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Pain management doctors

TJCTTJC Posts: 21
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:26 AM in Pain Management
Hello all I'm starting a new post on PM doctors. I want to find out just how many of us have had rude, short speaking smart elic PM doctors. I have been having trouble with my lower back and right leg and foot for a few months now I seen a neuro doctor whom done nerve conduction tests and found a pinched nerve at L5 he then sent me to pain management. The first appointment I seen his PA who wouldn't even let me see him because I haven't had an MRI of my lower back since my disc replacement in 2005 so she made me an appointment in November to come back once they had my recent xrays and tests results. In the meantime I seen my ortho doctor whom was preparing me for neck surgery in November. I discussed with him about my back problem he then did an xray and said my disc looked real good and hadn't moved. I told him about the pm problems and he said to just go to my next appointment that way he could focus on getting my neck better first, I guess he figures one problem at a time. He aloud maybe it could by me some time. So I went to my first appointment and had to convince my pm doctor that I really am having difficulty I mean it's not like he couldn't tell by the way I walk, set and get up from sitting. He did a nerve block on the right side L5 nerve it took 8 days for it to kick in and then after 4 weeks my pain staed coming back. Yesterday I went back for another appointment, his attitude was bad enough the first time toward me but yesterday he was very short and grumpy with me they won't let my husband go in the back with me which I think should be aloud that way maybe a patient would get treated better. Anyway he didn't want to do another nerve block because he aloud 4 weeks of relief was not worth doing a second one and said I need to have an MRI on my back to see what is really going on I explained to him about my neck and what my doctors plans are but he didn't like them, however he finally decided hemwould do one more nerve block but he is refuing to do another one until I have an MRI. He aloud I need to get off my percocet and get on nerve medicine I tried to explain to him why I am on them but my answer wasn't good enough he then proceeded to ask why I don't take my lyrica, I then explained to him it was causing me stomach problems and my gastro doctor told me to quit taking them the pm doctor aloud my gastro doctor didn't know what he's talking about he allows that nerve medicine don't cause stomach problems. I told him since I have quit taking them my stomach has gotten better he then aloud whatever, I mean how much rudder could he get with me. I don't understand why some doctors whom have never walked in a person in pains shoes can be such a pompass ass sorry about the language but it makes me feel like maybe I'm crazy and that maybe it's just my mind playing games and my response today is whatever. The shot has worked I awoke this morning and all my back , hip, leg, foot and toe pain is gone. I'm not sure if this doctor is being rude because I'm a woman and he is of other nationality that looks down on woman. I am a very patient and nice person I try to treat people the way I like to be treated. I will be discussing this with my ortho doctor next week. Sorry this is so long but I'm quite annoyed today about my PM. How many more of you out there have had trouble ?


  • Hello TJC,
    I have been to two PM doctors and both do not prescribe pain meds. The first one did a ESI on my back with no pain meds, I know some people don't get anything with an ESI, but this doc told me I was not a candidate for ESI's anymore. Then the next day I went there in severe pain and all he would give me was topical meds, nothing that helped with my pain. Even the office staff was very rude to me and my husband. Someone on another post said that maybe they are not licensed to give narcotic pain meds and can only do the injections. Unfortunately the PM docs don't let you know that. The second PM doc did not prescribe pain meds either, I only saw him once and knew what questions to ask after the first PM doc.
    I gave up and told my ortho specialist and he said that he will take care of my pain meds. He was not aware that these two docs did not give pain meds for ESI's or anytime and he was the one who gave me these docs names. My ortho doc was surprised that they did the ESI's with no meds and he said he would not let them do that to him without any pain meds. He also said he was going to call them and find out why the first PM doc was working at this facility, that he was told before that this guy would not be coming to this facility again. Its sad that we seem to be the test subjects and if we don't speak up, we will never be out of pain.
    What area are you from, I am in Maryland and your doc sounds like mine. Even with the neck, my doctor that treated my neck did not want to talk about my lower back.
    I hope you find a doctor that treats you like you would like to be treated.

    Stacey :H
  • Furthermore, I'm not exactly sure what they do. Exactly. Why would a PM doc NOT give pain meds. If not them, then who? I just has a pretty bad experience with pain management. I liked the doctor who gave me a caudal epidural. The next day I took a really bad fall, SPLAT on the concrete and for the first time since my fusion, my pain level hit a 10. I felt this searing pain shoot through my back and left leg. I called the number I was told to call after the injection if I had any problems. I was sobbing. OMG did I hurt and I was afraid I had done something to my back. The people at the clinic treated my like a petty annoyance. They couldn't talk to me about my drugs because they didn't prescribe them. "Why then", I asked "was I to call?" I pretty much felt like they thought I rated about as much as gum on the bottom of their shoe. Later, they told me they couldn't help with drugs, they couldn't help with the fall, they couldn't help with an MRI. So what, exactly do pain management doctors do? And how much training do they actually receive. I sometimes feel like a walking, talking, living, breathing ATM machine. I've had PM docs lie to me in order to get more business. I'm not impressed. And yet!!!! I'm in pain. so now what? Susan.
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  • That is the weirdest thing!
    I cant imagine why a clinic or a doctor would call themselves a Pain Management Doctor OR Center if it didnt prescribe narcotic painkillers!

    PersonallY I didnt even know there was such a thing (pm who didnt prescribe meds).

    My doctors office is called a Pain Management Clinic and He prescribes all meds and also does the injections himself.

    Sounds like the type of PM you are talking about might as well be a physical therapy clinic.

    Do physicians/doctors work at "no-meds" clinics?
  • I was going thru old threads after I posted this and thought this was a good bit of advice to anyone looking for a doctor:
    paulgla said:
    A lot of the 'PM' doctors only give injections and don't prescribe pain meds. It seems almost an oxymoron. Whn I made the first appt with my PM doctor I asked on the phone what methods he used to control a patients pain........
    Ive had the same doc forever and hes great but if I were looking I would definitly ask exactly what paulgla said here before I made the appt and had the aggravation of being seen by someone who only practices such limited versions of "pain control" !
    I dont know what part of MD you are in, but thats where i live and my Pain Management Doctor has absolutley got to be one of the BEST EVER ! Would be glad to share his info w/you!
  • Pm doc went to was a complete a@@ and I ended up reporting him to the hospital CEO he was visiting. He no longer visits that hospital.
    My second PM doc is the absolute best ever. He is of Indian nationality and has the most compassionate personality I have ever seen besides my NS.
    I dont know if your situation allows you to shop around so to speak for PM doc's, but there are good ones out there. Good luck to you! :)
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  • I found my PM doc to be very arrogant. He kept telling I was sad and depressed and needed Concerta. Meanwhile I was terrified every time, because I always went alone and I knew he was going to jab me 10+ times in my sore neck without any anestesia. Yep goodtimes..never worked did it 5 different occasiond. I found that he confused me with other patients, one day saying I needed to get surgery, one day saying my pain was not enough for surgery. The visits were all very strange. I didn't feel he was well informed on my needs. He didn't offer me any other injection options other than the nerve blocks. I didn't feel he helped me in any way. In fact I became even more sensitive pain wise, whenever anything touched my neck. My pain continues, my family doctor does all prescriptions.
  • My family Dr. does all my prescriptions also. I got another pm Dr. for a 2nd opinion the first Dr. gave me trigger point injections 10 weeks in a row each time 8 injections. It didn't help yet he kept doing it. He also said I needed to lose weight and wondered if he could find my space for the epidural through "all that tissue" I'm size 14 and not too large. He was anesthetist at a big hospital for 25 years doing pregnant women's epidurals and he can't find the space on me! L) I found another very nice PM Dr. and he did facet joint injections and I feel much better. Who needs insults and roughness. I also found him online under the College that he was suspended for 2 1/2 years because of things that happened at the clinic. So all aren't bad because I have a nice one now. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • My first pain management doc did injections, but wouldn't do them on me. Said I had too much hardware in my back to safely get a needle through. He guilt induced me everytime he presribed oxycontin and kept me on 20 mg twice a day with nothing for breakthrough. Not a fun time for me. I got 4 hours of relief at best. He put me nuerontin, which helped for awhile, but my hands and feet starting swelling. Then he said lyrica was the butter on bread for nerve pain an put on some ridiculous dose like 600mg twice a day. Within seven days my hands and feet looked like balloons, I had double vision (eyes are mostly nerves my optic nerve was so relaxed I couldn't focus) and I walked around like a drunk with bed spins from vertigo. YES lyrica can mess with your stomach. Everytime I got vertigo I felt like I was going to pass out or puke. He decided one day I didn't need pain meds anymore and cut my already two low of a dose of oxy in half.
    New doc. went fine for awhile, and one of the docs in the clinic could give injections. For some reason on several occasions he forgot to use novacaine and I could feel every second of the needle weaving through and down to my damage L3 nerve. Felt like I needed to jump off the table. New doc did up my oxy 30mgs 3X a day with 5 mg for breakthrough. I mentioned one time that I take less than and all hell broke loose. After not even examining me the doc stood in the door of exam room and screamed at me, basically accusing me of being prescribed meds I didn't need. Okay, two or three times a month I don't use my breakthrough 5 mgs and I don't need pain meds. ~X( Tried to talk with doc about treating me with respect and dignity and that a friend of mine who is attorney said, "At the least you deserve an apology," which I tried to get and was all I wanted, but doc said if I had talked with an attorney I was no longer welcome in the clinic.
    On doc 3 so far so good! First doc to look me in the face and say, "YOU HAVE NERVE DAMAGE!" =D> Doc has asked me to try lyrica again and having trouble with vertigo and STOMACH UPSET! But it is helping pain a lot. Doc also asking me to see shrink. Says I'm a candidate for a spinal cord stimulator implant and it's required. Sounds strange to me, but at least this doc seems interested in killing pain, not patient and doesn't get all out of whack counting pills, asking 20 questions about pills and is asking questions about patient, namely me. So...I feel a little better about this one.
    Friend of mine who is pharmacist told me about this doc and mentioned several other 'clinics' where patients are treated like common street addicts. For some reason this confuses me. I didn't ask for a broken back, failed back surgery, nerve damage and yet, the drugs that help are given out by docs who think their patients are addicts. ~X( Doesn't sound like sound medicinal practices to me.

    Hang in there and don't be afraid to look for a doc that truly cares about managing pain. I hope I've found one!
  • I have to say that reading this makes me very nervous. I am scheduled for my first appt. with a PM Dr. mid Jan. 4 months post acdf c 5-6. Surgeon dismissed me told me that he fixed my neck & does not know why I have not improved. I have gooten my meds- ms contin 30 twice daily & perc. 5/325 6-8 hours & lyrica 150 2x daily all from my PCP. She says that it is a lot of medication for maintainence. She does not know the PM that I have been referred to but did tell me that if he does not rx narcotics she would refer me to one that would.
    I was upset first that my surgeon dismissed me & now seeing all the PM experiences that others have to go through I am very nervous.
    I never took pain meds before May of this year. People are always concerned that I will become addicted. Someone just yesterday asked if I thought that I was. My reply was probably my body is. I couldn't imagine not having them. The pain would just be unbearable.
    From all of my limited knowledge I was under the impression that your body can become dependant on the narcotics because it needs them but your brain doesn't because they are not interferring with your mind & getting "high"? Except the lyrica that one I still do not like. It's not even a narcotic?
    I guess I will see what PM is like for myself soon. I am hoping to have a good experience & able to get some relief.
  • I very much like my PM doc. My GP referred me to him and he manages all aspects of my treatments, from doing the procedures to prescribing meds. He is the first doc that has looked at my MRI results and immediately found problems that could be causing me issues (even from my first MRIs where previous docs said they were normal X( ). He is also very good at explaining to me what my options are and the benefits/risks for each. He allows me to decide which course of action to take, and although he does give his recommendations, he allows me to choose and gives his full support. I've been fairly conservative in my decision-making, I'm trying to exhaust less invasive procedures before having some major work done. Looking back, the only real success I've had was a combination of ESI and Lyrica which has all but taken away the pain, numbness and tingling in my leg and foot. Other procedures have not been as successful, I have more lower back pain now than I've ever experienced. I'm headed back for an appointment soon, I hope we can make some forward progress.
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