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asmithaasmith Posts: 135
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Pain Medications
Hi everyone!

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

I dont remember if I posted to say that my PM prescribed me Klonopin .5 x2 at night. So basically 1mg at night. She said it will help with my anxiety for the following day? Is that how it works for everyone else?

I used to be in bed by 8p because every night I just wanted the day to end. Yes, I was hitting an all time low and my PM obviously recognized it and thought the klonopin would help. But I take it at 8p and it doesnt get me high or anything, but it keeps me up and I end up doing a bunch of things. I do not get any energy feeling from it. I've been on meds that give me that boost so I know what it feels like.

So when its time to go to sleep, I'm not as tired as I thought I should be. Some nights I am up until 12 even. I think maybe because I am not so anxious and not so eager to end my day? Who knows.

So now to the following day - the day its suppose to be helping me...I dont necessarily feel great, but just a tad less anxious.

I guess I am just confused on the med. She still wants me to take the Xanax for my panic attacks as well.

So I saw her in the clinic one day and asked her if I could take the Klonopin in the morning instead and, very firmly, she said absolutely not.

Then I had a discussion with my therapist and he told me that I am the FIRST person that she has ever written that script for, and she's been at it for 14 years.
He told me that she saw my emotional state and thought it would be the best thing for me at the moment - however to not expect that they are going to prescribe it to me every month. That I would need to go to a psychiatrist for that sort of thing.

I'm just confused on the whole thing of it. I thought klonopin was alike with Xanax...and they make it seem like it was something they never even prescribe.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I go back on the 17th because the head of the clinic physician wants to take over my case. So I'm going in to see what his thoughts of the future are for me...and again my therapist told me I should consider myself very lucky as he has never done that either.

I guess they either really want to help me or they see some problem...I have no idea.

I just wish they would end this pain for me.

Sorry - went off on a ramble.



  • For panic attacks. I believe (though I am not a doctor) that it is in the same family as xanax. I wasn't told to take it at bedtime, but I am sure it is prescribed differently for everyone. I was prescribed it for a fast acting panic attack relief .5mg up to 2x a day as needed. I think I have heard at least one other person here prescribed this to take at night, for relief the next day.

    I get a little sleepy when I take it, not like I HAVE to go to sleep, but like oh, if I close my eyes I could go to sleep... you know?

    Everyone reacts to medication differently. Maybe after your system becomes accustom to it, you will go to sleep easier. Or maybe you are right, less stress and worries, you don't feel you need to go to sleep to get away from everything.

    Sounds like your doctors are taking good care of you. It seems that is rare to find lately. Let us know how things go with the head physician.

  • it sounds like it's working for you.

    i took it for about 2 years and quit a few months ago..well i switched to ativan for panic/anxiety.

    how the klonopin worked for me was if i was very anxious or panicky it helped that and that was all,but if i was only slightly stressed it made me tired.i took it a couple times when i really didn't need it(but wasn't sure-lol) and i had to sleep(seriously).klonopin is good for serious panic or anxiety imo but for mild to moderate i think the ativan works better for me.it doesn't seem as strong.i was taking .5mg

    here's what some people are saying/commenting about klonopin:

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  • I also take klonopin lower dose during day and higher dose at night.
    Patsy, p.s. P.M. me anytime
  • I take one mg right when I wake up and one mg around 7 I go to sleep at around 11:30. If you need it for daytime anxiety id say break one in half in the morning one at noon and one later toward dinner and the other 30 mins before bed. It takes 1-2 hours to kick in but the half life from 1 mg i dont believe would be able to adequately treat much anxiety .

  • Alina... no wonder this sounded familiar... I didn't realize it was you!! =))
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  • I was put on the klonopin for muscle pain and he thinks it will help me get my cognitive issues under control, He also said that because of the muscle pain in upper back and neck area I'm getting the migraines. and the Klonopin has..... I can almost say totally knocked my migraines out. He says I'm getting muscular headaches.
    once in awhile I will get vascular headache, but these don't start in back of my head and usually a cup of coffee can help that.
    He stated that the klonopin for me will help many of my problems, because of how meds effect me they call it.. sumthing like the paradox effect.
    When I take 1mg of klonopin with my ultram and nuerontin in morning I can concentrate much better (I do have some kind of autoimmune disease)(we just don't know what kind)
    for instance I had a very difficult time getting things together and paying bills, trying to do 2 things at one time or have someone in the house ask me ? when I am on the phone would send my head spinning many things like that and I would find if this happened alot in one day I would be in so much pain anyway the mixture of the ultram klonopin and neurontin has made that so much better. one more thing with my hyper reflexes my grandkids or anyone even get close to my legs or if i felt like something might hit them It would make me a nervous wreck like I was very protective with my legs I know it might sound strange but its the truth. well with the new meds and the mixture I feel like I have a new life. now all I have to do is get this surgery done and I will be taking a new road with less bumps and pot holes.

    I was wondering does the neurontin constipate you at all? I see you take 1800 mgs. I just started this neurontin 1 month ago and I spose to increase dose little at time he says I can take up to 1000mgs 3 times a day. holly molly I know I will not need that much, and he doesn't think I will neither but he said we will just keep trying to find something that works. Right at this moment I do 400 in AM and 400 in afternoon and 600 in eve.(and I think I will stick with that amt for now) I have notice if I'm up keeping mind busy and moving and thinking it will not make me tired and holly holly it takes my ARM and LEG pain away.AT night when I take 600 mg and sit down relax read watch tv crochet I get tired and pain relief in arm and leg goes away. The neurontin does not help with my back and neck pain but, the klonopin does. maybe thats the difference between nerve and muscle pain... sending all beautiful thoughts and a big happy smile....Patsy
  • Hi Alina,

    My experience with Klonopin is totally different because of much higher dosage and I use it for seizures. Xanax although it is in the same family (benzo's) is usually prescribed more often for anxiety because it has a different chemical makeup.
    Both drugs are habit forming and usually prescribed for short time use.
    I'm glad you have a doctor working with you on your medications. =D> I have found that sometimes my doctor will prescribe a drug for short term use to help train my body for a certain reaction. Maybe this is why your doctor asked you to take Klonopin only at night. I think if you need to use a long term anxiety medication you will probably be switched to something else.
    Drug treatment is and needs to be specialized to an individual. IMHO

    Take care of you.

  • Strange thing is that I took this for a long time and had no problems quitting it,though I have heard/read that others have become addicted or had problems getting off if it.At one point I took it daily,but then took it only as needed,and I was prescribed the klonopin for panic attacks and anxiety.It is a drug that is prescribed 'off lable' however and many people have had relief with it.

    As I said previously,it did actually help me,but I should have stated more clearly that my anxiety has dropped so much that I felt the klonopin was too strong for me.

    I must have a low tolerance to medications(would low be right-I'm backwards or dyslexic)because even at the hospital when the surgeon was going to put my shoulder back in place after one of my dislocations he told the nurse to start me at 5mg of morphine for the x-rays and it knocked me out cold.I woke up and my shoulder was done.I assume 5mg is not as much as he was planning on because he said he didn't want me out before the tests were done,and he used the word start-also they seemed surprised afterwards.

    The fact that some people need more medication because of their size,but other medication size doesn't matter b/c our livers metabolize it is often confusing to me as well...and I'm certain that can't always be the case because I'm overweight.

    I guess I always just say trial and error and whatever works.Has anything else changed and do you think it's working for you?
  • OP- ""..She said it will help with my anxiety for the following day? Is that how it works for everyone else?.."

    Klonopin has such a long half-life (time until your body gets rid of half of it) that taking it at night, you would still have enough in your bloodstream the next day that it would still help you.

    Some, many, doctors HATE to prescribe Klonopin unless it's a psychiatrist; that's normal. Good luck!

  • My GP prescribed 2 mg of klonipin without wincing in fact so did my last GP he gave me up to 5 1mg tabs daily
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