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October/November Upcoming Surgeries Post your story here!! :)

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi All!!!!
A question was asked by another member Angelanic if a October/November surgery post has been started.

So Angelanic if you would like to keep this up as I will be out of commission for awhile with my surgery next week. That would be awesome!!!! :D

To all having neck/spinal surgery scheduled for October or November months go ahead and post your story here of your date, why you need surgery etc.

Its great to keep everything together like Chrissy started for Aug/September. That way you all can compare stories, give each other a shoulder to lean on etc.

GOOD LUCK to all of those scheduled for those months!!


  • Hello, i have my pre-surgical visit with NS next Friday 9/19. I am planning on scheduling L4/5 fusion for November. I am still breastfeeding my baby. He will be a year old on 9/28. I want to be able to wean him before surgery, so that is why i am shooting for Nov. I hate the feeling like i have to rush it (weaning), but i am in quite a lot of pain. I have lived with it for over 4 years now. I am hoping for an easy recovery! Keeping my fingers crossed! My hubby will take 2 weeks off of work to help with our 4 children. Then between my mom and friends (strong support system through church/homegroup), i am hoping to get thru this ok! I will keep you updated after my appt next week!
    *Another question: how soon after a fusion can you return to an "active" married life?? ;)
  • My surgery date is October 26. I'm not sure the technical name for it, but it's like... an ALIF, but they're also going through the back with some instrumentation, in the same surgery. My signature pretty much says most of it.

    I get anxiety sometimes, because surgery just scares me. I wasn't really scared for the MicroD, but this time around for the fusion I am. Some days things aren't as bad, and I wonder if maybe I am making the wrong decision in proceeding with the surgery as planned. Then there are days when it's horrible and I remember why I am doing it. Does anyone else ever have those wishy washy bi polar feelings at times? Lol
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  • Well, I am scheduled for a laser surgery on October 7th to harden my L5 and S1 discs. No one has seem to heard about this before and I am finding very little information. It will be outpatient which is great and only a few days of recovery. This probably won't take away the pain though since It doesn't remove the herniation and fracture I have. I therefore expect to go in mid-November for a endoscopic microdiscectomy. Same deal..outpatient..about a week until I can drive and go back to work! Amazing. When I had my lami it took six weeks before I could drive.

    <:P Terri I definately will keep up this thread next week. It is a great forum to share of hopes and fears.<br />
    I) Jaime, When I had my lami in 2005 it took a good 3 weeks until there was an activity going on in that area. But I sure it stinks now anyway..so that will be better. It is awful trying to find a postion that doesn't make pain shoot up my leg or my leg to tingle (and not in a good way). ;)

    Best Wishes,

  • Good luck Angela with this new laser surgery you are having. I wish you all the best in a speedy recovery! And then hopfully NO more leg pain (anytime!) :)
    Love, Jaime
  • :jawdrop: Hi all.
    I finaly got the MRI and appointment I needed to arrange the operations (which is being spilt in two, to reduce stress to muscles and nerve damamge)

    Here are the details - but it didn't give the name of the discs used I'm afraid, so I will up date this when I find out. I do however know that he isn't using bone graft, but stem cell/bone marrow from my body that is taken while in theatre at the time. I'm guessing that is why I won't require a full body brace, just a lumbar support/velcro wrap.

    The First op is 'correction of lumbar deformity and scoliosis' and 'primary lumbar decompression'
    Five days later I have to return to theatre for 'anterior instrumented correction of a lumber kyphoscoliosis'
    There will be two days in high dependancy unit and I should get home 5/6 days after the second op.

    I then have a walking plan for 6 weeks after starting at 2x400m walks a day increasing each week (800m, 1200m, 1500m up to 2.5km in week 6) After 6 week review I start my 4 - 6 month physio rehab program.

    So - that's me. Sort of looking forward to it, but I've 3 weeks to go, so will continue with normal life until then.

    If anyone has any tips of what I should do before hand, or need to put in place after, I'm all ears

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  • Hello everyone,

    I just wnated to welcome you to this thread that Terri so graciously started for all those with upcoming surgeries.

    There are so many wonderful people here full of information and willing to share their experience and their support.

    I wish you all the best and will be checking in often to see who has up and coming surgery. By the way, if your feeling you need some added extra support please feel free to PM anytime and I will do my best to support you throughout your journey!

  • hi all...i'm active on the board again..its my turn at bat....

    i'm finally scheduled for nov 10 for a s/5 4/5 tlif with hardware. :jawdrop: no bone graphs/donations for me...i'll be getting those titanium ..bone fusion promoting inserts at 2 levels. maybe i'll be a good looking 6'1" again! lol

    my last set of lpars, was june...and lasted into july...i sort of wanted to prove to my self how bad things really are....and i did. ~x( vicodins are holding me true until nov.

    tolerating cronic leg pain/numbness was not enough in one leg..the pain in the ass (no pun) from the pars was routine, but now my other leg is taking hits and back pain from my herinations and facet joint arthritis at 2 levels has me on fire.

    broken....still moving...and real entertainment for those who see me twitch and wobble throughout my day (you know those jolts and spikes). even with extra care i still manage to do some physical things....and do pay dearly for it for days after.

    its progressively getting worse...so the time is now.

    don't mean to frighten anyone...but my mind is running in circles.....many of you been there...

    additionally, i was surprised to see my cat scans show up on google after my post a few months back.
    i circled the 2 pars breaks and where my l5 decicded to make home up against my l4..(stenois)


  • Hiya,
    I am scheduled to have facet joint injections, im told they put you to sleep now when they do them (thats a relief). Not sure of dates though. Good Luck to everyone who is having surgery ! >:D<

    Angie x
  • Hello Kadaro and Shell.

    Kadaro, good luck with your surgery on Nov 10th
    We will all be rooting for you while your on
    your surgery and recovery journey. I am sending
    out the good vibes and prayers that you surgery
    will bring you the releif you deserve!

    Angie, I wish you well with your facet injections. I do
    hope the injections will give you some relief. I
    had them, but I don't quite remember being totally
    asleep. Every doc is different so I hope this is
    going to be it for you! best of Luck!

    I wish eveyone a great day!
  • :H Welcome to all the new posters! it looks like we are going to have a large group!

    I have been having a lousy weekend. I started Lyrica last monday and I had instant relief of my leg pain that had recently gotten really bad. But then this Saturday morning it came back with a vengence and is not going away. I can't figure it out! Any thoughts?

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