

Any Suggestions?

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