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How many opinions did you get?

HeidiLynnMHHeidiLynnM Posts: 445
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:28 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi guys :H :H . I know that I am a pain with all of my posts! ;) .

I have a question though of course. As some have seen in my other post about going to the ortho surgeon today it was not good at all for me :''( . I just want answers, and someone to listen to me besides my pm doctor!!

Anyhow, so far I have seen two neurosergons that could not do anything for me, and today a ortho that says that I have a 50/50 chance of getting better after getting fused. Oh yah, leg pain may not even go away either :T :T

What I am getting at is, how many surgeons did you see before you actually felt a relief, and felt like someone understood you? I am actually going to call the office I went to today for a referral to another surgeon. This is a surgeon that I have heard good things about(you never know though).

As some of you know, I am on workers comp. My lawyer told me that I can go to as many doctors as I want to, so I am going to just do that. I need to know more, and find a good doctor to help me.

So, am I the only one that has had to go through this? Today was just a killer for me :S .



  • I went to some of the most repurable nueros in the state, one told me there was nothing to operate on and go home, one wanted me to repeat all the therapys I had gone to and not helped at thier clinic, and ortho that said he wouldnt touch me, 2 other nueros that gave me injections, and a ortho that wanted to do a three level fusions, plus others I have forgotten. The last one I had that did my surgery was awesome, he totally made me feel confident. He didnt want to do any more than 1 level do to previous discogram and after ins co made me re do discogram, it showed that 2 were really painful. So I ended up with 2 level instead of three that nuero wanted.You need to feel confident in whomever you choose. Dr can make or break your recovery> Hope this helps
  • Five - neuro. & ortho; 4 votes for fusion, 1 against. HeidiLynn you are not obligated to have one surgeon work on you; every surgeon has negative outcomes - that's the nature of spine surgery, so don't let one good or bad(i.e. your husband) sway yoru opinion. Trust your gut instinct.
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  • Good luck with your decision!
  • I saw my general doctor, whom sent me to pain management, then sent me to the spine surgeon.

    Spine surgeon said he could fix me, I said ok, thats about it.

    So technically one :D
  • Went to two doctors.

    One Orthopedic surgeon & one neurosurgeon

    Both super highly recommended.
    Both had the same conclusions (microscopic discectomy)

    Either would have been good choices for the surgery.

    Went with the orthopedic surgeon since he was in my plan and is the spine professor for UCLA in which he teaches for the Orthopedic, Neurology & Bio-Mechnics dept all focused on spine treatment. And he does this surgery everyday of the week (maybe even up to 4 a day)

    And I was lucky that his bedside manners were awesome to boot!

    Good luck and don't settle on a surgeon unless they have your complete confidence.
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  • 8.
    Eight surgeons throughout California and 1 in Phoenix.
    I did not inform any of them about the other consults.
    If I have to be honest, I will say that I wasn't really
    shopping according to their bedside manners.

    For me, it was about their past work, their current work and their skill level / technique.

    I truly believe there is a right surgeon with the right solution for every case. Just a matter of finding him/her.
    On the sunny and mild Central Coast of California

    L4-L5 endoscopic transforaminal microdiscectomy June, 2007
    L5-S1 endoscopic transforaminal microdiscectomy May, 2008
  • Talk to absolutely everyone you come in contact with. There are more spineys out there than you realize. And ask why they recommend someone in particular.

    One of the many reasons I chose my ortho was because of his stellar reputation throughout the local courthouse. I know this sounds weird, but my dad was a medical malpractice attorney and I grew up hearing about all the drs in town. It's not about the lawsuits against the drs necessarily, but their reputations......every dr gets sued and every dr is known in the courthouse. Have your attorney ask other attorneys in the courthouse who they would go to based on reputation. If he doesn't use the courthouse in the city you've been driving to for medical care then have him ask a friend who does. Just think of it as another way to add names to your list of drs to interview. This is your life. Do whatever it takes to get it back. Good luck.

  • Heidi,

    If WC pays for the consultations, get some good references and see those docs. personally, I only saw an OS and an NS, then went back to my PCP whom I trust, and she very strongly recommended the OS. I had a very good feeling for him too, so I went with him. I couldn't have selected a better surgeon. So get all the info you can get, talk to different people (nurses, other doctors are good sources of info) but at the end, go with your gut feelings!

    Good luck,

  • I am so glad to be here:). I am just at a total loss for words, I am so tired of the pain. I am tired of these doctors looking at me like a idiot when I tell them about my pain. They have no clue at all why I have leg pain :''( :''( :''( . They are supposed to be the doctors!!!!!!

    I just dont get it. The last ortho I just saw did not even want to hear what I had to say. I told him about the stuff I had researched about my back/herniated disk/tear/ leg pain. He totally disregarded me ~X( ~X( .

    I am just about to give up and live with this pain forever. I am tired of work comp, and them telling me I need to work and that I am more than capable. I am sick of it all. I do have a lawyer, and have fired two others.

    I am sorry, I just feel lost. I feel like I just dont know what to do anymore...............
  • Heidi -- have you exhausted all efforts with a pain management specialist? Have you had injections and nerve burning and all that stuff yet? I was able to delay surgery for 10 years with pain management. First my pain management doc said I was out of options, the degeneration was too far along and nothing was working any more. Then I went to the top ortho surgeon in New York City. Then got a second top opinion by another surgeon in New York. All said I was out of time and things were getting worse (scoliosis and degeneration) and had to be fused sooner or later--and at 49 they felt better to do before menopause/old age.
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