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How many have had revision surgery for a PLIF or ALIF??

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi all.
Hope this day finds you well.
I would like to start a thread on revision surgery. Whether it be neck or lumbar.
I am at my 1 yr mark from a PLIF L5 & S1 with hardware.
I unfort did not fuse. #o
As some of you know I go back in on Sept 17th for a whole new back again along with 1 extra level at L4.

I would like to hear others experiences from going back in to RE DO surgery that did not take.
Was it easier the 2nd time around??
Was recovery a bit faster etc..
How is fusion going??

I personally in my own mind think it will be easier knowing what to expect.

You all can put it right here that way all others that are lurking the site can have some personal experiences to go by to put their mind at ease.

Thank you everyone!
Terri >:D< >:D< >:D<


  • Hi Terri,
    Oh my gosh I am shocked at you having to go through all of this again. Wow. Don't know if you remember me from last year and us going through recovery together. We both hit the one year now. I really hope that your surgery on the 17th works and recovery is much smoother, quicker and trouble free.
  • Terri -

    My hubby went through a L2-5 revision laminectomy and instrumented fusion 15 months after an agressive L2-5 laminectomy w/ partial L4-5 diskectomy. During the 2nd surgery, the OS also removed the L4-5 disc and used a cage (TLIF). It is not quite the same as what you are going through as he did not have to have any hardware removal during the second surgery. The second surgery was every bit as difficult as the first, maybe more as my husband had already gone through so much. I was much more prepared, primarily b/c I had been through one surgery with him and b/c I had found this site and learned so much from all of you. I really wish you were not having to go through this and wish you all the best in this recovery. Terri
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  • Julie yes I remember you! ;)
    Glad your doing ok. Sorry you had to have scar tissue removed and that your having pain in your foot! >:D<
    Yes this is going to be a pain especially on my family again but THANK GOODNESS for a great hubby who keeps everythig running. Poor guy needs a vacation by himself. Wait forget that he had one in Febuary at Daytona!! :D

    To the other Terri thank you for letting me know what your husband went through. I surely know it is going to be ruff. I may have more pain due to a longer surgery and messing around with my spine more. I guess its not concerning him to much I have not fused. He was going to give me more time on my decision. But my walking has gone way down hill. From sharp pain starting in both hips down to my ankles. Feels like your walking on dislocated hips and twisted ankles the pain is very sharp (INTENSE). So hopefully this will help.
    But of course again we will not know till I start healing.
    Then if not we will start back at square one and find the issue. It is very possible it is the severe compression in my T1 area plus mild cord compression.

    IT surely is a guessing game :jawdrop:

    Thanks to both of you for replying!! It is very much appreciated!!

    Terri >:D< >:D< >:D<
  • Hey there i just was scheduled last wed, for a revision of my L5/S1 Plif i had on february 25 of this year, 6 months later and already going in again...disc material left inside causing left nerve root compression left leg pain and numbness and bone growing into right nerve root...also this surgeon said the last one should have fixed it all when he went in the 1st time. Knowing i was blown out at levels L3-S1, why do doctors do that to us? I don't know, just letting you know i am scheduled for the same thing with extension of my current hardware and fusion. Crazy how that works...were you dissapointed? i was not shocked i knew something was wrong, and that it should have been done...just wonder if it will help this time you know...lets pray for both of us
  • Hi Tristanu,
    So sorry you have to go through this to especially after only 6 months.
    .This is why I started this thread so we could kinda of keep everything in 1 spot instead of post's spread all over.

    I was disapointed to a extent. But I am having so much pain in my legs and such a deep ache in my lower back, and very limited into what I can do. I just said "lets go for it" whether its going to make it worse or fix the issue" I have nothing to loose at this time.

    You will be in my thoughts!!
    I of course will keep eve 1 up to date the day I come home as I have "withdrawal" from the computer!!! ;)

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  • Hey
    i hear where you are coming from about the leg pain and deep back ache, i also have that and stabbing pains in my spine left leg numbness, i wonder some days if i can do it anymore, but i keep on plugging away. Its hard cause i have 2 kids to take care of any i am 26...i wonder if it will ever get better and with the meds i am on, will i run out of options for pain relief if i cant get this under control. I have a high tolerance to pain, i mean high, like when i was having discogram i did not even yelp or tear, everyone before me even the guys were yelling or screaming it was crazy. I did hold it in and should not have cause my bp shot up and pulse and oxygen dropped but i made it out ok once the pain med kicked in. My post op pain was a drop in the bucket, but now i am worse off than before and its scary, i dont want disability i want to live still. I guess that is the hardest part, is not being able to take part in life anymore. Today is a bad day storm here and hurting me, hardware feels like its being twisted and ripped out of my spine on days like this uhhg. Worst part is i still have thoracic and cervical discs that need surgery. Oh well i guess, if there is anything i can do for you or answer i will and same way around. I better go just rambling now heh
  • Hi there Terry and Tristanu,

    Welcome to my world!

    I too am scheduled for my second revision. lol. in 2 weeks time.

    My personal experience was that it was more slightly painful and knocked me more than 1st op.

    We have climbed back on the rollercoaster haven't we? I think you need to be really strong mentally. You kinda know whats coming. I only pray you will both make a better recovery this time. Its bit work ain't it? Takes a Bit here and a bit there....still hopefully they'll get it right and bingo! we'll all be dancing for Xmas, whatcha say?

    Seriously, good luck. Please feel free to pm me. x
  • hey all
    thanks for posts and its nice to talk to people that are going through the same kinda thing. Its hard when you have nodody that understands for can talk to cause they only know what you tell them, they will never understand what we are dealing with inside, especially if you are like me and put on a good cover like nothing is wrong...cept for the fact that i limp all the time and my eyes look like im about to cry most of the time. It is hard work and i am very head strong, but i wonder lately if i can handle so much more so soon...will i crack or will i be able to cope with it. If i could just get some real releif meds or not just for like 2 days a month it would help so much. What i would to do be a healthy 26 year old...wouldnt you?
  • I am mentally strong and ready for this thats is for sure.
    My whole concern is the legs :S Wish it was just one leg but it is both. And I so wish it was siatica nerve pain , it is not that either.
    they are just very painful and giving out.
    its so weird to explain to all if ya havn't experienced it.
    no one understands what it is , not even my rheumotologist.
    A girlfriend thought it sounded like MS but hey.
    Im only doing one game at a time. Lets just get this over with. I would never EVER think a non fusion would cause so much pain :&
    What also is strange to me is this started when I fell down the stairs like I mentioned before. But it was just my ankles.
    Now it is the hips down??????????? All the time there is no let up. It is everytime I go to get up and walk.
    I just do not get it.

    If its the spinal cord compression (mild)T1 or the severe thecal sac compression T1 I am totally screwed. And having this surgery will do probably nothing.

    Anyways I am rambling to. Not a great day...

    We are all here for each other. Lets keep pushing and get through this.
    And I have no issues with dancing by December if the darn legs will let me!!!!!!! :D

    Tris, I totally understand being 26 and in so much pain!!!!!! So your not alone hunny..
    Hopefully the 2nd time around is good for you.
    And all the bone/hardware all stay where it supposed to stay!!!!
    Alot of meds do not work for me for pain. I am dealing with just lortab now UGGGHHHHH. Of course I do not want anything stronger as we need to control that pain after surgery which 7.5 percocets usually do the job along w/ muscle relaxers.
    I love EVERYONE!!!!
    Terri >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<
  • Arhh Terry, sounds painful hun. >:D<

    I have excruitaing pain that radiates UP from soles of feet to hips/ lower spine. I am unable to weight bear when this happens, usually on a really bad day. My feet get a little tender, legs go tingly and numb/heavy then wham! This pain brings tears to my eyes, grounds me and alarms all that see me. I have no idea what it is.

    You have to keep hoing and trust the docs. I had a ??non fusion and all I can say is my PT says the micro movements cause the pain and irritate all the nerves etc. Kinda makes sense. How long now b4 your dates? What are they doing? Plating?
    I do hope it works for you both. >:D<
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