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constant pain in neck

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:25 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
this pain in my neck,shoulder,right arm and baby finger,my right cheek is on going from last xmas.i had XRAY done then and nothing unusal showed up so my G.P takes it that i am imagining it.

WOW does that sound familar yep to me it does because having been down this medical path with my lower back and mri's it did show its in my back not my head,so why yesterday a year later still having neck pain does my gp think i am not going to be heard and investigated considering my history being here already.

I am afraid that it will show up that this is more spinal trouble for me but i cant ignore it like my gp would wish me to,if it was an inury it would have healed by now,if my meds from my lower back are not easing it i told him it must be more chronic than acute pain.His attitude yesterday stank,and boy am i ready for any nonsense he can try on,i was really in pain and exhausted in to bargain but he thought i could be fobbed off.

I finished our consultation yesterday by ordering him to do mri investigate this rather than igore my pain be professional,his head swung round at thought of me being more aware medically than he should be acting out,but its my pain my health and he shouldnt ignore my symptoms to easy considering my history.

Now i am going to be waiting for an appointment for mri,although i am going through lower back pain and being treated at the hospital for this i cant help but feel afraid that i am never going to get one issue fix/eased that i am now moving into another area of the spine thats going the same way.



  • sorry to hear of your troubles with your doc. i can only inform u of how i would handle a similar situation and this isnt my first rodeo. read my signature below and it started with xrays and a doc reading them and sending me to pt. i was lucky pt didnt kill me!

    now for your situation this is what i would say to the doc, your fired. i am in my late 50s and i expect a doc to be smarter then me and to treat me with compassion and not look at the time when he is in the room. belive me there are lots of great docs out there and sometimes they even work in the same medical office along with the poor attitude docs. i expect to have my docs support me 100%.

    i am not hard to please but expect them to do there job good. i travel 500 miles for doc appointments because we have moved this past summer and that is because my wife and i are so pleased with their services.

    we are treated so good that we bring small gifts of appreciation just about every office visit. i believe it is very important to have a great relationship with your docs.

    i do hope u find a sucessful solution to your problem and when u do u will feel a great relief. i will pray for your sucess in this situation. a great doc will never have a problem with a patient asking to get a second opinion, but will support the decision 100%.
  • If the MRI is inconclusive on your neck issues, you may want to check out thoracic outlet syndrome. This doesn't show up on a MRI unless it is caused by a bone abnormality, but there are other tests such as an EMG, that will diagnose this condition. The symptoms are very similar to what you are describing. I had it on both sides and had both surgeries in September. My left side was really bad, I had severe pain and numbness all the way down my arm and chest pain that went down under my arm, along with shoulder blade pain. I also need a cervical fusion, so unfortunately the doctor's were not sure how much the TOS surgery would improve my symptoms. Thankfully I woke up and being very skeptical was pleasantly surprised to find that all of my symptoms except a little numbness in my hand were gone. Regardless take it from someone who has had 10 surgeries since 2005, you just need to keep fighting and never give up hope. The answer is out there, just don't give up!
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  • That's okay to ask. I asked my Doctor for an MRI when I knew it was something more than muscular. She's still my Doctor even though I asked. I have the same L5-S1 herniated disc with annular tear and it's painful I know. I also have cervical arthritis though it's not painful to ask for an MRI. I'm surprised your Dr. didn't offer since you have herniated disc and tear elsewhere. I hope you get the pain relief you're needing. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • thanks for your replies,it helps knowing friends are listening to your fear and understand this.

    I am getting more angry by the day when i think about my appointment on friday,resulting in me pushing for treatment.

    I would find it a great upheaval to move surgery but to stay and see it through with this doctor wouldnt slow down any referral treatments in the future.

    I am in the uk and i know we have procedures to the national health but the waiting lists can be petty long and i know if i have signs of other spinal symptoms i cant afford to be ignored,this did alarm me to charry,i felt his actions should have been instant,who knows what gp's are thinking,but friday was my day to be pushy.

    i will checkup on all the thoriac info thanks for this.

    I am now waiting for an appointment for epidural injections,my 12wk appoint with painmanagement,a physio appointment (which went awol),now pushing for cervical mri,got alot to wait around for,but getting used to this considering it all started in 2001,i just wish something positive would go my way instead of me and my family being burdened with this infliction.

    thanks again for your advise and letting me vent alittle more than i maybe should have.

  • Sorry to hear about your problems and your doctor. If you are just going to a GP for this, maybe it is time to see a neurologist or someone else that specializes in spine problems.

    My GP laughed off a lot of the things, saying it was all depression. And was treating my depression. Yes, I had depression, but it wasn't purely depression. He laughed at my neuro wanting C spine x rays.

    Well I had all the neuro test and it turns out I have two ruptured disc, arthritis in them and some stenosis. So now he takes me a bit more seriously...And so does my neuro. I am feeling much better mentally and I still have left shoulder, shoulder blade, left side of neck, back of neck , behind left ear pain, spasms. It isn't as bad as before, but it is still there. I also have left arm pain, and hand pain. So I know it couldn't only be depression.

    Try another doctor if you can.
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  • hi butterfly,

    i had a good gp once,there hard to come by,but the gp i have now has helped another patient of his,i meet this patient through a family member and she knew more about me and this was my first encounter with her,he doesnt know that she spoke about him and how good he is,but she had DDD and me i have this and more.the gp has treated her like queen,i felt she nearly was gloating this to me considering she knew i was suffering,turns out she wasnt very nice person and i was right not to befriend her at the time,my sister run with her everyword needless to say it left us estranged two years now,so did this gp really support her or was she just using her ailment to try and get me annoyed in front of my family member at the time.

    i dont know what to believe now that i have reread this,but i was nearly believing that my gp can help me but isnt because he helped this other patient,how it helps to share something and maybe vent a bit more,it makes me see that this patient maynot be genuine and i do need to have a talk with my gp to see if he is there as my safety net or is it time to move on,but i will let my gp sum that up and refer me to another doctor that is maybe more reliable in this field of work than he is if he's not up to the job.maybe it will shake him into working,i did get cross with him before and it resulted in him referring me for mri's and my symptoms came back with annular tear,loss of height,synovitis far cry from DDD previously,so he should believe that i complain when there is only a pain problem.
  • hello,
    believe me i understand when it comes to gp;s. You should read my first few post here, i still have anger towards my gp doc. i had chronic lower back pain for 5 years now. so neck and shoulder problems started and i demanded to see specialist i said i refuse to become chronic in my neck now too cause im not getting the proper care. i told him its been 4 months now and still he doesnt want me to see a nuerologist even with an abnormal mri read below the findings. well i seen one anyway with a referral from my orthopedic doctor i found myself and demanded my doctor to give me the referral because his ortho was booked for months. still waiting on second mri though. just put a post up myself. and 5 years the worst pain ever with all these new problems ,, now he says oh we should get you off the pain meds. WHATTTT??? read my post interesting then send me a reply let me know if this is something your doc maybe thinking.
    sincerely, dawn
  • wow was that quick,got phone call from my physio therapist today,she was'nt helpful in finding out were my posted appointment went to so she calls to give me another :-C i go on thurs27th,now its to start strenghten my core muscles.the appoint is going to take 1hr.

    The problem i am now going to run into is my neck,there isnt much my pt can do if there is an mri going to be done to investigate my neck,i am probably freaking out about this and i got myself worked up,WHY doesnt it run routinely so to speak :/ .

    i am going for my lower back and legs,this appointment is a long time coming,if i dont get treated by the pt my GP will think i am being akward,this is all i need,another one of his looks,its the mri i needed to come in 1st so at least i was getting investigated. I feel my logic to dealing with my back always gets threw up in the air and leaves me waiting longer,i hope it doesnt hold everything up for me,this pt might think this is the help i need for my neck as well,then i will have another hold up or explaining that i need this mri to even ease my worries,i just bet i am going to get messed around again,i am so fed up with pushing for help :''( :''(

    sorry for the gasing off but i am fustrated at the system here in the uk,i am sore today and now i am not sleeping tonight,my hubby is on graveyard shift so maybe i am feeling lonely into bargain he's my rock!!!

    night night all
    karen :H
  • Be careful until you get your neck checked out. I had my cervical MRI done in August atleast my GP ordered that right away, and finally I seen a nuerologist last week, no thanks to my GP even though my MRI was abnormal even said couldnt rule out a tumor from the lesion findings. He [GP]told me i didnt need a nuerologst, I found a orthopedic myself, who read my actual MRI film, not just a report from a radiologist my GP read. and he [OPD] referred me right away to a nuerosurgeon. Im not even aloud to take physical therapy until they further study my cervical spine due to nerve compressions.You can injure yourself severely if your physical therapist makes one wrong move not knowing if you have cervical problems or not without MRI. PLEASE get your MRI first, DEMAND IT!. Just to be safe.I hope everything works out for you.
  • I know what you mean by getting things done in the uk. The waiting lists are huge. And to be honest annoying. For the last 15yrs I have had to deal with people not listening, igroring my opinions (it is my body) and waiting months for an appointment.

    Dont give up, as you alone know your body best. Tell them, they will listen eventually.
    Good luck!
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