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Medication Impact on Driving and Working



  • You can have the drug in your system without feeling it. However, with me, the conversation stops immediately when you make any reference to taking your oxycodone to get high.
  • BionicWoman said:
    You can have the drug in your system without feeling it. However, with me, the conversation stops immediately when you make any reference to taking your oxycodone to get high.
    The high comment was in reference to your math. How you got that I use oxycodone to get high out of that is beyond me as well as some of the other stuff you have posted.

    Until you have walked a day in my shoes you should not judge me. I like alot of other folks in this forum do not have the luxury of sitting at home in pain.

    Every morning pain or no pain I have to go out that front door and work. You see I have responsibilities. House payment, car payment, insurance, medical bills, food, etc. Along with my trashed back my wife has hashimoto and fibromyalgia. Even my dog has issues and has to get insulin injections 2x a day to stay alive.

    I carry a heavy load. I will do what ever it takes to control my pain and work to support my family. If that means poping percosets and driving so be it. Trust me when I say getting high is not one of the options on my list.

    I posted my question to see what my liability would be not to be judged by someone who has no clue as to my situation.

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  • Nightfall said:
    By your math the more Oxycodone I take the longer I will be high lol. Somehow my real life results seem to differ greatly.
  • BionicWoman said:
    Nightfall said:
    By your math the more Oxycodone I take the longer I will be high lol. Somehow my real life results seem to differ greatly.
    By Your math. "your". My "Me" real life results seem to differ. What part of my real life results differ do you not understand? hmm... Basic english not understandable? I realize at this point you are EDITED. Your going to argue with anything just for the sake of doing it.

    You stated that half life is divided in half then does so indefinatly untill it clears your system. By "your" math a person taking 10mg 4x daily would soon have a huge level of Oxycodone built up in thier system. I take 10 mG and in 7 hours I still have 2.5 mg in my system. I take another 10mg add it to the 2.5 you say is still there and we start the half life process over again at 12.5mg. Notice how this keeps building with each dose?

    Either what you posted is false or else i'm going to have one hell of a large amount of oxycodone in my system. My real life results are different.


    Post edited by moderator paulgla. There is no reason for name calling simply because a member voices their opinion about a subject........Paul

  • instead of using the T word I should have just said.

    An Internet "Edited", or simply "Edited" in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial and irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response[1] or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.

    Hope that works better for you. Wiki definition.

    Any policy here against that kind of activity?

    I posted a simple request for info and got a load of "Edited". But thats ok right?

    Its ok for an idividual to make accusations and behave in the mannor listed above but its not ok to call it that way? So much for moderation.

    This is apparently not the forum for me. Back to geting my information from factual sources and research.


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  • Nightfall,

    I have stayed away from this thread, knowing that it has the potential to get people really upset. It has the potential to get GOOD PEOPLE really upset. I can vouch that BionicWoman is not one who is here to provoke. Quite the opposite, she has been here to help and has helped many. It's unfortunate that in trying to discuss this topic, things have been misunderstood to the point of getting lots of necessary editing by the moderator.

    One of the things that has been forgotten in the discussion over how long a drug remains in the body, are all the variables. A drug's half-life is calculated in blood serum levels if I remember correctly. Other things come into play as well.

    Body Mass
    Condition of Kidneys
    Condition of Liver
    Other medications being taken
    and more

    All of this falls into the equation of how soon a drug will be out of your system as well as how much you have to take in order to reach a therapeutic level and maintain that level.

    I read an analogy once where they described the body as being a bucket of water that has many many leaks in it. In order to maintain a therapeutic level of a certain drug, the amount of water coming into the bucket has to be continuous, at a specific rate and of course many other things could interfere. Tipping the bucket, one of the holes getting clogged ...etc.

    So for someone on an ER medication, there's a balance that the body achieves. I can understand your thought that in no time at all, that you would overdose. That is regulated though, by how the bucket balances out.

    I drive now with my pain medications. I drive with my spinal cord stimulator on. The pain meds are non-narcotic and don't bother me, the stimulator, I have to increase the amplitude of it when I drive since driving is one of the most painful things for me to do now. The company recommends turning it off to drive, for fear of the signal ramping up and causing an accident. I'm more afraid of an accident brought on by pain and how I have to hold the wheel, if I turn the stimulator off. Even her I know my limits. I always double check how high the stimulator will ramp up if I were to turn my head or look down or do anything that I know will ramp the signal. I ALWAYS make sure I can handle that amount, before I press ahead.

    Like has been said many times, we need know our limits and boundaries and stay within them. I live in Japan. (not the mainland where they have trains) There's no way I could get around without driving.

    Anyway, that's my $.02

  • I have to speak up and disagree. When I opened a topic a while back about Lyrica and Neurontin I was judged too harsh by BionicWoman....I ask a simple question and all of a sudden it was pointed out "this is why doctors are hesitant and so forth" I have never been made to feel like that before. For me people that come on too strong might be guilty themselves.

  • When it comes to using medications in a manner inconsistent with your prescribed dosages and the plan of care you agreed to, without obtaining prior approval from your physician, I will come down like a hammer on anyone I run across and I will never apologize for that.

  • Do not destroy another good thread by turning it into a personal beef between members.

    There's a difference between a heated discussion or disagreement within a thread and just popping in to make statements about a member.

  • It may be prudent that the majority of the population are on some form of medication or another and in most part the test case of where this threshold is has yet to be tested, by law, one presumes that your car insurance would be invalid should an accident occur that you have not previously informed your insurance, and although we are the moderator of our own performance, so are those people who would fail a breath test.

    Although the volume of my medication does help with the pain, it has comparable ramification for my ability to perform normally, most of this other than safety gives us the individual choice to the capability we can perform at.

    Medication also takes the edge off my performance and as Dilauro says, a problem to quantify across the board and we are left with that decision making process for ourselves. We have no parameters only those we choose to impose on ourselves and defining that limit only usually apparent when a mistake occurs.

    I log myself on, as if the medication is intended to have no effect of my capability, I am entitled to necessary support for my needs and it is never easy exposing how difficult the simplest of tasks can be. This is generally a secret to myself and I have no need to tell anyone should I desire so, I have told those who need to know and continue to be helped and encouraged.

    I never like taking the medication, as we all know the consequences on our performance, other colleagues voice how they do not like taking periodic medication and I think if they only knew. Considering my condition I acknowledge in myself how difficult this whole medication process is, I am doing an adequate job given my circumstances.

    That sticking to the topic will pay dividends in the future for us all.

    Take care John

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