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T12 Fracture

Hi, I am new to forums, 

I was in a car crash about 65mph I was sat in the back of the car, I suffered very bad whiplash and a t12 compression fracture in my back, the hospital original said two fractures and then said it’s 1. No surgery was required. This happened in Feb 2018 and I had extreme pain, medication and had a back brace for around 3 months. It is now 9 months later, I have been told the fracture has heeled but am still getting a lot of pain, 

I have just now got to a point where I thought I can go back to work I started about 5 days ago, the first day was horrendous I was in agony by the end of the day, 

I have since reduced to half days which is 4 hours, this I can just about manage but still suffer quite bad with pain specially an hour or so into the shift.

I would really like to know if anyone has had a similar injury and is still suffering from it, the doctors have said it is heeled and they don’t have a reason or an answer why I am still having so much pain, the situation is really getting me down and obviously limiting my activities.  

Is this something that will actually go away in time or am I just going to be stuck like this now ? 

If you have been through something like this please let me know as I am really stuck for knowing what is going on with me. 

I will also add that they did say there was no damage to the discs or the spinal cord, the pain is worsened by activity too. 



  • Hello Anthony12345

    Welcome to Spine-Health

    Keep digging for answers and dont give up until one is found.sometimes numerous specialists have to be visited before a answer is found.

    Hang in there!

    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Hello

    II am a fellow T12 fracture sufferer... my first fracture (I have since had 7 more) was at T12 from a ski injury. To this day it is the one that continues to cause me the most pain and discomfort. All the others were treated successfully and don't bother me as much. The one at T12 was a bad fracture that was not treated promptly and healed with a wedge deformity. My spine now has an abnormal curve in it and I believe this puts additional pressure on my muscles and surrounding structures as they have to take up the slack. Sitting and particularly driving are the worst for me. My muscles get fatigued quickly and my only relief is either to lie down or get up and walk around.

    Having said that, it is now 3.5 years after the original injury and it is not as bad as year 1 so I think it has improved. But I have also done a lot of work on strengthening and physio as well as received several rounds of painkilling injections. Similarly I found it hard to work anything more than 1/2 day but i am now back at work full time. I do not work full time in the office though. I do maybe 1-2 hours at home in the morning and evening and the rest in the office where I also have an adjustable desk so that i can alternate between standing and sitting.

    I would also second what William Garza wrote. I have had a lot of fractures and seen several consultants in the last few years. They do miss things and I have even had to point things out to them on scans myself. it took me a while but i eventually found a consultant who just by looking at my scans could tell how i had injured myself without me having to describe it. I knew then i had found the right person. He was able to match the symptoms to the problem and prescribe the right treatment. There is a reason you are in pain and if someone cannot tell you why, find someone who can.

    February 2015 : T12 burst fracture undiagnosed for 12 weeks
    June 2015: kyphoplasty
    December: T12-L3 facet injections
    Currently contemplating reconstruction
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