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Withdrawal HELP ?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:25 AM in Pain Medications
:S First off I would like to say that I just now joined so that I could post BUT I have been lurking around for months benefitting from the info here but mostly from hearing that I am not alone and that there are people here who CARE! I have cried so much reading about others going through the same things I am. Some of you have genuinely touched my heart with the LOVE displayed here directed towards others.
My name is Ty and I live in Clayton, NC. I am a 40 male. I am married and have a daughter who is 13 and we are VERY close. I injured my back working in 1995 and after 2 years of not working and constant pain had L5-S1 fused with instrumentation and bone graph. I recovered incredibly and eventually went back to building houses, then climbed communication towers for 6 years (up to 500 feet) and skydived for 2 years. I decided to do easier work to save my back and then tripped going down 5 steps and was reinjured. It has now been 18 months and I have not been able to work as I can not be upright for over an hour without paying for it for hours-days depending on how long I am forced to be up. I have been on 75 mcg Fentanyl patches for several months now but due to feeling withdrawal symptoms every other day I HAVE to get off of them. I can't take it anymore and I went to the PM doc yesterday and told him. He wanted to put me on Opana and I said NOPE due to what I have read on here so he put me on Avinza 30 mg. I know that 90 is the equivelant but I can call Monday and he can adjust if needed. He told me to take it this morning which I did and then when it is time to change my patch tonight to just take it off. I am SOOO worried about the withdrawals symptoms because I have been traumatized so badly over the past few months. I have been to the ER 3x with panic attacks brought on by withdrawal. I do have 4 zanex left but they are the lowest dose and I have lots of left over 10 mg hydrocodones and 2 patches. I am scared because it is the weekend and I won't be able to reach the doc. I am glad my wife will be with me though. So sorry for the long post but wanted to make sure the details were known. So the question is...
Can anyone tell me some things I can do to help lessen the symptoms of withdrawal? Without the patch on can I take a hot bath? Drink lots of fluids? What helps? Thanks in advance for ANY and ALL help! ~X(


  • you are taking the new med one time a day?

    I would call your doc today to discuss your concerns. He may be able to explain his train of thought and offer you reassurance and maybe check if he can be reached over the weekend.

    Now adays there is no reason to go through withdrawals with proper direction. So the patch worked for 2 days? but you couldn't change it for 3?

    good luck
  • Yes he said he could adjust the dosage on Monday and he dose have an emergency number where he could be reached if neccessary. I was changing the patch every 2 days but it is now only working for 30-36. I would have just let him up the dosage again like he did before (for the same thing) but I am getting too much anxiety from this medicine and my previous experiences/traumas from it. I have developed like a phobia of the withdrawals so as soon as I feel anything like a withdrawal symptom I get super anxious. Anxiety is the MAIN symptom of withdrawals I am suffering from. I sweat, get cold, tremble (especially hands), nausia and of course INCREASED pain. Anxiety increases the pain and that makes me more anxious. When the pain goes up for whatever reason I feel like the meds are wearing off and get all anxious. Anyone else getting an image of a snowball rolling down hill getting bigger and bigger? I know at this point that I (or my mind) am my own worst enemy but they won't treat the anxiety while I am on the Fentanyl. I hope maybe they will address it when I am off of it. I hope that makes things clearer. Please give any suggestions you can about what I can do for myself to help cope. There has to be some tips people have learned or heard of doesn't there?
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  • ">image Hi Ty and welcome to our group!
    I'm so sorry to hear about the problems you are going thru right now. Pain is a horrible thing to have to deal with on it's own without having to worry about going thru withdrawals from a medication. The anxiety that goes with coming off of medication can drive you straight up a wall! I went thru a period of w/d a couple of years ago when my doctor closed up shop and I had to change doctors. The new doctor I went to decided to do a bunch of tests before giving me any medicine, but I had been taking narcotics for pain relief for years. Even though I had tapered myself down on the med prior to the new doctor stuff, I went thru w/d for 3-5 days. It was gruesome! (not to try to scare you) I had all of the same symptoms that you mentioned. Sadly, I couldn't come up with anything to help the w/d symptoms. I tried walking on my treadmill to over fatigue my legs (I have no idea why I thought it would work) but of course it only made me feel worse. I had to just ride it out until the symptoms of w/d subsided. The pain, of course, did not subside, it increased without the benefit of pain relievers. I tried ibuprofen, naproxen, any anti-inflammatory I could think of. I was rummaging around in my medicine chest, old purses, the car, anywhere I thought I may have put a pill back somewhere before. I decided to go to a PM doc that I had seen before rather than wait on this new doctor because I felt she was giving me the runaround. I was right! She sent a letter to the PM doc telling him she thought I was just looking for narcotics but didn't think I needed them! What a piece of... WORK (cleaned up)! Since I had seen the PM doc in the past, he knew about my pain history and treated me right away. I now have the scs and have some ongoing treatment.
    I wanted to share my story with you, not to scare you about w/d, but rather to tell you that I think you are going to have to go thru some w/d while coming off the meds. I think it just comes with the territory. Someone else may have a better story to tell you and can help with some suggestions. I personally couldn't think of anything to help myself. Diversion helped a tiny but! I sat in the recliner listening to music on headphones. My husband rubbed my legs to try to help some with the leg aches.
    Good luck with your treatment! I do hope that you are able to find some answers! Again, welcome to the forum!
  • :) hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. perhaps you could get a prescription for Suboxone. it helps with withdrawal symptoms dramatically. please get in touch with your doc and be patient. :-C use your meds you have left when you are feeling really poorly and need a boost of the meds into your system. ~X( good luck! this should be done in a gradual, slow way under the care of a doctor. Jenny :>
  • I appreciate everyone chiming in. I was afraid that this was the case though. I asked him if there was anything he could prescribe to help but he said there really wasn't. He said that since I am taking the new med this am by the evening it would be getting into my system and that even though the patch was coming off of me this pm that I still had that in my system so it should be fine. I am just terrified I will wake up with the w/d like so many times before. The only thing I can do is take some fenegrin(sp?) for the nausea and try to sleep/sweat/tremble through it and that is all day usually when I have put a new patch on. This time I will just have 30mg Avinza when the equivelant is 90mg. Scary! :SS I will try to keep talking to you guys during everything if I can I am sure it will help. At least I have the few leftover pills mentioned originally. I just don't like taking anything my PM hasn't told me to take. BUT believe me I will if I HAVE to. :$
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  • Thanks Paulgla! I have found the patch to be the best pain control yet But TOO many issues now! :''(
    Yes, one of MANY! I have been breeding boa constrictors for years now. Hope that doesn't freak out too many people! =))
  • Hiya Ty, Welcome to spine health >:D< I am sorry to here that you are going through this :( . We can only advise you based on our own personal experiences @) Perhaps the new medication will compensate for the patch :D , so there for you may not get any withdrawel :) Also can your doctor give you something for the anxiety? :? I went through withdrawel not so long ago ~X( , but had to go cold turkey ~X( , it was not nice :''( . But sweating palms, hot and cold, nausea, increased pain :''( ..all those can also be symtems of anxiety ~X( . As you get stressed the more you pain level rises :( . Let us know how you get on :) PM me any time you want a rant :H

    Angie >:D<
  • Hey it's great to have you here! One of my all time favorites for helping with withdrawal is my iPod and some good headphones. Distraction is the key. As you said, the anxiety is what gets to you. The sweats, the shaking, the pain, the diarrhea is all something that can be dealt with if there's a mental distraction. I would force myself to eat, normally something like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and orange juice. Goes down easy, stays down and gives the body something to help fight. Stay hydrated and it helps reduce the aches and pain.

    We are here for you all weekend, so you will have at least an emotional support system. Hang in there!

  • Thank you for the kind reply and offer of PM. He gave me the zanex BUT only after insisting that others take way more and that if he gave them to me I wouldn't ask for more for 3-4 months. He gave me 25 and I have 4 left and that was 3 months ago so it IS possible he would but probably not unless I run out and need them going through all of this. I will keep you guys updated. I feel much better just seeing how everyone responds to ?'s so quickly and compassionately. I feel like I have new support. :D
  • That is good info. I am going to try and stay busy with other stuff and not think about it too much! I am not usually this way so it is difficult. I know all of this could be anxiety and only a side effect but either way it has to go. Thanks for the tips and being there for me!
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