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? try sleeping while standing ?

Mmaem03MMmaem03 Posts: 53
I have no idea if I'll ever sleep again! I've tried everything I've been taught by PT to lessen my symptoms and not a darn thing is working. I can't believe how bad it hurts sometimes. I had so much medication in me this morning I could hardly function but somehow my nerves still managed to process pain just fine. Sometimes I just want to cut off my leg and beat it on the concrete. I'm afraid to drive anymore. I'm so tired its dangerous. The other day I fell asleep on the way home from work, a 45 minute drive. I was dozing off the whole way. about 2 miles from my home I fell asleep long enough to go completely left of center. :jawdrop: When I woke up I was all the way on the wrong side of the road while driving up a hill. If another car was on the other side of the hill, it would have never seen me coming until it was too late.


  • Wow, that's not good. Not good at all. How long has it been since you addressed this with your doc? If the medication you are currently taking isn't touching your pain and is seriously imparing you, I would highly recommend contacting your doc!

    Please be careful until you can get something adjusted.

  • Saw my PM 9 days ago when I had my last ESI. The guy is a jerk or maybe just young and rigid. I talked to my PCP and he gave me a script for Hydrocodone. I'm sure its the one making me loopy(I laugh because I've made so many typos in my posts, its taking twice as long to type because I have to keep editing). I take it, it starts working 30-45 minutes later and I get some releif (enough to sleep) for about two-two and half hours before the pain is back.Also taking Naprosyn. I'm so ready to se the NS on Wednesday. It will be my first visit. Lots of people in my life have concerns about me consulting a surgeon so soon, my sciatica started in early July. But my PT is stumped. They can't get my symptoms centralized. There are three different girls that work with me and all of them are so glad to hear I have an appointment this week. I just need to hang on until then. What sucks is I have to work on Tuesday and I'm worried I'll be super tired and loopy. I may have to call off. I suppose eventually I would get used to the hydro and not be so doped up after I take it. Isn't sleep deprivation a reason to have a medical leave from work? if it isn't it should be.
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  • Be very careful Mmaem03.Sleep deprivation is being likened to drunk driving in some states and you can get fined for driving while tired..( :/ ) Though I don't know the test for this..but some people who have just said that they were 'tired' were ticketed.

    Your body will adjust to the medication in time,but until then be careful and try not to take the hydrocodone right before you drive..that can also be likened to a DUI.

    I know it's really tough,how to get to where we are going when we are taking meds and a lot of us are sleep deprived. #o
  • Hiya I)
    Everything you are saying i can relate to, its not just a sleepy feel, its feeling doped up, but like you say our bodies may get used to the drug in time .

    Angie x
  • A few years ago, I had whooping cough. I couldn't sleep at all. Anytime I would lay down, I would just cough and cough. So it came down to sleeping upright in a chair, with cough drops in my mouth. I was so sleep deprived, I was nodding off on my way to work.

    Also, when I was a teenager, I had terrible back problems. I went to the doctor, who gave me vicodin and soma. Then I went to the ER, and they gave me tylenol with codeine. They never told me not to take it with the other meds. I was staying the night at a friends house, and it was a school night. The bottle of vicodin said take 1-2 every 4-6 hours. Being young and uninformed, I took two, along with the tylenol 3 and Soma. I got very sick, and passed out. I got up for school the next morning, and was falling asleep walking to the bathroom. I then fell asleep in the shower. I fell down! Not fun naked!! lol I got dressed and put on my shoes. Next thing I knew, it was 3 hours later, and I was hunched over- shoes still not tied. I had fell asleep while tying my shoe!!

    Please be careful, when it comes to meds, and sleep deprivation, you can get into real danger. Is there someone that you can carpool to work with? Maybe you can take some time off to try and get some rest.

    One thing that I have found to work for sciatic pain, is to take an ice pack and lay on it (low back, right side, just above my butt cheek) I keep it there as long as I can stand. The ice hurts like hell on your skin, but it will numb the nerve. I leave it for about 15-20 mins... or until my skin stops burning from the ice. If you leave it on too long, and the skin stops burning, you can damage skin. Anyway, I do this, and it actually stops the sciatic pain enough for me to get some sleep. I got this idea by googling sciatic pain relief. It actually said to freeze a paper cup with water, then peel the paper off the top half, and have someone rub the ice in circles around that spot.

    I hope this helps... good luck
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  • Paper cup idea sounds like a winner. I'll try that. I'm also going to try laying on my ice pac tonight, if I can manage it. When this all started back in July, my PT exercises were mostly on my tummy. Press ups and knee bends etc. Then I finally came to a point where I could start working with a physio ball. About three weeks ago I had a back episode that caused me to have a right hip shift (previously I had a left hip shift). That episode caused my sciatica to go crazy. Things calmed down by the next day but since then all the exercises I was doing now started to cause me more pain and different pain. It can change from day to day whether I need flexion or extention exercises. It drives my PT girls crazy. They put me in traction a few times. It didn't help. I think it may have aggrevated my symptoms. For days now I can only lay on my back with my knees up and pressed to my chest. I can lay on my tummy if I have taken the hydro 30 minutes before hand. Sitting sucks no matter what. And lately I spend most of my awake time pacing through the house.

    If I'm still this tired and in this much pain tuessday I will call off. I was off work from the time this began until last week. I went back to work and my pain has increased considerably. I was so careful too. I took it very slow and easy at work and asked for a lot of help. Lucky for me, the people in my department are all very understanding and were actually treating me like a bunch of mother hens. I only worked two days. By the end of the first day I knew I was going to regress. Standing on concrete floors all day isn't any good for us.I live 45 minutes away from work and there isn't anyone to car pool with. I'm hoping if the NS takes over my care he'll suggest more time off.

    Thanks for the icing advice.
  • Hydrocodone can take some getting used to for some (actually, this could happen with any pain med-it all depends on how your body handles such meds since we're all different). You haven't been on this very long (if I read your first post right! lol) and it's very possible that you just need more time to adjust to it. Meantime the ice idea is a very good one, or if you're like me, a heating pad may work better for you. I would advise using a heating pad that has an automatic shut off so that you don't burn yourself by falling asleep on it and possibly cause a fire! (Mine has a 2 hour auto shut off feature) Also, rather than risk getting frostbite, I would recommend putting a washcloth between your skin and any ice pak that you plan to leave on/lay on if you're likely to fall asleep and not take the ice off before it can do damage.

    If, after some more time, you are still having these problems with the hydro, I would advise discussing it with your Doctor. Generally speaking, Hydrocodone is a relatively mild pain medication, so it doesn't seem like it should take longer than a couple weeks to fully adjust to where you don't get so sleepy after taking it (which you'll probably miss at some point! lol), but it's just so hard to tell because we're all different when it comes to adjusting to medications.

    Best of luck to you. I hope your pain and lack of sleep plus dozing at bad times gets better soon! Please don't drive if you're that tired! It's better to pull into a parking lot or something to nap if you can't keep your eyes open than to risk hitting someone or something and killing yourself and/or someone else! Just not worth it. If it's that bad then I really don't think you should be working, or at least not taking the hydro until you're done driving for the day. It's just not worth the risk of life, or as Amanda said, the potential for the DUI charge!

    Take care of you...
  • Just out of curiosity...

    do you get itchy at all from the hydrocodone? Specifically your nose? I know whenever I've taken it that happens to me and it drives me crazy! I run around rubbing my palm on my nose all day trying to stop the darn itching, which I'm sure puts lovely thoughts into the minds of others! :P (I'm a germophobe so handwashing and hand sanitizer are a commodity in my life!)

    I've also noticed that if I take 2 of my Percocets instead of just the 1 that it sometimes happens with that too, but I don't itch anywhere else with either the hydrocodone or the oxycodone, just my nose. I've known other people that itch all over from hydro tho.

    I guess if it does happen with you, you could try taking a Benedryl with it, but please don't do this unless you can lay down and sleep because you already have a problem with dozing off! And who knows, maybe the Benedryl (or diphenhydramine if you buy generic) would help you sleep? That's what most OTC sleep aids are anyway. If you haven't tried this maybe ask your Doc if you can and see if it helps you sleep thru the night? Or maybe he'll give you a script for a sleeping med. Then if you can sleep thru the night perhaps you won't be so apt to doze during the day? Always worth a shot I guess.
  • driving while tired is very dangerous. That day I totally fell asleep at the wheel was the day before I started the hydro. I was simply exhausted from lack of sleep due to the pain.

    And yes, I always use a buffer between the ice and my skin . Usually a towel.
  • Hi

    So sorry to hear of your pain and sleeplessness. i was just wondering...have you been diagnosed, or had an mri or anything??? (I may have missed that post).

    My PT made me worse. They ignored my xrays and i ended up in surgery. My advice would be, listen to your body....if the pain is increasing stop those exercises.
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