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Occiput to C2 fixation or C1 C2 fusion?



  • Thank you for that feedback, nutcase. 

    The reason I am having second thoughts on going for C0 - C2 fusion is due to the amount of ROM that I will be losing after that. But it is also what you said about more stability in C0 - C2 than C1 - C2 that is giving me the dilemma.

    I want to have a much more stable fusion so C0 - C2 is much better in exchange for the ROM that I will be losing. I wanted to at least be able to drive still after the surgery that is why I am still considering C1 - C2.

    But when I see the post of In2racn above, it gives me this confidence that I will still be able to enjoy life even if I went to C0 - C2.


    The scheduled appointment with my doctor was cancelled due to a patient of his needs to undergo surgery and will take long so he needed to cancel my appointment. Will give an update after we meet.

  • yubby24yyubby24 Posts: 17
    edited 06/21/2018 - 1:48 AM

    We met our doctor last Tuesday. Now he is telling us that I should get fused from C0 - C3 instead. He said that this is to make sure that I am much stabilized as being fused from C0 - C2. He also said that he is now more inclined to think that my case is os odontoideum. We haven't had a schedule for the surgery yet. We asked him if he could refer us to another doctor in other hospital to lower the expense. We will be meeting the new doctor on Monday. If everything goes smoothly, we might be scheduling my surgery by next month.

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  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 947

    I'm not surprised that your doctor is recommending that you get fused from C0 to C3, given what you have described from your diagnostics.  Meeting this new doctor should give you a second opinion perspective.   

    I am missing part of my C1 posterior arch.  I've often thought if I ever need surgery for it, it would be a difficult decision, since I'm already fused from C3 to C7.   

  • I hope the meeting on Monday will be good. 

    Does the missing part of your C1 give you pain? Itt is difficult to have a second surgery on your case. Keep safe.

  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 947

    As far as I can tell, the missing part of my C1 posterior arch is not causing me any pain.  The diagnostics and spine specialists opinions are that it is not causing pain.  It appears that I was born with it missing.

    I still have severe pain, which my neurosurgeon that performed my last cervical fusion on January 12 that completed the last part of my C2 to C7 fusion claims is muscle pain.  He would not give me any estimate when my "muscle pain" should go away as he called it, muscle pain caused by full neck stabilization.  The best I can estimate based on my research is that I can expect to have this muscle pain for at least another six months.  If my muscle does finally go away, then I know that I'm not having pain from the missing part of my C1 ring.    

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  • Went to see a new doctor last Wednesday. I will have my occiput-C3 fusion on August 13th. There are no improvements on my dislocation and the brace is just temporary fix. I will be admitted to the hospital by August 6th for lab tests and will be in traction before going under the knife.

  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 947
    yubby24 - I see you have a schedule for your occiput-C3 fusion.  Please keep us updated as you are able.

  • Thank you nutcase. Right now we are reaching out to some institutions that would be able to help us out financially. Hopefully all goes well. 

  • Went to see the doctor again for the last time prior to admission. He explained the procedure in detail. He said that putting screws on my C1 will depend on the outcome of the traction. If it will get reduced, they will put screws in C1, if not, C1 will be skipped and only C2 and C3 will be screwed. He told me that I will be on traction for maybe a day or two hoping that my dislocation will be reduced. I am wondering how will I get through the day in a traction. I will be on my bed the whole time while on the traction.

  • My occiput-C3 fusion went well. I am now 17 days post-op and is still feeling good. I am experiencing neck muscle pain sometimes but goes away after a while when I rest lying on the bed. I just had my first post-op check up yesterday and the doctor said that everything looks good so far. The stitches have already healed and told me that I can take a bath now. I thank my wife who is a nurse for taking really good care of me all throughout my condition. I couldn't ask for more. Doctor advised me though that I still need to rest for about 3 months before he clears me to go back to work.

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