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Severe Pain in Right Thigh

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,553

Hello. I am new to this website and hoping someone can give me some advice to has been where I now am.

About three years ago, I began having a pain in the top of my right thigh. I thought at first I had just pulled a muscle, but three months later I went and had an MRI/CT and a series of tests done and nothing ever showed up. I was told this was just something I would have to deal with and I have for three years. I had an MRI done a couple of weeks ago because I have been having Sciatica pain as well. I have a bulging disc in L4 and L5, but the doctor says this is NOT the cause of my thigh pain.

They now want to do a series of nerve tests and want to do epidural injections and then they say they still will not be able to tell if all this will help. I am extremely frustrated. I am mostly worried that this is going to do permanent damage if I don't find out what is wrong, and that one day I will wake up and not be able to walk or function.

I can learn to live with the pain as I have for three years, but I am so worried about permanent damage. Just wonder if anyone has ever experienced the same problem, and if so, how are you dealing with it. I am just so sick of being shuffled around to different doctors I am just about to give up. Thank you for your help and understanding. Maxine



  • Hi Maxine,

    Have they investigated your periformus muscle. That can give similar pain to sciatica (which is caused by a disc protrusion). The muscle entraps the sciatic nerve. It can be treated too.
    I'd see how the epidural nerve blocks go because if they give you relief then you (and your doctor) will know which nerve is the culprit.
    Most of all, don't give up. If one doctor doesn't give you a satisfactory response then seek the help of another.
    Have you tried any other form of treatments such as chiropractic or physiotherapy ?? They might help. Stay strong and keep going until they find whats causing your pain.
  • do the EMG and nerve testing. This will tell them if you have recent or long-term nerve damage. I have L5-S1 problems, and have pain in my back thighs. Have you looked at a dermatome chart?? Search that term and then look at the charts to see if it makes sense. It looks like, depending on the location on your thigh, that L2, L3 or L4 could cause front of the thigh pain.

    I had my EMG and nerve studies very late and had I had them sooner, I'm not sure what decisions would have been made regarding surgeries and treatment. As it was, I had 3 surgeries and still had horrible pain. Then had the EMG and found out I have permanent S1 nerve damage. So we'll never know if something different would have been more helpful.

    My pain started off in my buttock and down my legs. I was indignant that it could not be back problems as I had no back pain. I was very wrong!!

    Take care,

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  • Thank you sooooo much for your reply. I will check on the Dermatome chart. I am going to follow through with the tests and see what comes of it. Guess it is really a process of elimination of sorts. Just so tired of all of the pain and worry. Thank you again for responding. Good to know sometimes that you are not alone out there. Maxine
  • Thank you so much for your reply. I have strongly considered Chiropractic care and still may do that. I will probably go ahead and have the nerve tests done to see if anything comes of that. Hearing from you and others has given me hope that maybe they will find out the cause. I will keep you updated and again thank you for responding. Maxine
  • Could you explain in a bit more detail the type of pain you are experiencing, the frequency and where it is located? Is it in the front of your leg? When we say "top" of thigh, I'm not sure if that means closer to the hip or the front-side of the thigh -- where the quad muscles are located??

    Is the pain relieved by sitting or lying down? Is it worse when standing or walking? Does it come or go or more of a constant thing?

    In general, thigh pain, while annoying, usually does not result in permanent damage. If it is not running down into your foot, it can be caused by a number of other issues, in addition to the nerve compression.

    I had a fusion a year ago Jan. and developed pain in my right leg, front of thigh while in the hospital. This was a new pain, and I am still trying to track down the cause of it. I just had another smaller surgery on Jan. 20th...too early to tell if this will be the "fix" or not. So I know how frustrating it can be.

    While it never hurts to get more information, the EMG will not necessarily provide a definitive answer to the cause of the pain. I just don't want you to get your hopes up in this regard!

    xx Gwennie
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  • Gwennie:

    The pain is in the middle of the top of my right thigh. It is a constant 24/7 dull ache. It seems worse at night I think because I am trying to get sleep and it wakes me up in the middle of the night aching. It almost feels like a muscle problem but I was told that is not the case. They seems convinced it is a nerve but who knows. Seems to feel better when I do quad stretches which again made me think muscle . Hoping the EMG at least eliminates what it is "not" then I can move on. AGain my biggest fear would be permanent damage and after reading posts here I feel better that there should not be a problem with that. Thank you so much for your response. Maxine
  • You might want to do a little research on the psoas muscle and also on piriformis syndrome. There are some websites that include a number of exercises for stretching these muscles and ligaments that you might try.

    It is entirely possible that your pain is coming from a compressed nerve at the L3 or L4 level. It is possible to heal a disc herniation. Be sure you are avoiding any activity that involves twisting, and to a lesser degree, bending. Try to use good body mechanics. The best exercise for you at this point is walking...on a level surface. Do not take up running hills at this point!!

    A very important thing to do every day (more often, if possible) is to lie flat on the floor (no pillow). Prop your legs on the seat of a chair or couch, so that you are bending at a right angle at your hip and knee joint. Your arms should be at your side with your palms turned toward the ceiling. (This puts your shoulders in the proper rotation that allows your pelvis to fall into proper alignment.) Lie in this position for ten minutes (or longer). Breathe deeply and just try to relax. This position unloads your discs and helps with realignment.

    Any time you feel the least bit twisted, or have pain, try this exercise. I think you will find it helpful.

    You might want to have a consultation with a physiatrist that specializes in issues of the spine and back. S/he might be able to diagnose your source of pain.

  • hi,

    my son has been crying from the right thigh pain since yesterday. the pain is a little higher then the knee and towards in inside of the thigh. it happened yesterday in the late afternoon when he was getting off the toilet, but it seems to be very sharp that it makes him scream. it happened a few times today, so now its making me worry. can you advice me on what it can be or what i should do?

    thank you
  • Sounds like he pulled a muscle if its in the lower inside thigh. Make sure he's not having any genital pain and or abdominal pain. If he's walking on it and only complaining of pain at certain times, he most likely has a muscle strain. If he's crying with pain regularly,I'd see a doctor soon! Sometimes young children will get injured playing and be afraid to tell you what really happened. 3 kids grown and I know what your going through! It won't be the last episode unfortunatly : ) Good luck.

  • I am havong a similar problem since the last two years. The pain comes and goes. It persists for a couple of months and then goes for a few days.
    Its difficult to walk and it comes with weakness of the muscles.
    I have done all kind of tests, MCV, NCV, MRI, Ultrasound, blood test and uriine tests. all is normal and the doctor does not seem to find out the cause. I have consulted many doctors mow but all in vain.

    The pain gets relieved on rest thats why its much better in mornings and wort in evenings.
    It goes off on using a muscle relaxent.

    Its ok since the last couple of days but I am traumatized and fear it coming back soon.
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