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More pain in the AM then when turning in

McBackMMcBack Posts: 33
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:23 AM in Lower Back Pain
I have a question which I thought others may have some input on...

Normally by the end of any given day I would retire sore and exhausted, and laying down is what was needed to alleviate the pain, but recently I began waking early mornings with a horrific back ache.

This is totally different than my every day local lumbar pain. It spans across my entire lumbar region from side to side and the longer I lie there the worse it gets. By morning it takes everything I can muster to lift myself out of bed and walk around. Then after about an hour or so upright it pretty much goes away and I am left with my normal lumbar/sciatic aches and pains.

At first I thought it was a kidney infection so I had that checked out, but all was good in this respect. Now I am beginning to think it may be muscle atrophy seeing as I am very inactive due to increased pain when I do try and exercise. I am sure the fact that I am carrying a newly aquired extra 50lbs around my torso, which I can't get rid of for the very same reason, doesn't help either, but would this cause the pain to increase as I sleep? I would think just the opposite if anything.

Don't know what else would cause this, or why it cropped up all of the sudden. Does anyone else wake feeling worse than when they went to bed?


  • I do,but I've lost some weight and it still hurts..even worse.I was thinking arthritis,but this is just a thought.

    When I'm active it only gets worse.I thought mine might be due to my sedate lifestlye as well,but some days I really try to keep busy and it does'nt help the pain..it gets worse...but I do like to keep busy sometimes even if I have to force myself.

    Has the weather changed?

    It's really not a good night for me to be of much help,just thought I'd let you know that you are not alone.. :H
  • Has the weather changed?...lol, I live in Michigan, it changes every 5 minutes here.

    I wish I could keep busy. I went from working manual labor 10-14 hours a day and then do side jobs after work to virtually nothing almost overnight several years ago and I am going absolutely stir crazy. Now anything beyond mowing the lawn causes my lower lumbar and right sciatica to become so inflamed I have to lay down.

    Now even laying down causes pain ~X(

    Looks like it is going to be a loooong winter

    Thanks for the reply, Sorry you are suffering too :(
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  • I go through this every morning and I have arthritis in my facet joints. Very stiff and hard to straighten up in the mornings.
  • Well I was told I had arthritis in my back. If this is what it is, why it all of the sudden flared up is beyond me. Its only been a few weeks that I have experienced this, but thus far what I am finding is, if I only stay in bed about 5-6 hours its no where near as bad as when I am in bed for say 8-9 hours. Do you find that the longer you stay in bed the worse it gets? Its crazy, it is not centralized like everything else I have experienced in the past, this spans across my entire lumbar region all the way to my hips almost and it is very painful to even roll over let alone get up :<
  • Hey McBack! I have this problem every morning. I think it creeped up on me and then one morning became noticeable. I have lumbar spondylosis (basically, osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine). The more bone spurs I grow, the more nerves I "squish", and, like you, the longer I lay down, the worse the pain is when trying to turn over in the bed and finally rise from a lying position. I have no answer for you, unfortunately, except to let you know you are not alone. I do sleep in the recliner at an approx. 135 degree angle with ice packs across my lower back and can get some sleep this way and not be in great pain when I get up. However, my husband of 22 yrs is not fond of my new relationship with the recliner so I suffer through the nights in bed many times 'cause I feel for him. And, yes, the longer you lay in bed, the worse it gets. My personal best is, like you said, between 5 and 6 hours, but I need more sleep than this to get through an exhausting, painful day at work SO while hubby's asleep, I go to the recliner and finish out the early morning hours with my ice pack.

    Try the ice and maybe a recliner. That's been my saving grace. My dr. just tells me "it's arthritis" but did give me a 5/500 Vicodin to take when I get up which helps about 30-45 minutes later.

    Good luck with this! You are certainly not alone. :X
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  • I know it sounds korny, but try drinking a good amount of water before you go to bed each night.

    Our spines rely so heavily on fluid, that during the night they pull what they can from our tissues. If we are nicely hydrated, then our spines aren't and disc's and facet capsules are more like the Sahara.

    I drink a large glass of water before I go to bed. I usually wake up a few hours later to use the bathroom. This means I get up and move around a bit. Then I grab another glass of water and go back to bed. I usually wake up around 4:30 - 5am and take meds and either walk around or lie down until the alarm goes off. This helps reduce the OMG ache that you are feeling.

  • Naw, drinking water doesn't sound korny. Actually I do drink a lot of water, especially at night sitting at the computer/watching TV. Actually that's pretty much all I drink these days....water with lemon juice and stevia.

    As for sleeping in a recliner....I wish I could. Since my surgeries I am unable to sleep on my back, or in a chair for that matter. On my back was always my most restful position, and I still try this most nights, but eventually I have to curl up in the fetal position with a pillow between my knees before I can fall asleep due to nerve pain/tingle. Also, more often then not I wake up on my stomach, a position I hate and I know this is not good. I toss and turn all night due to sciatica and I think this is why I end up on my stomach.

    A good nights sleep is a rare commodity in the McBack house :W
  • Cute name BTW. I am sorry to hear you too are having this issue. I think a lot of us wake up stiff, or with worse pain. A long time ago I noticed that if I were sleeping in a REALLY COMFORTABLE bed, I woke up SO STIFF!! Then I started noticing that with pain medication, and a really good nights sleep, I woke up in even more pain!!

    I am not sure if this is true, only my opinion, but I have come to believe that the more comfortable and relaxed I am when I sleep, the less I move. Sometimes I wake up in the same exact position in which I fell asleep in. I think that the lack of moving, is causing my muscles to stiffen up... causing more pain! Hows that for a catch 22? Good sleep equals worse mornings? Which would I rather have? Probably the good sleep, because that is rare to find, and bad mornings always go away.

    I'd like to offer some suggestions, I'm sure that these are things you already know and tried.

    One of the best things I have found, is sleeping with a pillow between the knees. I have this memory foam pillow, that is about 3-4 inches thick, and very firm. I use this for between my knees, it works wonders.

    I also wait a little while after taking meds to eat breakfast. It seems to work faster on an empty stomach. I know that some meds should be taken with food, or can cause stomach upset if taken without, so be careful with that one.

    I'd like to take a nice hot shower first thing, but with a 2 year old for an alarm clock "MOMMY! I want something to EEEAATTT" That's not always an option. I am hoping to get my sleep schedule more regular, so I can start my day at 6am again, and hour or so before he wakes up. I think that would make my mornings a lot easier. Getting up and right to work is a little tough. If I had an hour to drink my coffee, take a shower, and loosen up a little, I think mornings would be less painful.

    Good luck to you!! I hope you can find a routine that works.

  • Thanks for the reply Amanda,

    Yeah, I already sleep with the pillow between the knees and one behind my back as well as one in front of my belly and another under my head, though I usually wake up with all of them tangled in the sheets if not on the floor from tossing and turning all night. I have also gone through like 4 beds in as many years trying to find one that works for me. The temporpedic was the worst believe it or not :? Thinking on going back to a water bed.

    When I did/do take pain meds I do follow your suggestion. I've taken one sort or the other of a pain med in varying degree for over 25 years so I learned that trick long ago. That said I rarely take any type of narcotic these days. My receptors on my head are plum worn out anymore and I don't seem to tolerate them well. I either end up with a major head ache after they wear off, or worse yet after a few days to a week of taking them continually I am left with what compares to a hang over that lasts for close to a month or more. My brain reacts the same to alcohol as well so I no longer drink either, and won't take any pain meds beyond Motrin or Aleve unless I am literally dying of pain. Otherwise I just grin and bear it :<

    I do soak in a hot bath often, (more so in the winter months though),which is about the only relief I get, but I usually do this in the late evening trying to relax my relentless neck and shoulder muscles, which is another problem area in itself.

    Sorry to learn you too are experiencing this morning stiffness (all you others that have replied as well). It is no fun. Thanks for the reply and I hope things improve for all of us soon.

  • You mentioned that you bought a Tempurpedic bed and that it was miserable, well, I bought a Sleep Number and made the same mistake. Lot's of money for lot's of pain! I would suggest the SAT bed. If you send me a pm I will tell you where to find the website. There made for hospitals and have no pressure points. They are also covered by most insurance. This is the ONLY bed that insurance will help to pay for, that should show how good they are. And they come in normal sizes too. If you want any info feel free to send the pm.

    P.S. This is one of my worst problems, I haven't slept in 8 years because of the pain and beds make it 100% worse!
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