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AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:22 AM in Lower Back Pain

Hello everyone. I have never talked to anyone other than doctors and mostly just my pain doctor. Let me start off by telling my situation and then my pain, signs and symptoms.

August 2001 Hit in my mail truck, I WORKED FOR THE USPS, and messed my back up. I have herniations, facet join pain, DDD and then my pains have been various. I got discitis after a radio frequency treatment and was hospitalized 10 days then had to have home IV treatment for 8 months.

My pain is from my lower back. I have pain that radiates chronicly from my right LB and hip down to the front and into my groin area. I get major numbness in my legs. When i make certain shift in weight to my right leg and foot I get these "shocks" in my pain areas that feel like I am being shocked or someone hitting me with a baseball bat. I can brush oh so lightly against a door frame, door knob or wall with my back and it will shock the fire outta me. I am only 35! This started about November of 2007 when I got the back infection and had let up but returned but not to the extent when i got hospitalized. After coming home from the hospital in 2007, I had to walk with a walker. Well, one time I just had my IV pole and was walking from my den to the living room and fell down and could not move or pick myself up. I was totally paralyzed for about 35 minutes. It took that long to move 10 feet using just my elbows, there was no one home.

But anyways, I deal with Federal workers comp and they mess me over on the timeliness of my procedures requested by my physician. I now am about to have a MEDTRONIC nerve stimulator implant in my back and if it does not work then I will be consulted out to have a two level back fusion.
After getting that infection in my spine from just the RF treatments, I am nervous, freaked out and overall confused about having a back fusion.

I am so tired of living in the pain I am in and deserver to live pain free but I just need to read or hear if anyone has had anything similar. My time frame of everything is really abnormal. I was injured in 2001 but kept working delivering mail, walking 12.5 miles a day from August 2001 until July 2002 when it just became too unbearable so I know I aggravated the injury because i did not seek medical attention immediatel. So I have been on pain medications, epidurals, radio frequencies, facet joint injections, discograms, MRIs and everything made in terms of braces, SI Loc straps, TENS units with pads and the back version in the form of the brace but now I will have this implant an it is really my final step before having a back fusion.

Also, let me talk about other pains and relief attempts.
Well, I have to lay on my back and I have to lift my right leg up into a figure four position across my left thigh while laying on my back. When I do get to sleep, I wake up hurting, I am told I cry in my sleep and moan. I am afraid to go to sleep at night, which sounds silly, but it hurts to lay there, it hurts to wake up in the mornings and so I spend many hours awake and then after a few days I am so tired I will sleep for long periods of time and then repeat the cycles. If I lay on my stomach across the bed, I have to roll over carefully to my back and then try to maneuver myself up into the sitting position and then place my hands on my thighs and lift myself up with my upper body.

I have severe depression, but not like suicidal depression. I just hate the burden on my family, I miss and am missing out on so much with my children and wife and know it is all not fair to them but it obviously cannot be helped and I try not to say anything at all but when I am told I cry and moan in my sleep, I am still burdening someone indirectly.

My medications over the years:
Fentynl patches
Lidoderm Patches
Stool Softeners
I think that is all, but right now my current medicinal regimen:
100mg Kadian 2x daily
Phenergan 3x daily
Flexeril 3x daily
Xanax 2mg at bedtime
Lunesta at bedtime
Stool softener every other or third day.

I know this is alot of information but I am trying to think of everything.
OH I feel like my lower half of my body is disconnected from the rest of my body. I sometimes feel like there is something pulling my sciatic nerve in my right hip. It feels as if my groin is being pulled on and sometimes when I move a certain way laying down or sitting down, I can feel a squish like feeling in my right buttock and it is painful. I cannot walk well without holding the walls at times and sometimes feel like I am going to fall because my leg gives out or I have no feeling in my lower extremities.

I hope some of this rings a bell in someones ear so I can find out what helps or does not help and what all you do and have had done or would suggest, but at the same time, I would hate for someone to have this pain!

Again, right now I am 35 and this started when I was 28. That is a LOOOOONG time!



  • I am 22 years old and experience a lot what you do. It could be possible you have a lower lumbar disk herniation that you could not be aware of that is causing your numbness, pain, ect. I want you to be aware of, if you lose feeling in your legs, and control of your bladder, you need to go to the hospital right away. You could be suffering from cauda equina syndrome. It appears that you have tried all of the methods that work somewhat in my case or doesn't. That is a lot medications. I guess, the only thing I can say since I am still going through all of this and finding out what's wrong with me, is that we are all here for you to talk to. Try the chat in the afternoons like around 7-8pm. There are a lot of informative people on board. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Thanks,

  • Hi Eric!

    I can only do a really quick response now cus I'm at work taking a quick break and trying to be sneaky ;)) ...but I saw this and had to tell you I have the same pain, but not for as long as you for sure!

    I had the disc between L1 & L2 rupture & a fragment went up the nerve canal & lodged itself up there real good & caused that nerve & part of the spinal cord to get REALLY MAD and while it has been decompressing has been causing horrible pains like you describe(that groin pull is the WORST isn't it??? Does your intestine swell out like when a snake swallows a rat when it's really bad? That is actually paralysis -- did ya know that???? Scary, huh?) :jawdrop:

    Anyway, I don't know if that's what your pain is from or not since I am in NO WAY medically trained or anything -- just wanted you to know that there's lots of GREAT people here and there's lots who can relate to you!!! I'll write more later & hopefully by then someone has much better info for you!!!

    Back to work!

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  • First off thank yous for your responses and I look forwarrd to hearing from everyone.

    Amber, thank you and I am about to check out your deviant art page, I too am a graphic and web designer That is awesome.

    Karen, thanks and yes I have that snake effect. It causes me to have to take the stool softeners. I actually was in the medical field and was a surgical nurse and want to shoot myself everyday because if I did stay doing it I would not be in the shape I am in! But I cannot dwell on the coulda woulda shoulda's and have to deal with what is going on and it is rough mentally, physically emotionally and all of those ly words!
  • to hear of all of the pain that you are dealing with. Have you tried a body pillow when you sleep? Sometimes you can get your leg and knee positioned just right and get a little better sleep.
  • I'm really sorry,and I literally feel you.My L4/5 got infected after my MicroD.From the disc it affected the adjacent vertebrae.Oh boy,did it make my life miserable.Still recovering from the crap.It caused a bad damage to everything.
    Muscles,nerves,bones.I am due to meet my NS in a month or so to have an MRI.Must make sure that the vertebrae and disc are OK.
    I have a few questions for you.Did they determine the cause of the infection?Did you have MRI's during the IV treatment?These infections can be very hard to diagnose promptly.Subsequently,
    they can be very stubborn when it comes to treatment.As rare as they are,re occurrence is not rare.
    I'd urge you to see your doc.You must make sure that this thing is completely cured and gone.Out of your spine!
    Hope you feel better!

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  • And I think I have problems!! I'm so sorry for all you are going thru. Have no advice for you myself, but just wanted to say welcome to this board, there are so many great, helpful people here.

    I hope you find some relief soon. Good luck!
  • Hello everyone and thanks for the replies.
    First off, the discitis was found by going to some friends who are doctors. One is a general physician and the other one was a geriatric doctor but he had a strong gift and specialty for finding the infection. I had elevated blood levels, I am thinking it was for sure my white blood count, but I think it was also my SED rate and something called another initial name but I cannot for the life of me remember the initials right off. I had to have a nuclear medicine brought in and was introduced into me IV and did a scan that took an hour to do, it was something the nuclear rad techs said they had only seen one other done in 20 some odd years. I was given IV antibiotics during my IDET procedure but somehow got the discitis, or Staphylococcus aureus is the little booger that i had It is just some rare freaky thing that takes getting this cather introduced into your medial bicep area and it goes directly into your heart, the device gets 3 big scarring sutures to be held in place and had a nurse come every week to change out the dressings in semi biohazard sterile mock and mask and gloves. Very alienating LOL I had one IV that lasted 1 hour and got it every 6 hours and had one other IV that took 2-5 hours to infuse and got it every 12 hours. My wife was an awesome nurse for me and took care of me. I was on super strong meds and tried sleeping all day.

    Oh yeah I sleep with pillows, body pillows and all kinds of things I have tried to separate and spread my sacroiliac crest. But it causes more pain when waking up being so stationary for such a period of time.

    painintheback you have all of the diagnosises I have, annular tears, facet injuries, bulges, DDD, I have a page long list of diagnosises but due to Office of Workers Comp, the federal government one, they have royally screwed me over with having timely treatments.
    It really stinks because I was in the Navy and stationed with the Marines and served my country, then spending time working for the government delivering mail and getting an on the job injury and then the government always messing with my pay and interrupting my treatments is rotten.
    They usually will authorize every procedure code and skip the actual code for the procedure, or approve the procedure for a one day authorization when it is necessary for the doctors to have reps come in from medtronics or pfizer and other companies. They have even approved a procedure and then the day BEFORE THE PROCEDURE RETRACT APPROVAL because a certain brand of medical supply was not what they had listed as an authorized brand...CRAZY!!

    Thank you for the replies and I look forward to hearing from more of us "spineys"

  • Oh by the way, I got my approval today and my appointment of September 9th for a Medtronic SCS. I am so hopeful so those that believe in prayer, I need it.

    I am surprised I did not have to have any psych eval or anything.
    This is something like an $80K procedure that my father in law can not get approved by Blue Cross and he had a fusion, so I got my local State Rep involved and it is where they want to have me contact them only and not call OWCP anymore so maybe my treatments will be done quicker, but hopefully this SCS will help, at least to get off of the medicines that I had worrying about every day!
  • A bone scan is an imaging test used to detect increased activity in bone, such as fractures, infections, inflammation, or tumors (benign or malignant). Bone scans detect changes in function before structural changes occur. For example, this test can detect bone infection weeks before seen on a conventional x-ray. It is an important diagnostic tool.
    The test involves injecting a bone-seeking nuclide (radioactive tracing element) into the patient's bloodstream. Over a two to four hour time period the tracing element collects in the bones. A gamma ray scanner (similar an x-ray) sweeps over the body and detects tracer rays emitted from the body. The scanner collects the distribution of the rays and transmits the information to a computer, which produces a permanent image.

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