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Spinal surgery C4/5/6

Just wondering if anyone has had this surgery and how long it took for full recovery, I am almost 5 months in and think the progress is not going as quickly as it should.



  • kpsnapkkpsnap Posts: 83
    edited 09/07/2018 - 6:14 PM

    What kind of procedure did you have?

  • I had four level bilateral posterior cervical decompression, lots of big words i dont understand what i know is they took some vertebra and tissue out. 

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  • Decompression is referring to the process of trimming away all the disc material that isn't within the confines it was intended to occupy in the design to begin with. The disc is the cushion between vertebrae. They trim the protruding cushion away to free up the space between the vertebrae that's normally reserved for nerves to pass through. One unfortunate byproduct of the decompression is that the vertebrae loses separation from the next one as the cushion shrinks. This narrows the space the nerve occupies, again. I had three level fusion between C5/6/7 in 2004 (2005?) and it was an instant fix. In the case of fusion, they remove the disc and install cages or spacers to maintain and restore the separation and the nerves are free to roam! I think cervical work is a much higher success rate and it might be important to stay on your Dr for follow ups. Have you seen them and what are they saying? 

  • Thanks for the info,last seen my surgeon 8 weeks after surgery at that time all he said was there will be no more damage to that area but and and thats all he guaranteed. Didnt give me info on how long it would take to recover have been seeing my family doctor. C ant do much without causing pain, I have a physically demanding job so no work. The only one that can give an idea on how long ti get back to somewhat normal is my physiotherapist and she is saying 8 to 12 months.

  • Depending on how long you were in pain and your spine compromised, it could take 18-24 months before nerve pain resolves. That's only saying for it to settle down to the extent it likely will, not saying it will go away. You're more in the pain Mgmt territory now, but pain meds aren't the answer. There are several nerve, anti inflammatory, and other meds that are effective without doping us up on narcotics. Lifestyle change is critical. I had to stop my traveling and physical work for some time after my ACDF C5/6/7 but had I not, I wouldn't have been able to continue working all these years later. Accept my limitations. It's what I've had to do. Maintain hope for getting better or it's a rabbit hole with deadly outcomes. Hang in there. You're not alone. 

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  • Thanks no meds anymore stopped the morphine after 8 weeks hated that crap, but it is frustrating not being able to do anything without pain. I am getting my head around it taking time now and i have a great wife that keeps me motivated so that helps.

  • Thankfully, I have a very loving and supportive wife too. We both travel and so it's tough but she has no problem with my girlfriend filling in when her schedule doesn't allow her to stay during recovery from surgery. I'm glad you are over the narcotics but we don't have to be heroes and man up to pain either. Lots of non narcotic options to look into. Dr should be happy to that you aren't drug seeking if you ask for those options. This will get better. ....

  • Yes it is good to have that support thanks for the advice, did you expereince alot of pain after surgery and how long was it till it went away or at least able to do normal things without discomfort.

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