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Who has had leg pain after surgery and not before?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,321
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi everyone!!! :D
Im curious. Since alot of our old "timers" are not here on the new site anymore. How many of you that have had surgery have leg pain??? Like siatica almost. Shooting pain down the leg, with some numbness in the toes????
I'v never ever had this before. Even before the first surgery or even after. Now with the 2nd PLIF L4-S1 I do.
I remember my lovely friend Amber who I am going to check in with had the same thing. It is now controlled with pain managment. It never went away.
Yes I am calling the Dr tomorrow and they will probably tell me to wait it out till my appt Oct 16th. As its probably the nerves healing. But it is so very painful especially if you have had it you know. And nothing takes it away.
My insurance does not cover lyrica so that's a no go at this time if they want me to try that.
plus my walking ACTUALLY WHAT WALKING??? That has not happened yet do to severe pain just from the hips down while doing so that freezes my legs like a rope is getting tied tighter and tighter. Its not muscular. That will be figured out sometime next month.

Anyways do not want to make this to long.
Just wanted to hear from others that had the same issue go on after a fusion.

Hope eve1 is healing well!!
Terri >:D< >:D< >:D<


  • I'm so sorry that you are having that horrible leg pain. I had something similar to that before my surgery, but not after. Can you take Neurotin? I believe it's very much like Lyrica but it has a generic (gabapentin). From what I hear Neurotin and Lyrica both are prescribed for nerve pain. My sister's insurance would not cover Lyrica at first but had no problem with prescribing Neurotin. Also, after my sister's doctor sent a letter to the insurance company, they eventually did approve the Lyrica. Hope this helps. If I were you, I would definitely call my doctor tomorrow if you're not better with the leg pain. Hang in there, honey! You have been through so much already.
  • Thanks Joy
    I commented on yours to about the numbness.
    No doubt in my mind I am calling espeically if I have never EVER had this type of pain before.
    I forgot about the neurontin. I have excellent insurance but they are tricky sometimes with certain meds.
    Last year I wanted to try it when the walking issues began. The ortho said he does not even persribe lyrica weirddd. but gave me a script anyway. but when I found out the cost I said No WAY..

    Now just standing talking to hubby for a sec that leg buckled on its own. Not good in my mind..
    So yes something is going on.
    Keep us updated on your problem also.

    Terri >:D<
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  • leg pain is what drove me to finally go forward with the surgery. but it was not the typical shooting down the leg pain. It was pain around each leg, at the groin, like a band tightening around and squeezing each thigh to the point that I couldn't take another step. Nothing helped. Once I had the surgery I hoped it would be relieved-it wasn't. But through PT I fnally got some relief. My NS said that years of my unstable spine pressing on nerves caused the muscles and nerves in my legs to begin to atrophy and it was questionable whether they would come back or not. But with the right therapy I have had some success, although I still can't walk distances without stopping to rest. I also have foot and ankle problems as a result. Plus, since I stopped exercising, any progress I had made has been diminished and I am starting over. My big mistake!!
  • Glad to hear you mention Amber. I guess I am one of those old timers that is still here. I have been thinking about her and need to call her.
    I had the hip pain before my surgeries and the numbness down the leg and the numb foot and painful foot came afterwards.
    I am glad you are on the healing side of the second PLIF.
    I should soon get the results of my foot and ankle MRI and also the EMG and nerve conductivity study. Just a little longer. I hope someone figures out a reason for all this pain and numbness.
  • phasti first off nice to meet ya!! sorry this is going to be A LONG POST. ;)
    second sorry you have gone through so much. YES THAT IS WHAT my legs feel like when i walk. it comes on mabye a min into walking and with each step gets worse to the point of nothing wanting to bend or move. i cannot put any pressure on the bottoms of both feet. my hips "lock" knees "lock" ankles "lock" and i have to drag my feet outward to get the next step in. and the PAIN oh my!!!! then after crying and screaming for 15 minutes it subsides. :? :? :? :? sound like yours? it started with the fall down the stairs in 06. just in the ankles though. i could still walk but my ankles felt like they were broke. i thought surgery would fix this in 07 NOT.
    so i con't to recover all year. each week ,month seemed to get worse. i had xrays done of the lower half NOTHING. even when i go to the store w/ hubby i have to lean over the cart to take the pressure off my lower half. stop , walk, stop, walk, stop , walk. i had to use a walker at our local fair OH MY i made it through but well medicated and still very painful and family was nice enough to stop and let me sit every 5 min on the walker.
    you get the picture im figuring, since your desribing what is going on with me and no one can figure it out. how did they with yours. paul mentioned a MRI of the legs??? CT mabye??? the ortho does know about this already. i hear people coming home saying orginal pain is gone. well ok the BURNING from the spondy is gone. YES good thing. other things not touched. ~X( X(
    i think when i fell and only one xray was done showing a very badly bruised taibone that i went with this pain for 9 months in PM. meds/injections everything.
    so when you can let me know here or PM me. i'm hoping what we both described helps others browsing the boards. you just SURELY HELPED ME!!! ;) having a name to kinda go by, food for thought tomorrow when i call. THANKS

    julie julie julie, so nice of you my dear to write!!!!!
    yes our amber . i have not talked to her since july when they were leaving for a camping trip. i lost her number i am not organized. i used her email but no response. not sure if its the same as i know she was not back to work yet. going to look through some old papers to see if its written on there. my daughter erased all the caller id numbers on our old phone. GHEESH LOUISE.
    im pumping myself w/ pain meds to stay comfy. i was so tired tonight im like whew i will sleep. NOT mabye a good hour. then the leg went numb, then laid on the other one that went numb, so of course being uncomfortable i tried the back. no go. and iv been so good on sleeping on my side. last year i could never do that after surgery so one score for me!!
    so now im up at the computer chair, most comfortable believe it or not. w/ ice and a pillow. milk and just took 10 mg of lortab. i save my percs for unbearable pain during the day.
    in the hospital this time i remember everything!!!!!! i was so comfortable thats why i went home so early the nurses, PT etc were AMAZED at how i walked, got out of bed etc. MAN TO HAVE that pain pump here now!! seriiously that is no joke!!! i will keep going im a fighter , i never give up. yes i cry, scream , get mad like others. you all may think im like a brick wall when it comes to mental part of surgery but im not, im like all of you. it just helps to give others encourgement through this long journey.
    i need to get WALKING or i am never going to heal.
    hubby if you remember from last year is DOLL BABY something sent from above that does not deserve me thats for sure.
    but he is here still plugging away, playing mom, dad, husband , cook, housekeeper, limo driver lol i said how do yo do it and stay?? he said "remember those vows??" thats why and i love u and we will get throught his together 8> 8> :X :X he could of left a long time ago when all my crap started as some other halfs cannot handle all the stress. but man he is here if i could mold him i would for everyone :D
    ok enough about that. i wish you the best of luck with your results.!!!! please please let us know if you post your results and you do not see a response from me PM me so i see it.

    i love everyone here !!! your all unique indivduals with different issues to handle day to day. and i am so very proud of all of you!!!

    terri >:D< :X :*
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  • Just spoke to my dr.'s office this morning. They said numbness in toes was most probably from the surgery and not for me to be concerned as long as there was no pain. It might go away and it might not. Terri, does your doc know about all the pain you are in? If not, please get in touch with him.

    I also asked about the pain in the ball of my foot and they said it was probably from walking on my treadmill without shoes and was definitely not from the surgery.

    I'm having a really rough day today...spent most of yesterday in the bed and today's not looking much better. Am also depressed and crying today...like, when will this get better? So much muscular pain and soreness. Sorry to be such a whinner, I know I could be so much worse off, but some days it just gets to you, ya know?

    Thanks to whoever came up with this forum...no one else can really relate to what we go through except those who have been or still are in our shoes.
  • Oh Terri,
    As I read your post I swear I could have written most of that. I will PM Amber's number to you later. I too will not quit but sometimes it just gets so overwhelming that I wish I could. I see a DO that works on my muscles and keeps me in alignment. Have you ever tried one? Mine specializes in Neuromuscularskeletal adjustments. I lose connection between my brain and my foot and although he thinks this is weird, he keeps working until it reconnects. Seriously, I cannot visualize where in space my foot is and to get my toes to push up or down when asked. He has been my saving grace in all of this and he is my pcp. I had been going to a chiropractor who missed my original herniation and in case you didn't know a DO is an actual doctor, so he understands a lot more.
    I too have a husband that has been by my side through all of this. He knows how hard I am trying and yet don't seem to get a break with my foot. My numbing doesn't come and go. It is constant.
    I had an x-ray of my ankle, but my surgeon did the MRI on both the ankle and the foot. With the position our feet are put during the surgery I have been wondering if during the surgery or the putting on the table or taking off something could have happened to a nerve or ligament that got things impinged causing the massive pain and numbing. Mine feels like the nerves can not glide through the hole when I move my ankle.
    Terri keep looking for answers. Maybe in our fight to get well something will help others like you said.
    Joy please look at the dermatomes and you will see that ball of your foot is controlled by those nerve roots that were operated on. This is all connected and I don't see how they can say for sure surgery had nothing to do with it. Yes, you could have bruised it, but maybe not. I am sorry you too felt horrible this weekend. Sounds like we should have had a party!!!! I was on the couch. I watched a lot of TV this weekend.
    I will let you know Terri how all this turns out. I will have all of the results and my surgeon's thoughts after next Wednesday the 8th. Saturday I have the rest of the EMG so I hope the Neurologist can make sense of things.
  • Hey Girl,

    I am so sorry about this new pain. I am concerned! I know you are too. I also want to say hello to the others who posted in this thread and let them know I am now saying a little didy to the man upstairs so they might see some relief as well.

    I have not had any lower back surgery, but I did have issues many years ago with my lower bac. L-5 S-1 herniated discs. I had severe numbness and my big toe at times I did not even feel it. I also had burning etc. some in my leg and some around the disc area on my back side.

    I am almost 39 years old and many years ago when I lived in Wisconsin I ha gone to a specialist there about my lower bac and he decided to do a procedure called Chimo papain injection. What the procedure does is inject the enzymes of a papaya fruit into the disc and supposedly it deteriorates the disc material and the spine fuses over time.
    They don't do this procedure anymore-kina scary-WHY??? hmmm.
    The pain, burning and numbness all went away, but I do notice that after all these years my right foot goes numb rather quickly. But as far as anything like your experiencing I am not real sure.

    Sorry to go on about myself....the fact of the matter is if you have not already called your docs office please get on that phone! I know youor 3 hours ahead of me so you still have time left today to call even if it is only to leave a message!!! If it gets to be to much over tonight I would go to the ER if I had to. So sorry...as if you have not had enough going on already!!! And Yes what an awesome Hubby! :)
    I am concerned for you and I am praying that it is just the nerves all excited in there trying to heal! I will be thinking and praying for you my friend!!!
    >:D< >:D< >:D<
  • I called my drs office. Of course left a message stating all that was going on. plus needed a refill on my med.
    The PA calls back. Mentions nothing about what I asked. Just asked what I was on. UMM huh you don't have my file in front of you??? strange.
    Anyways asked about the numbness in the left leg and toes.
    She said hold off the nerves are probably inflammed still. So give it some time. To keep icing.
    Asked about the walking which I had told her about at my history intake. Of course ya don't get to talk to this dr i have. Most don't that are in HUGE practices like the one I go to.
    So I am still up in the air about the not being able to walk more then a minute.
    She said just do as much as you can and leave it at that.

    So I will continue to update you.
    Going to try the driveway tomorrow and thats it for then.
    Gotta work through the pain..

    Lots of love and hugs
    Terri >:D< :* >:D< :*
  • I've been reading these posts for 2 months but just joined so I could post myself. Anyway, I did have left leg shooting pain and foot/toe numbness after surgery that I had not had before. Scared me to death and really painful! The surgeon and my PT said it was irritated nerves aggravated by muscle spasms and would get better. And it did. I did take Valium for a week or two to stop the muscle spasms and that helped a lot. Once the muscle spasms stopped so did the nerve pain.

    I know it is really painful but not too unusual after surgery. Try to hang in there - it will get better!

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