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cervical epidural

kimmeamkkimmeam Posts: 149
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:27 AM in Spinal Injections
I am looking for information on cervical epidurals.

I will be having one soon. I don't know anything about them I know that I will be awake witha local anesthetic. Does it hurt? How long will this needle be in my neck? Will I have immediate relief? Or any relief at all. If so, for how long? I know that I can not drive myself. Will I be alright after I get home? Can I go to work the following day?

If anyone has had this done I would LOVE your input!

I has ACDF c 5-6 on 08/08/08. Since then I have only gotten worse. My surgeon referred me to pain management, as he did not know why I was still in so much pain because he "fixed" my neck. Now he has left the state.

My first visit with the pain dr. was yesterday. He was very concerned because it was he who referred me to the surgeon ( same clinic) for my c 3/4 disc was herniated & crushing my spineal cord. He is now going to refer me to 2 different surgeons to get thier opinions also.

Oh Boy! I am not happy at all. I want this to end. I so hate being this way. I just want some relief. I thought that's what I would have after the surgery. I was convinced by the surgeon that I would be better. Now look at me. X(

Again I would love any advice & input anybody may have for me.

Thank You! Kim


  • I had 2 of them and they did not help me at all. I put a stop to them when the pm doctor wanted to do a third one. They were very expensive and I also have osteopenia, that would have been 6 epidurals in less than 6 months, I had 3 in the lumbar area. For the cervical epidurals they give me some sedation so I don't remember them very well, it did not seem to last very long and I went home in about an hour.

  • I have herniated c5 through c7 with impingement. I had the epidural steroid shot, which around here runs about $6500.00 before insurance. They did give me something to make me drowsy so I don't remember too much. It was a little painful, but nothing that I couldn't deal with. I did not have instant pain relief, in fact I didn't feel any relief until around day 10. I had a really good day and I felt no pain. Unfortunately it has already returned. I don't want to discourage you in anyway though because I have heard of people getting this shot and going years without pain. I wish you the best. Please keep us informed and good luck!
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  • I had the epidural steroid injection yesterday. I don't want to do that again. He was just about to abort it all together & reschedule with sedation. I was a wreck! They gave me "something" in my IV to relax me. They did this 3 times. Then the anestheist put something else in. It made me pretty "fuzzy" as I don't clearly remember the procedure. It hurt but I guess I handled it. The assistants were so kind, keeping me warm & massaging my legs & lower back. The Dr. himself explained what he was doing the whole time with his soothing meanor. I was there for about 1 1/2 hours. I could not walk w/out assistance. So they wheel me to my car. Oh how I hate that. My son helped me in & out at home.
    I slept for a few hours when I got home. Once awake I could walk carefully. I had a horrific headache. That is better this morning. Still there but not as it was. No difference in the pain yet. Actually it is pretty bad when I turn a certain way. I think it's where they entered the needle. c7/t1.
    I am not working today as I hurt so bad last night. I thought I would rest today & see how it goes.
    I'll let you know. I really hope it does as I do not want to do it again. I think he'll sedate me differently if needed.
  • I was really hoping to be feeling better today. Today I am in so much pain. I think it's worse than before the injection. I called the Dr. They did say that this was common. It should only last a few days. I had to work 1/2 day today which reslly didn't help. Home I am on ice. I had to double up on my pain meds which I have never done. I don't even know if it helped. I don't think I'll do this again.
  • I forgot, I have a question. Why does it have to get worse before it gets better? :??
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  • I think it gets worse before it gets better because of the trauma of the needle in the space and the extra pressure of the fluid. I had two C-spine injections in the fall of 2007. They did not work for me, however they do work for many people. You just have to give it time. As for days off after. I had mine on a Thursday. The first time I returned to work on Monday. The second one I was off till Wednesday! I went in on Monday and went home, it was so bad. I don't want to scare you though, as I think he placed the needle wrong the second time. I have right shoulder pain and the first time I felt a sensation down my right arm as he did it. The second one he seemed in a hurry and was rougher and I felt pain clear to my left hand...It only got worse for the next 5 days.
    After the second one, I have refused any more. But, you have to give it a chance to work! If it had worked for me I would suffer through the shots. For me they did nothing.
  • It has now been 6 days since my cervical epidural. It hasn't gotten better. I still think it is worse than before. Now I am waiting for it to at least let up to where I was before. That was bad enough. I'm finding that my regular meds are not controling the pain as they did. I don't know if this is just a coincidence or have I built a tolerance. I must call tomorrow. Then it will be a full week. I'm anxious to hear what he has to say. Of course I'll have to schedule an appointment to see him. But maybe he'll have some answers or a direction anyway. I sure was hoping & praying that this would give me some relief. :(
  • I'm so sorry you have had to go through all this.
    I'm not gonna go into my epidural experiences.
    But try laying on your back with heat and arms up above head and rest very quietly as if you have a migraine headache. (just a suggestion) wishing you relief...Patsy
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