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Im thinking script might be wrote wrong help please

LadyBugLLadyBug Posts: 851
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:22 AM in Chronic Pain
Hi-yesterday in doctor office i know he said take 2-.5 klonopin up to 4 times a day, but the script says take 1-.5 up to 4 times a day as needed for muscle pain, also this script is only for 60 pills
my meds now are ultram 2 pilis prn up to 8 pills a day and lunesta at bed, i quite taking the xanax because it did appsolutly nothing for me, can any one help with some insight or maybe there experience with klonopin? this is a new medicine for me and research isnt as good as personal experiences


  • suggest calling doc before the weekend and asking for some clarity on the script. I could tell you my experience but it has nothing to do with what you are prescribed. I will check back later or feel free to PM me, but call doc.
  • :) i use klonopin but as agriman suggested you need to get that clarified. meds need to be taken as directed and mistakes can be made by the doctor or the pharmacist. good luck and i hope the medications helps you! Jenny
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  • thanks for everything
  • I have taken Klonipin for years for panic attacks but I have never heard of using them for muscle pain. My dosage is "take one tablet twice daily" and my tablest are 1mg.I think yours are half the dosage of mine. I also get 60 tablets per month. In truth though, the 60 pills actually last me about 2 & 1/2 months. I had tried Xanax years ago and they didn't work for me. My panic attack would go away for only one hour and then come back, plus the Xanax would put me to sleep and I didn't like that. The Klonipin work well for my panic attacks and cause very little sleepiness, I only get sleepy if I'm kicking back & watching TV. Otherwise I have no side effects.

    But muscle pain? I have never heard of that. I do know that Klonipin is an anti-siezure medication and supposedly has some valium in it. I can honestly say that it doesn't relax my muscles at all. Certainly not like an actual Valium or Flexiril will do.

    Pharmacy's make mistakes all of the time so if I were you I would check with your doctor first to see what he actually intended for you to take, what dosage. This is a very common problem. 25 years ago when my dad passed away my doctor had put me on anti-depressants and the pharmacy messed up when they filled the prescription, they had given me a dosage that was about 10 times too high. I actually overdosed on them. After that happened I quit taking them and ever since I have checked my prescriptions very closely every time they are filled. My husband has had his med's filled incorrectly many times by the pharmacy too. Many people have died because of this, it's a huge problem.

    Good luck and I hope they will help. Let us know what happens and which dose was the correct one!

  • thanx for your insight i dont get or have panic attacks, i am aware of them cause one of my children suffer from this. i can tell you that im possitive they have relaxed my muscles alot and i havent even had one muscle cramp since starting, i called doc im to take point 5 4 times a day but im also aware of the addition to this med now and i can already tell it could be a problem for me, starting yesterday i took 1 in AM and 1 at bed with my lunesta i have had none today yet and my muscle pain is definitely there, im gonna take one at bed and maybe doc can find sumthing that maybe is not so addicting for me, i have flexeril my script is to take 3 at a time and that does absolutely nothing for me, i havent taken that for some time, what is weird is my lunesta is about the best pain pill for me (except for vicodin) it does not really make me sleep anymore it just takes the edge off my pain another strange thing with my lunesta is that i can swallow my food better after taking it, i have problems with swallowing pills food and water, so i usually eat pretty good in eve after my lunesta i find the klonopin does kinda the same thing. but flexeril will hyper me up and i will choke and gag if i try to eat or drink after it weird things but true. thanx again jewels (your name seems to fit you perfectly)
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  • Wow, I've never heard of Flexiril making you hyper! Or for that matter, many of the other side effects that you mentioned. But, we are not all alike and med's effect us all differently. I do know that as long as I've been on Klonipin it has never presented an addiction problem for me. I can go days or even a couple of weeks at a time without needing one. Do you have any reason as to why you may think this might be a problem or are you just being very careful? If you're just a careful person, I don't think it will be a problem for you. It's very different from Valium in the sense of addiction, and also whenever I have taken a valium I've definitly felt it! I've tried Lunesta to help me sleep but it didn't work. It's the pain that wakes me and once it has set in, I can't go back to sleep. I also can't change position without having to wake up so I can actually sit up and reposition myself. So no sleeping aid will ever help! If the klonipin is indeed helping with the pain, then by all means, take it. As long as it doesn't present a problem of course. I do know that it is widely prescribed and for very long periods of time. Hoping the best for you!

    P.S. Thank you for the very nice comment!

    P.S.S. Why do you have problems swallowing? I have a very bad gag reflex myself but that doesn't interfere with eating. I also have a severe case of GERD which causes esophagal spasms (yes, I spelled that wrong) and when I have one I am unable to swallow and it causes severe pain in my chest. I'm really curious?
  • My Dear Patsy,
    That's a terrible thing to have happen! Yes, with those epidurals the doctors don't tell you many things that can happen. I had a series of 4 in my spine (Steroids) and had horrible side effects from them. I was never told this could happen! I grew hair all over my face and looked like a gorilla, seriously, it was all over my cheeks and everything. I had to wax my entire face just so I could go out in public. I was still working at this time. Then my skin on my face turned into these large scales, I just looked awful, not to mention the moon face! The hair all over my body would completely fall out and then grow back again, except the hair on my head and my eyelashes & brows. But it did thin my brows out some. My hair fell out and grew back for 4 years. My hormones went so crazy that I had to see an Endocronologist and I had major mood swings. It was a horrible experience! I was later told by a woman in the medical field that any woman of childbearing age should never have these shots. Too late for me, it was already done. In the end, they never did me any good anyway!
    I can understand about some of the problems that you are having because of your stomache. I happen to have a severe case of Gerd and it causes some severe and scary problems. The flap doesn't close at all with you I guess but with me it doesn't close the entire way. It causes severe heart burn but worse than that I throw up without warning. This has gone on for about 11 years. It really gets scary when I'm asleep and I will wake up choking, completely choking unable to get my breath, because I've thrown up in my sleep and it goes down my winpipe. A couple of years ago I was at a mini mart getting my husband a soda when just as I pulled into the parking lot I threw up again without warning (it happens all the time) and I thought that I was going to choke to death. I was just on the verge of passing out when I finally got a breath. I was so scared!
    It's not like regular throwing up, it just comes up and goes back down again, but it always manages to get into my windpipe. I had pnumonia about 5 years ago because of this and it took 5 mnths to get rid of it. My problem I'm sure is not as bad as what you are going through but I sure can feel for you. I have an idea of what you must go through. I sure hope that it continues to get better over time, and eventually goes away altogether. I'm wishing you my best!

  • I'm very happy to know that you're feeling better but sad to know that it's affecting your memory. I guess med's really do effect everyone different! I've never had any side effect with Klonipin except for drowsiness. Now if they would actually allow me to sleep through the entire night I would fall to my knees and thank the good Lord above, but sadly, I still wake up constantly. Let me tell you, sleep deprivation over 7 to 8 years can really mess with your memry. I used to have the memory of an elephant, I can still remember things as clear as day prior to my injury. But now, not so much. The worst is when I'm talking to someone and if I'm interrupted I can't remember what I was going to say. I also lose everything!

    Yes, that whole throwing up thing without notice is awful! Luckily it's not like when you normally toss you cookies, it's just a bunch of acid, but still, it's very scary and I do choke on it especially when I'm sleeping. It also hurts when that acid goes down the windpipe! I hate that!!!!!

    I know what you mean by feeling bad that another can identify with your pain or other experiences. It's like this message board. We finally manage to find people who can understand what we are going through but on the downside, that means that they are in pain too. I've always said that I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy! Although I have to admit, that I wouldn't mind inflicting a little of this on the surgeon who did it to me! It was such an obvious case of malpractice, the other surgeons who saw my recent MRI films about a year after I had my 2nd surgery were in complete shock over what had been done to me. My husband and I could hear them in the other room saying stuff like "Oh my God, who did this to her?" and "This is the worst thing that I've ever seen!". Plus, they were calling in other surgeons from the other rooms just to look at my films.

    When you overhear this, it's rather disconcerting! We were in shock just listening to what was being said. Anyway, I rather veered off of the subject didn't I? Well, hopefully once you're body beomes adjusted to the Klonipin maybe all of the fuzziness will dissipate. I sure hope so. BTW, do you take Prilosec or Prevecid to help control the additional acid in your stomach or is this not a problem for you? I have to live on this stuff! I also have severe pain in my upper abdomen due to other conditions that I have. It's really hard to try and deal with so many different issues.

    About 10 or 11 years ago I started having these horrible pains in my stomach and didn't know why. My husband had to take me to the ER so many times and I always ended up having to get a shot of Demerol to help control the pain. I finally started having tests done and then they found tuomors on my liver. Well, my stomach pain was put on the back burner because they had to see if I had liver cancer. I went through at least 20 different types of MRI's, nuclear scans, and a bunch of other scans that I can't remember what they were called. Eventually after being sent to a research hospital in San Diego they discovered that they were hemangioma's. If you don't know what they are it's like a bunch of blood vessels that are in a ball like a ball of yarn. If I had had a biopsy like I almost did, I would have bled out right there. There wouldn't have been much that they could have done for me. Gee, I'm glad they held of on the biopsy!

    Again I got off of the topic, I'm pretty good at that! I had better go for now, I've been trying to eat a slice of pizza for a couple of hours now and I keep putting it off. I so rarely have an appetite that I always put off eating. Not good!

    OK, I'll get with you later and write your eyeballs out, LOL!
    Take care and have a lovely, lovely day,
    Jewels >:D<
  • Oh my gosh, yes, I know that feeling! I always have that problem. I can actually feel the heat coming from the inside out. The way that you explained it was very good. I can also feel this hot, fire hot, breath when it's really bad. It's so weird! I am happy to know that you no longer suffer from that, but I still feel bad that you have the other problem instead. BTW, my Klonipin dosage is 1.mg tabs and I'm supposed to take them twice a day. I rarely do though, oh when I really need one. So wouldn't that be the same dosge that you take? One 1.mg compared to two .5mgs, I'm pretty sure it would be the same. Well, I just re-heated my slice of pizza so I had better eat it now, can you believe how long it's taking me to eat this? It's been about 4 hours now, I hope I don't get food poisening. :sick:
    Good Morning!
  • Hi patsy, patsy i just wanted to say thanks for replying to my post about the rheumatolagist/neurolagist........well patsy the doctor has decided to send me to the neurolagist which im not too happy about, i have scoloisis,dddd,stenoisis,the stuff the surgeon used on me can overgrow which one surgeon thinks has happend just by looking at my mri but im seeing another surgeon on the 17 sept[it was suppossed to be the 17th but they cancelled the appointment,anyway i was actually chatting to the rheumatolagists secetary the other day and she explained my symptoms to the doctor and he said that he would see me but that i needed a referral.....the thing is patsy they dont seem to know if its a type of muscular dystrophy,lupas or ms.......thats what i mean by years ago a doctor at our surgery commenting to mammy that it was strange i was walking on my tiptoes, and at school i remember running and my legs always felt like jelly but i put it down to just the running.after doing my research i think i read somewhere that certain types of muscular dystrophies can cause them symptoms and because i also have scoloisis it said scoloisis can be the result of a muscle problem.but i never ever got any investagations done and thats why im thnking maybe there was a muscle problem that wasnt diagnosed [you know what i mean], im 32 married and have no family and i need to find out whats going on, also i have cleaners in the house and they actually said to me u know we are picking up alot of hair around the house, well my hair has always fallen out since my teens but now its actually lying on my pillow in mornings and sure enough like the cleaners said its al over the house.

    I also have the swalling issues but then i do have a curve right up into my neck, these things that keep happening with the muscles seem to come from the brain like when the contract or like sort of semi contract anyway when they go all funny it happens in the brain[im trying hard to explain it as best i can], also im forgetting things alot,things like getting out of the jeep and forgetting to put the handbrake on......i think muscle dystrophies effect the brain dont they, i know something is going on but i jjust dont know what it is, have u been to see a rheumatolagist patsy?............my problem now is should i push to see the rheumatolagist based on my history or juat see the neuro?.also if it was muscular dystrophy would that show up in a brain scan, its just i seem to be finding myself in the same circumstances as yourself patsy[i read u have seen alot of doctors] also another thing i wanted to ask you about was the heat feeling coming from the inside out, i get that especially on the ribcage and also i feel like i cant breathe[which is symptoms of dystrophies and lupas..im having alot of neuroligical things happening which might suggest that lupas is active in the brain.......................I JUST DONT KNOW ANYMORE.I REALLY DONT.......i kow something is wrong but dont know what, also when this weakness happens throughout the body my feet have started turning blue.which i dont understand either,a nightmare an absoloute nightmare!!!
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