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Finally heard from PM doc only to be disappointed

MingMMing Posts: 1,127
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Pain Management
I finally heard back from my PM's assistant today after calling for 2 weeks. They said they will refill my pain meds this one more time and then refer me to a chiro who does manipulation. Last time I talked to PM doc he said if the SI joint injection didn't work we would try an epidural and I also discussed a nerve test. Now the assistant is saying there is no notation of this. She said that if this doc they are referring me to can't help then I need to go back to my primary. I loved this PM until today and now I am heart broken =(( . It was like she was treating me as a drug seeker and they are throwing in the towel and won't help me anymore. I am going to call my primary after the Holidays to have him refer me to neuro to have nerve test done.

I am in so much pain and just want to stop masking my pain with narcotic pain meds and get down the cause of the problem and fix it. I am so upset that he is just tossing me aside. I made it clear I want off the meds and want to get back on my feet so I can feel better and start working again and I only take pain meds because I AM IN PAIN!! I don't abuse them ever. I didn't ask for this pain! X(

I am just so upset and it's Christmas Eve. I am tired of living in constant pain :''( Thanks or listening to me vent. I have to go to my parents' soon to do christmas there. Hopefully that will take my mind off it for awhile. I am going to have a couple of glasses of wine tonight too 8} .


  • Michele,

    I am sorry to hear your in so much pain, esp. during the holidays which are supposed to be enjoyable.Even worse to hear a PM giving in so easily.

    Regardless, just try to have fun and forget about it for a few even if its hard to do.I was supposed to go out for a family dinner and have to miss it because I can barely walk.But, I got some great movies lined up, a fireplace and some coffee.I sends good cheers your way!!!

    Pain meds and doctors, I just don't understand how anyone who is not supposed allow others to suffer would deny them.So long as your following the program, in your case it does, then RX already till you find something better down the road is a better philosophy IMHO.
  • That's just not right. Don't overdo it okay? Maybe try to get another appt. with your PM Maybe your PM Dr. has nothing to do with what his assistant says. If so you can find another PM Dr. Happy holidays. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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  • Hi Michele. I've had several nerve studies done (EMGs) and they've been done by a physiatrist or physical medicine/ rehabilitation specialist. These docs also did my injections and one of them gave me drugs. They were located at a large hospital Spine Center. Wouldn't it be nice if Santa could bring you for Christmas a doctor (of whatever specialty who would simply take charge of your problem and send you to the different specialist (one they have pre-picked for you) so you would not have to be diagnosing yourself in order to know what sort of doctor to go to. I would, however, highly recommend a physiatrist who specializes in spine problems. They do everything but surgery. I, personally, do not have a great opinion of pain management doctors but why would she want to send you back to your primary who would know the least about these sorts of matters. I don't get it. Be aware that they cannot "abandon you", that is they cannot stop treating you until you have another doctor lined up. Like it or not they have to keep you on. I am also looking fora PM doc but it must be more than the doctor that's okay. The support staff must similarly be good. Some other poster suggested that it may not be the doctor who is actually making these comments. They could be the opinions of a nurse or receptionist so keep that in mind. If you otherwise liked this doc , make another appointment. Realize, though that spinal problems can be hard to diagnose. My physiatrist told me "Susan, you have a lot of things wrong with you". I laughed and told him, "that's what my husband tells me". They surgeon didn't think I was very complicated and his surgery didn't work. What the physiatrist meant was that it was hard to pinpoint which of my various pathologies was actually causing the pain. I know its hard but try not to get discouraged. Merry Christmas. Susan.
  • I hope you have a blessed respitef rom your pain tonight. Next week start to find a team of PM, PT, neuro, PCP-all who will work together with you to find the root of your problem.

    Good luck. Hope you can get another appt with the PM doctor so you can discuss the discrepency in what he said to you and what the staff said. Just because there are no notes didn't mean he disn't say it. My PCP forgot to write down the script for my muscle relaxant so didn't know which caused me burrly and double vision :) I had to start all over with them to see which I could not tolerate. We are all only human-plus as these office go paperless..I think even more errors like this are bound to happen.
  • "I am in so much pain and just want to stop masking my pain with narcotic pain meds and get down the cause of the problem and fix it."

    And this is exactly the point, most of us spineys are looking for the same solution, I think. The problem seems to be that there is not always an exact "thing" that can be found, and not always a way to fix it.

    I made a similar comment before my surgery, that "I just wanted them to find what it was and take it out." So, after surgery, the pain management step for me was to "hide the pain" and continue on with back problems, but perhaps less pain. I've asked for non-narcotics and am now taking Lyrica and Cymbalta with some positive results, for now.

    You might try to see the same Doc again, bypassing the nurse's comments, and refresh the Doc's memory, if you think what was discussed is the proper next step for you!? I was told by my PM Doc that there are many paths to try, including alternative medicines. I believe that it's up to you to help decide what path you will take.

    I Hope you enjoy your Holidays, and don't be discouraged. I'm sure this can be sorted out after the Holidays, and if not, try a different path.

    Only my humble opinion,

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  • Ming, so sorry for your PM results. I was fustrated by my visits to two PM doctors, I just cannot understand how they can just stop helping or not help someone in pain. ~X(
    I hope you can find a doctor that can and is willing to help you.
    Try to enjoy the Holidays and just for a few hours forget about doctors. All that will be there when the Holidays are over. Vent when you have to, thats what this site and these people are here for, and it is a great place to find others that care.
    I wish you the best and take care of yourself. :?
  • When I read your post I started to wonder about a couple of things.First,I agree with what some of the others are saying in that perhaps the Dr isn't aware of what his staff has said to you.It may not be the Drs intention to simply send you on your way.Actually that wouldn't even make much sense to me...unless..and here's a thought...

    Whenever I first started going to my PM,I was referred by my PCP-who told me that once my pain levels were under control,and the proper amount of medications were figured out,that I would be released from the PM and she (PCP) would feel free to treat my pain as the PM suggested.Her purpose for sending me (to PM) was to establish the type/amounts of medications and treatments that I would be relying on long term.I see my PCP every 3 months and the last couple times she has asked me if I'm finished yet with injections and such (as she doesn't do any of that type of treatment of course).So--I was wondering if that might be a possibility in your case?

    Another thing that really jumped out at me is when you said, and I'll quote;
    I made it clear I want off the meds and want to get back on my feet so I can feel better and start working again
    ...That may be the reason,if infact this is actually the situation.In any case,you should probably make another appt. to clear this up and find out what's up with this decision.It may be a misunderstanding and something that you do not want in your chart,like the nerve test that is NOT in your chart..and you do want in there.

    I hope this makes sense..lol.
  • Thank you for everyone who responded. It truly is great to be a member here. That's why I love you all :X >:D< !! I called and left message with PM assistant today wanting the name of doc they are referring me to, what kind of doc he is and that I didn't see his name in list of my network docs so she needs to call me back. I also told her I want nerve test done and would be easier if he could do it since I was already approved for him if he can do it. He had a different assistant a year ago and I loved her but she got promoted, just my luck. I did mention to him how much I liked her and how great she was. I truly think the problem is the assistant and not him because I've always held high regard and respect for him. I felt better after reading everyone's responses. I did overdo it yesterday but it was worth every smile from my kids. We had such a great day yesterday and it is worth all the pain, numbness and pins and needles I am feeling today. Today I am determined to get a referral to a second and third opinion. Onward, March to find a solution and I'm not stopping until I find someone who will take me serious! Gotta go make some phone calls.
  • Great attitude!

    Onward & Upward.This will be resolved I feel certain :)))
  • Ming, I'm sure you're frustrated. I hope that you're able to clear up the misunderstanding with your PM so he can get you back on track. I'm glad your Christmas was nice
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