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piriformis syndrome?

I suspect I have 

piriformis syndrome? as all the symptoms and pain add up.

Tightness and inflammation in left side buttocks. 
My question is 
Anyone here who has this same problem could I get some direction of where and what I need to do to get diagnosis I by way way of MRI- eg what mri would I need to have done, some excercise ideas 
And pain relief that works as this pain is becoming unbearable to live with and need to implant a pain management plan


  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 702

    Is the pain central to the glutes, or does it originate from the low back and just is most painful in the glutes? Another question I would ask is, if you do get the tests done, what is it you are hoping to accomplish? I only ask because you seem to already have a good perspective on your issue and wonder if all those tests will tell you anything different. 

    Most likely the reason there is pain, is that the sciatic nerve either passes behind, or through the muscle. When the muscle gets strained it impinges the nerve, hence the ensuing pain. Have you looked at your pelvic alignment? I ask because I had high hip, pelvic rotation, and anterior tilt. All these led to vertebrae compressing the discs and nerves, and caused strain on my piriformis. The reason my pelvis was in so much dysfunction was due to multiple muscle imbalances. Once I got the muscles to balance, my bones aligned, and all the impingements went away. And best of all, the pain went away.

  • PF can actually be disc compression. Without a MRI , you won't know. I'd see a PT or research exercises for PF to try and see if it gets better.

    I got diagnosed with PF and started ART in the muscle.  The glute pain got better , but then pain moved to calf . I don't know if I ever really had PF .

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