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herniated disc and pregnant



  • unfortunately my Dr. wasn't to interested that I had herniated disks, so a c-section was never in the picture. I had my son naturally and without any pain meds. I was worried that they would have trouble giving me an epidural, plus I ended up not having any time for one..=/ but my back was fine after I had him. I had a really really bad experience with them stitching me up after I had him so I was not able to walk for the first day or so. So I had to lay flat in my bad and I swear it was the best. it was the one and only time period that sleeping on my back caused me no pain at all. my back never stiffened up or anything. I had my son in September of 08 and he is now 13 months old. and I cant say that my back is doing any better if anything its gotten worse, but I think its mainly from picking my son up and down all the time. But I would have to say that having my son naturally didn't cause any agitation to my 2 discs immediately after.... later is another story.
  • I just wanted to give an update to my original post....a year later :) Thank you so much for all of your replies.
    I actually went through pregnancy very well...I think I actually felt BETTER while pregnant..which my physiatrist said might happen, so for those of you in the same position, you may NOT be in severe pain while pregnant...maybe it was the hormones? Who knows.
    Like I said, I did really well while pregnant. I went to my physiatrist monthly, and he did simple leg pulls to keep my hips aligned, etc.
    I opted for a C-section (I had an emergency one with my first - this was my second) because I was worried about my back. I was told recently by a surgeon, that this was a very wise choice - the "trauma" of natural childbirth would most certainly have made my back worse.
    I had a beautiful baby girl - and was back to the gym exercising, but on the treadmill and elliptical only. I still felt like I could not do strength training, etc for fear of re-aggravating.
    4 weeks ago, I decided to try a FEW squats, because I was feeling great. No pain while excercising, but woke up next morning in pain, and the following morning unable to walk. Trip to the ER for cortisone shot in my hip to relieve inflamation. And I have had sciatica and numbness and weakness in left leg ever since.
    I think a lot of this re-aggravation could also have to do with lugging around a heaving baby carrier/car seat for a few months. Not sure how we are supposed to NOT do this.
    So NOW, I have had a new MRI. And am contemplating a microdiscectomy in 8 days. Part of me feels like I should have surgery, so that I can function normally again..because I know I will not be able to be active if the herniation is there..or at least I will be afraid of doing anything besides walking..and I desperately need to strength train/build muscle after not being able to for the past 2 years. It is such a catch-22...strengthen your core....but how do you not injure youself while trying to do so? PT only goes so far. On the other hand, I am so afraid that surgery will make things worse, and it will lead to the need for more surgery or fusion down the road. The reason I am seriously considering surgery is because I am staring to have nerve damage and have been told by Dr. that it could lead to permanant damage/foot drop. Also know that I will be lugging around my baby girl for a long time to come....so not sure where this will lead. I continue to research on this site..so thankful for all of the great information and others stories.
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  • hello,

    I herniated my back a while back and am pregnant now. I was just wondering how your labor and delivery went and how your doctor worked with you so that nothing became worse during the delivery. I want to know how to keep my back safe during the whole thing realizing that in the end there is a lot out of my hands (it's my first pregnancy and so I have no idea how I do during labor).

    Thanks for relating your experience.

  • my doc refered me to pain mgmt dr and he put me on oxycontin assured me it was safe for thr baby i took it as prescribed and decreased the dosage slowly in my last month to decrease withdrawal on the baby i now have a very healthy 5 month old baby boy no problems i have four lumbar hern discs and one cervical and i realy feel for any one who has to deal with this pain good luck
  • Congrats on you new baby. Sorry to hear you have lumbar and cervical issues. Please post in new introductions or start a fresh post to get some more feed back. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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  • herniations started and I just had my neck to deal with, my hubby and I wanted another baby so badly...I always wondered How I'd get thru a pregnancy without any meds...but I'[ve researched and now have confirmation with you saying your doc put you on oxy. The most important part is weaning in the 3rd trimester so that the baby doesn't have w//d symptoms. It's not ideal, but what some have to do. We are not trying now...I don't think my back could handle it now...but congrats to you for you baby!
  • Dear ladies... great to hear you ate so brave to bring another life into your lives despite your back problems. I'm also trying for pregnancy, with the same concern thus leading me here...
    I'd like to
    share with you my progress in my back's healing hoping it'll help you too!
    I've got slip disc on my L3-L5. Bulging n pinching on my nerves. Had numbness down my right leg till toes, right arms n at some point, my right side of face n tongue went numb too.. Real concern, was 25 then..
    I did physio, helped only to a certain extent.. Chinese acupuncture... All didn't work.. Was in terrible state of health like UTI few times a month for no rhyme or reason, ear n throat infection, losing bladder control too.. Very bad conditions which all drs in hospital told me they found nothing wrong with me.. I was very upset till 2 things changed my life...
    Firstly, chiropractic. Getting the right chiropractor is very important, but also needs followups on my part to be discipline with the traction exercises. In a month's time, all numbness went away, slowly over 2 mnths, UTI stopped, no more infections n bladder was ok. Even my irregular period resume. It was scoliosis n nerve pinch causing all the malfunctions in my body...
    Secondly, try Deep Water Workout. It is impt for us to keep our core muscle strength so tt it helps to hold out lower spinal well. Any extreme exercises n stress will cause inflammation to the muscles, thus putting us at a higher risk of injury again.
    Slowly, slowly building up core muscle strength in the and n lower back helped tremendously with my Chiro care. I returned to a 10km marathon run in 2 yrs' time...
    Intact, runners n many other atheletes may look fit but not necessary have string core strength.
    I really wanna help those who are in pain, like I used to... I'm now trying for pregnancy n too, have concerns. But I guess for now, I can only try my best to keep got n maintain my spinal health till when it happens...
    Good luck to all! You've been brave n I hope i am offering helpful advice to you.. I have introduce more than 6 friends to Chiro n it had helped them in their lives.. Give it a shot before you try surgery...

    Btw, if u had a difficult childbirth, fer ur child checked too as if they have subluxations, better to treat it early before they fall into our shoes when they get older...

    g .
  • Hey Ladies!

    I'm 19 years old. I am NOT pregnant. BUT I have some questions!

    1. A year ago I shocked my doctors by needing surgery on my spine b/c of a very BAD herniated disk. I work at a child care center and injured it with the babies. I am 100 pounds and small. (5' 1") i wear size 2 little girl shoes too! haha. I am a strong person, but sadly my body is fragile.

    WELL, now ONE YEAR later.... symptoms are coming back, and actually this COMING Monday I'll be having an MRI to see what has happened now.... it's so hard having to go through all of this AGAIN. I am the youngest person my surgeon has ever worked on with this problem. I also have a 10 pound weight restriction....yeah.. and have to wear this back brace and am on anti inflamatories..

    2. MY QUESTION IS THIS! I am adopted, I LOVE LOVE LOVE children and am very gifted with knowing how to care/raise them! In so though, I know I"ll be getting married within the next three- years. and I am a lover of BIG famililes! I am adopted and never knew my mother..supposedly she died during child birth.. so you can see why I want to have some of my OWN children! ya know?

    But, yesterday I was talking to my adoptive mother, and she's an RN. And she very seriously said basically I may not be able to have children. Or IF I was I'd have to be on bed rest the whole time.

    So, I just wanted to see what you all think! I know how big some women get being pregnant. And you know how much pain it can be on the back and such! Assuming I'll marry my bf I have now, he's 6' 1" so our baby would probably be a big one.

    I am going to ask my Doctor soon what he advises. but what do you ladies think?


    God bless!

  • kimdawn01kkimdawn01 Posts: 1
    edited 10/23/2015 - 10:42 PM
    hello, i am curious of the outcome of the following post. i'm 15 weeks pregnant and 33 years old. i had surgery for a herniated/ruptured l4-l5 disc 8 years ago and then the same surgery on l3-l4 several months ago. shortly thereafter i became pregnant. it was not planned and is a miracle that it even happened. we had planned to wait until i was stronger. a few days ago, something awful happened to my back. i'm not sure what (although lifting my 1-year-old has taken its toll i'm sure but what other option do i have?) caused this. now i am in excruciating pain, can barely walk, barely roll myself over or out of bed (sometimes i can't, husband has to help), and sorry if tmi, but can hardly bend to wipe. my ortho's office told me over the phone that they can't do anything since i'm preg. think i'll look for a 2nd opinion. if i stay in this condition, natural childbirth certainly will not be an option. i was unable to go to work today because i can hardly get myself out of a chair. this is no exaggeration. i'm no stranger to pain and this is almost the worst i've dealt with. besides finding a new doc, which i plan to do, any suggestions?? thanks!
    anonymous said:
    congratulations on your pregnancy. i was in a similar situation. i am currently 24 weeks pregnant - i went into my pregnancy with two disc herniations at l4 and l5, as well as degenrative disc, lumbar stenosis, scoliosis, kyphosis and fibromyalgia. i had one useless epidural steroid injection. during my 11th week i picked up a laundry basket and both herniated discs "failed." my doctor believes that one or both of the discs ruptured into multiple pieces and are damaging my nerve roots. i have been in bed since early november and unable to walk, sit, dress myself, drive, shower, cook my own food or make it to the bathroom. fortunately i can work from home and my work has been extraordinarily forgiving and understanding. before it got this bad i tried the chiropracter and acupuncture. i also went into for another epidural steroid injection (without the use of floroscopy). i have been in physical therapy the whole time, but cannot do anything on land whatsoever, so they have me in the therapy pools. when i'm in the pools it is the only time i can manage the pain. i highly recommend pool therapy, even if all you do is hang in the deep water for traction.

    the doctors are wary about giving me an epidural during labor because of both the scoliosis and the nerve damage (my whole left leg is numb like someone gave me a shot of novocaine). they think i will need to be on an intravenous painkiller (not morphine...) during delivery. i will be going in for surgury as soon as possible after giving birth, and the doctor believes that i will recover within mere weeks, thank god.

    my advice is start pool therapy as soon as you can. also, be persistent with finding a great doctor. my original orthopedic surgeon would not even look at me after i told her i was pregnant. neither would my pcp, or the entore ortho teams at two hospitals in the boston area. furthermore, i switched obstetricians because my original doctor treated me like a pill addict looking for a fix (i am not taking anything for the pain and am not interested in taking anything).

    also, what have other people done for labor and delivery in this kind of situation? were you able to have an epidural? did they induce labor early (week 38-39)?
    this is a very old thread and most members who have posted do not visit the forum anymore
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    welcome to spine-health

    liz, spine-health moderator
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