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post-surgery scar tissue



  • Zach,
    That's not a bad idea - searching the cosmetic websites. Sometimes I think the scars on the outside of our body are different from the inside. Cuts/scrapes are so much smaller. I think since the cuts in our backs are so deep that scarring forms thicker to be stronger. I also have scar tissue in my wrist from carpal tunnel surgery. Big surprise that the surgery made me worse. HOWEVER, some positive thoughts... as time went on and I continued exercising my arms, my wrist hurt less and less. Now I can type again, but I definitely have to watch how much. I wonder if with time, scarring in the back would also loosen and get better with exercise. I do back exercises daily, hoping that someday the pain will diminish. I also wonder if I walked regularly, if my back muscles as well as the scar tissue would loosen and let the nerve move freely. Just some thoughts. Don't you wish doctors would be generous with the information? I want to know everything about my back so I can solve my own problems. I'm sure everyone on here feels the same.

    I do have copies of my MRI's. I have them on disc. I've gone over them a million times I think. I do not have surgery scheduled for June yet. That's only when my doctor said to come back and see him. He said he would go back in if I wanted him to if I had leg pain. Like you said, I have lots of time to think on it. Before I make my decision, I will ask him if that surgery has a high success rate. I wouldn't feel bad about asking your doctor that. There are so many surgeries that only have a 60% chance of success or less when it comes to the back. Just think, if your back surgery goes well, you'll have a heck of a Christmas gift. That would be awesome to be pain free on Christmas day.

    Well, have a good night.

  • Zach:
    Welcome to a large and nonexclusive club. Pain after spine surgery is common. "Scraping the scar off the nerves" really doesn't help, as you experienced.

    I'm a retired pain specialist and have done a lot of work for people in your condition.

    The best treatment I have found is a spinal cord stimulator. It won't cure the numbness, but can definitely relieve your pain. It is really a good solution, and doesn't use drugs.

    To find someone who can help you with this, go to the websites for the manufacturers of the stimulators. They can refer you to someone who does this work. My choices, in order of preference are: Advanced Bionics, ANS (a very close second), and Medtronics (a distant third).

    Have a good day, and get the treatment you need.


    PS. My blog website is not yet active, but will be soon.
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  • Can you just clarify...Are you saying that if they tidy up scar tissue around a nerve it doesn't really help?

    I had significant compression and inflammation on L4 for about 6 months. I do feel better and have range of movement than previous but still plagued with using meds every 6 hours or I'm in trouble. Back pain and leg numbness still very much alive.

    In your experience do you think this will improve?
  • Zach,
    I guess I was released. My doctor said there's nothing else he can do being that the MRI looks fine. He told me that if I still had pain in 6 months to come back and he would consider going back in. He said he would have to wrap my nerve. I can't find much on this, so this is why I'm nervous. It seems that if it was so successful, everyone would be having it done.

  • zach,
    i found 2 sites you might be interested in reading. they both tell about things that worked for scar tissue. maybe you could ask your doctor about these techniques:




    i'm going to ask my doctor (2nd opinion coming up) if he's ever heard of either of these. and i'm also going to ask my surgery doctor (in june or so) if this is what he would plan on doing (using the barrier explained in one of the websites). let me know what you think if you get a chance to read these.

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  • I have been trying to read your posts and Zach's too and wanted to add a few things I was told as I have the same scar tissue issue at S1. I have a numb and painful foot so this has led me to continue on my journey to find a cure. The wrapping I believe my doctor told me he did last surgery when he went in to free L5 and S1 nerve roots was a gel they have and also took some of my own fat and wrapped the nerve hoping to lessen the adhesions. Scar tissue must form on the areas touched during surgery or healing can't happen. It is just how the scar tissue attaches itself and to what that causes the problems.
    I was also told that by a month's time most of the scar tissue is already formed if healing is quick. It then has a tendency to shrink and dry up and start pulling things it is attached to creating more problems as well as kind of choking nerve roots. I have had 4 surgeries and getting another myelogram next week cause a new MRI showed compression on S1 nerve root likely scar tissue. My bladder holds onto urine and I have lost the ability to know when to go, after my first surgery. I started lyrica 6 weeks ago and now my bowels don't work either.
    I just seem to keep going around and around in a circle.
    Hope something I said helps.
  • zach,
    try this website instead:


    hopefully this works.

  • Zach,
    Try typing in the website instead of just clicking on the one I typed in. That might work better.

  • Julie,
    Did you already have this procedure done then (the wrap)? And it didn't work? Did you say that scar tissue forms within a month? It seems like there should be a way to pull on the nerve or scar tissue to make it "let go" of the nerve. I do stretching exercises that were on-line about preventing scar tissue attachment. But I still have the pain. Is more surgery inevitable?

  • Julie and Zach,
    Here's a question... If we all have scar tissue pulling on our nerves, and we are in constant pain - How are we supposed to know if we actually rupture a disc (or it's just the same ole' scar tissue pulling the nerve)? Do we have to keep getting MRI after MRI done in order to be sure? Seems crazy.

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