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Okay, how much longer?



  • I have tried laying on my back with and without the brace. It's very uncomfortable with the brace on, but actually my back feels better when I go to get up. I have also done the pillow thing under the knees and it does help also. Worse time I have is in the middle of the night when I have to go to the bathroom. It hurts so much when I get up that it takes too long to make the trip. Hey, accidents happen, right?
  • I love that name! I am 51 this year and not in the best shape either. My last surgery in April of this year really took a toll on me.

    I have been through several surgeries and sailed through them all and went right back to work.

    Not so much this time around. Doc said I could be back to work in 2 weeks after Cervical fusion. Was more like 5 and I beat myself up the whole time because it took me so long.

    Even after returning to work I strugged with pain and fatigue. Am doing better but still not my old self.

    It is harder to bounce back from surgery as we get older. Give yourself whatever time you need to get there and don't beat yourself up about it.
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  • I am about 6 weeks ahead of you and I am still on a low dose of pain meds.
    I m also younger (a bit) and though I am overweight I did get pretty fit before my surgery. I put it off for a few months so I could go to th gym and stop smoking.

    So I would say you are doing pretty well

    Lakesdie- I love what you wrote. :)

    Blessings Sara O:)
  • I'm 1 day ahead of you with surgery and I still take pain meds. Don't feel like you can't take them if you are in pain, the docs give them to us for a reason.

    Best of luck,

  • hi joy darling.
    sounds like your doing fine!!!!!
    iv found just from "old spiney friends' on the old site and even new ones here, those braces boy, can be uncomfy.
    remember when those braces are on which prevent you from bending, twisting etc, your not using all those core muscles. so i would imagine you would be sore.
    i do not have one now nor did i the last fusion last year.
    and boy when you do not have one you can really feel those back, ab and hip muscles getting a work out.
    im dying right now with leg/butt and of course inscision pain but im only a few days out. it takes me A LONG TIME to get off the couch where i am sleeping. its like you do not even want to get up to go into another room or the bathroom as you know what its going to feel like. OUCH. but its more a pulling sensation. which i do not know what is worse that or actual pain hmmmmm.
    your still early out, you have alot of healing to do.
    i cut down on meds on the 3rd month. then the dr gave me some in the 4th month just to take for "rainy days" as there will be some..
    i feel horrible now taking meds and of course hubby is like "hunny that is what they are here for take them on time, do not wait till it hurts" he is RIGHT. i need to stay on a schedule.
    but sometimes in your mind you just want to wait it out so that you know you have them when needed. but im slowly learning not to do that.
    like i mentioned in another post, sorry for the long rambling. i am in alot of pain and well this board and all you wonderful "people" keep my mind off of it. ;)
    and if i do not make sense its because i take my percocets, valium and soma and get a little whoooo whoooooo 8}

    hang in there this is a very involved surgery and a long recovery for some of us.
    any new pain or symptoms that you did not have before your bother you just call thats what the drs are there for is to answer our questions, even if not serious.

    terri >:D< >:D< >:D<
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