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Enchantress pain dr update..

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:25 AM in Pain Management

I just want people to know what I have just experienced at the hands of a 'specialist'....firstly, she told me that my phone didn't work and that she had tried to call me. My husband and I called our number from other phones and there is nothing wrong with our phone. Secondly, she told me my pharmacy called her to tell her ultracet would make me suicidal. My husband and I directly confronted the owner/pharmacist and found out that no one had ever made any such call to a physician on my behalf. He also said that ultracet is not a very powerful pain reliever at all, and it wouldn't raise any flags with the average pharmacist.

Thirdly, this dr. said that the pharmacist that called was a female: this pharmacy of mine has only male pharmacists right now.

She denied me pain relief and took my copay for 4 visits already. I don't trust her and will cancel the upcoming injections. I got referred to a pain management dr from my pharmacist whom I have known a used for 17 years. My husband and I are also in the medical profession and know what can go on. He feels she is just a plain loser. Does anyone know if I can file a complaint about her treatment toward me? I sure would appreciate hearing whether or not someone else had been through a similar experience!!



  • I would run not walk away from this so called specialist!!!

    Then I would possibly report them with your states medical board as well.This is disgusting behavior, I cannot believe a medical professional would behave so irresponsibly.
  • I got an appointment at another pain doctor tomorrow morning. I don't know how to handle the fact that I am there after another pain doc ordered the mri's and emg's...if I tell the truth, will I be flagged? I wish I knew what to say as I am feeling pretty low self confidence right now!
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  • Honesty is always the best policy and the only way to gain the trust and respect of a new Pain Doc. If you want a good relationship with someone, you shouldn't start it off on half truths and omitted information.

  • I was denied meds again. she said only morphine would help me and she wasn't about to give me that. She ordered physical therapy 3x a week and a lidoderm patch. I am unable to afford all those visits, I had to retire on ssd 3 yrs ago. I was unable to stand without severe pain and could only work sitting down.I think I have been 'flagged' at this point. The dr left the room with her Rx pad, and when she got back she even denied the darvocet she was thinking of giving me. What can I do? I am afraid to try to get help anymore? I really feel lost with nowhere to turn.
  • I am on my 3rd PM. I have finally found a good one that doesn't look at you like a seeker. He is wonderful. He is about a hour drive from my house and with the round trip being 2 hours I am in a lot of pain when I get home. But it is worth it! Here is a brief description of my last 2 PM's.
    The first on I actually seen the doc each month. He kept RXing me Norco 10'325 6-8 per day. Then he would switch me to Percocet 10/325's 6-8 per day on the second month. I told him that I wanted something longer acting and that I didn't like taking that amount of meds per day. I felt like he wasn't listening because he never changed it. So I started seeing his Nurse Practitioner. She listened and was great! WE played with many long acting meds and stopped most of them or shall I say all of them. The patch was too spendy,120 bucks for a weeks supply (I dont work so the hubby and I are on a tight income with our 2 young children), MEthadone..side effects sucked, Morphine I was sick as hell blah blah blah. Anyway we went to Canada to visit my in-laws. In the rush to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island I forgot my meds. The in-laws second home in canada is in a town of 40 ppl, the only way in or out is by ferry, float plane or a yaght. The mail only gets delivered once a month. So not like that was an option to get my meds back. Then a month later my grandfather declinedin his health. He had bone cancer and lives in wisconsin. SO I went back there. I had called the PM and told them I had to cancel my upcoming apt and wanted to make sure that I could fill my RX in Wisconsin. Which I could because they were the Norco. She was really rude whenm I came back and treated my like a seeker so I found a new PM.
    The second PM he was OK on the first visit. At one point I fell and fell hard! My hubby took me to the ER cuz it was a Friday late night and my PM was closed. The ER doc asked if I wanted him to RX something and I told him NO cuz I was seeing a PM and didn't want to get into issues of receiving meds from 2 different docs. The ER doc told me to double up on the 4 Noco a day and see my PM on Monday. I did as I was told with mild relief. WEnt to the PM on Monday. Told them the situation and told them I would run out 2 days early because of what the ER doc said. I actually seen the nurse on this visit and she ok'ed the early refill. The the following month I see the PM doc. He told me that there was no notation on my ER visit that he said to double up on my meds. I told him that I had the ER slip in my car if he wanted me to go get it. He said he had it right there and started to read it outloud. When he got to that notation he looked at me and said that I still shouldn't have and that sinceI had fallen I should have seen them instead. BS it was 9pm! I called their office and had them page the doc and he never responded. Anyway we set up an appt to start prolo injections. Which is fine I was willing to try anything! He also took away my pain meds and put me on lyrica only. I called their office and let them know that the Lyrica wasn't helping with the pain and having a 2yo at home with me I need to do more than just lay in bed. The nurse told me to put my child in daycare and to toughen up!!! Can you believe that?!?!?! I asked her i would if she wanted to pay the 600+ per month bill. I was so mad I was shaking!!! SO I went to the Prolo apt and asked to speak with the doc before hand. I told him what his nurse said and he said what do you want me to do about it?!?!? I looked at him in awe! I then asked if I was going to be in more pain after the injection and he say OH YEAH!! WAy worse. I told him I was not willing to do the injection unless he was going to give me something for the pain cuz the way it was I was pretty much in bed all day. He said no! I told him that htere was no way that I would be willing to do the injection if he wasn't going to give me something that helps iwth the pain. Narcotic or non-narcotic. He said he wasn't going to do that and that I had been on many different types of meds. I said well yah the last pm wanted to play around to see what worked upon my request. I also told him I dont like being looked at like a drug seeker, he said well you are the one that wants something for pain! I told him that if I WAS a seeker dont you think I would have stayed on the oxycontin, morphine, dilauded, fentynal, methadone etc?!!? He looked at me and didn't know what to say. So I walked out.
    Now of course this is long but this is a shortened version of what had happened. IT is so hard to find the right PM. And yes some of them talk to eachother. I finally found one that listens to me and wants to help. On our first visit he asked what meds I was taking and what I had been on. I told him the list and he said wow! Now what works for you? I told him he wrote the RX (after asking mg amount and how many a day I took.) He said that if I wanted to up or adjust my meds anyway to let him know. It is nice to be able to be honest with a doc and not looked upon badly! IT is kind of a crap shoot with PM docs. Some have the high and mighty attitude, some think everyone is a drug seeker and so on. I have always been honest with my PM's and it has bit me in the ass everytime!!! EXCEPT for this doc. I have another apt today to do an eval. WE shall see how it goes, but I have a feeling it will go well. It is so nice to not dread going to the PM!!!
    So my adivice to you is to document everything that happens at your apts. And write down what has happened at previous apts. Be sure to put down dates and times. That way when you go to see a different PM you can bring the documents with you and be able to tell them exactly why you left the previous one(s). You will find the right PM for you! They are out there but the good ones are hard to find. I hope all is well with you and take care. MJ
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  • I can't sit too long without pain. Did you mention you can't sit too long without pain, I'm not sure of your history but they can't deny you if you have pain all the time and usually only laying down brings some relief. I couldn't imagine living without pain meds. I had to go to ER at first when my Dr. was away to get percocet. It's truly unbearable. Do you have a herniated disc? I hope you get some help with your next pain Dr. Take care Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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