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A Fine Howdy Do

jeauxbertjjeauxbert Posts: 926
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:28 AM in Chronic Pain
As if my back pain weren't enough...

Now, my neck is becoming symptomatic. It radiates into my right arm (stopping just above my right elbow) and my right and left ring finger/pinky are tingly and numb, especially upon waking in the morning. I have a burning sensation in the vertebra just even with my shoulders.


At this point in my life (with the kids, the parents, the high pressure job) I DON'T NEED THIS CR@P!! I am just way too busy for this added stressor.

Luckily, I see my PM on the 12th - hopefully I won't have to reschedule THIS appointment. I don't think I've been seen in the office for quite some time. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I was seen. Except for the psych guy, but he doesn't do my prescriptions.

My PM has been extremely understanding and patient with me since last April when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. They know I have to take off a great deal to bring her to her various appts., and have allowed me to pick up my prescriptions without fail.

I am beginning to feel the stress of having to take off because of my parents' doctor appointments and emergencies related to them.

My mother was scheduled for a pain pump last Friday. First, she needed clearance from her oncologist and a cardiologist. I had to take off a day for her to have a nuclear stress test. I explained to her she was not to have any caffeine for at least 12 hours prior which would have been 1 am. We get there to the doctor's office, register, sit down and wait.... Her name is called, I settle in for what I am told is a 4 hour ordeal...

Then, the nurse and my mom come out. Nurse says we need to reschedule because SHE DRANK A CUP OF COFFEE AT 4 am!!!! :W

Mind you, I took off an entire afternoon to have this done... Luckily, the office was open on Mardi Gras, and my office was closed, so we rescheduled for that day. I explained to mom that they were going to put a chemical in her that makes her heart race because she can't do the treadmill. I reminded her that Sunday, and again Monday evening NOT TO DRINK or EAT CAFFEINE AFTER MIDNIGHT.

We were all set to go this past Friday for the pain pump. I notified my boss as soon as it was scheduled. We had a meeting scheduled in another city and I asked her if she needed my to go with her. She said, no - go with your mother. I scheduled my PM and psych appts for that afternoon, since I was taking off the whole day for this (the pain pump). Then, at the last minute (the day before the procedure), my boss told me she needed me to reschedule everything and ride with her to the meeting which was taking place 2-1/2 hours away. So, 5 hours on the road Friday, 6 hours (one way) the Friday before and my neck has been spasming so badly. I can't take my muscle relaxers and function. Additionally, I wake up about 3/7 nights with killer calf muscle cramps (more like charlie horses) and my calf muscle has been sore (like a pulled muscle) for the past 3 weeks.

Shoot me. Shoot me now. :( Put me out of my misery. At least until I feel better... I will feel better one day, right? Right!

Well. Thanks for allowing my rant for the day.

Hope you guys/gals are all doing well.



  • To the world where roles reverse! It is when we become the parents to our parents! And THEY BECOME OUR CHILDREN! YAY!
    I have prayed and continue to pray that since my 50 year old brother never dated or moved out and my Baby (now 46) sister is single and bought the house next door that they will adopt my parents when this happens to me!

    I hope you are staying with mom at the next appt date or confiscating all the "good stuff"... Man I bet that was frustrating enough for you to feed that bird in your avatar to the cat!

    Lets see if I can do this right ((HUGS))!!!

  • I don't know what I could say to you.right now to help and if it would be okay I would love to be able to pray for you and your family in our family prayers tonight... But God Bless Wrambler because I feel his words for some reason might help.
    I can understand and feel your pain. My R arm ,fingers hurt so bad I have to type left handed most of the time.

    blowing love and sweet warm thoughts your way,Patsy
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  • I don't know how you do it all; I'm sorry you're feeling miserable with this pain and hope you can catch a break in between. Try to get some rest and feel better soon. Take care
  • Here I am again! Running smack into people that I share their anguish! I do so hope my words help! I never know when I am being to harsh, too light hearted, too anything!

    Ladybug, I think it was Friday I had arm pain so bad I spent half the day typing with my left hand alone.

    Jeaux, Please know I truly have seen and run into this more than a few times in the last 5 years or so! My mom is 74 and refuses to believe things she does not feel apply to her! How do I arque with her? She has survived Colon cancer, Knee replacement, Hysterectomy, numerous pre "H" female surgeries and raising me! Dad does not read anything and he is 78 and likewise only hears what he wants to hear also! I spend half the time trying to explain to them what their latest medical illness or test entails and the other half of the time pulling my hair out as it is pretty simple. My parents will believe anything their doctors tell them without a question! So, if my siblings or I have a question regarding their treatment we can't get an answer as mom nor dad will have asked any questions! Since my Accident I have had to leave some of that go. I do not have enough sick leave to cover their appts on top of mine :(
    Please know you have my sympathy and PM me anytime you feel like ranting in semiprivate to an unknown unjudging person! Though I tend to try and send my feelings on the matter asked or not! :)
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,517
    Jeaux, you know I am kidding. You know with all the 'extra' activities you do on a daily basis, you would just hope to catch a break.
    I am sorry that your busy schedule is just being piled on, over and over.
    Your strength and attitude is probably one of the major reasons you still maintain your sanity during these times.
    It is so difficult to try to balance your own medical problems with your job and your family. Add the additional things you do for your Mom and Dad and now some conflicts in schedules between helping your Mom and helping out on your job.
    And it keeps on coming. Your own medical situation is not where you want it to be. Bad enough you have to deal with your back problems, so now throw in some cervical issues.
    Jeaux, if I knew of a way that would allow you to continue with all you do and still keep your own sanity and health condition, I would gladly let you know about it.
    In the meantime, my hopes and prayers are out to you to help ease some of your additional stressors.
    You know, I've become dependent on reading your stories about LoUiSiAna , Shick Razors, and of course - Uncle Boudreaux.
    Hope things calm down a little for you.
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
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  • Like PapaRon, I've also become dependent on reading your stories. I've always thought, "Wow, Jeaux is such an upbeat person, always with a fun story to tell."

    I know how impossible it is to keep up the good face all the time, so let it out baby. Let 'er rip! We can handle it!

    I can't say anything to help you either but know I'm thinkin' of ya and wishing you some down time and comfort.

    Take care.
  • Although my neck is still bothering me, I've got my rant out and have already moved on... Life stops for no one, not even me. If I allow myself to wallow or have a pity party (without the obligatory party favors), who knows what I might miss!

    Patsy, I will gladly accept prayers for my parents. As for me, just pray I can continue to serve those who need and depend on me. I would just DIE if I let down anyone! That would be the ultimate failure for me.

    Wrambler, I've been doing this role-reversal for the past 5 years. It's just gotten worse within the last 15 months. My mom is 72 (again) and my dad is 84. He is miserable. He can't see, he can hear, but has difficulty understanding, he's only got about a handful of teeth left. He weighs about 127 lbs. and is so frail... At first it was rough, but my husband flat out told me "It's time for YOU to be THEIR parent now" and that opened my eyes. Each week I set up the pills they take for the week (one sleeve for each day; each sleeve has 4 compartments for medication). I have to set this out each night for them. Mom has specific meds she takes at bedtime, and I realized she was actually taking the nite time meds first thing in the morning; I had to show her how to tell which compartment was morning; it opens on the right, not the left. It's little things like this..

    I never let them go to the doctor alone. They just do as they doc says and sometimes the doc is just guessing. They send them to this appointment or that test. I have to be there to ask all the right questions and to make sure the appointments or testing they are scheduling is really necessary. It's so hard getting my dad out for anything.

    Cath and Dilauro - thanks for the pats on the back. It's always nice to hear someone is in my corner, rooting for me.

    I know I probably sound like a broken record, but YOU GUYS ROCK!

    Have a wonderful day with as little pain as possible!

  • I just want to second all Zach has said.
    with all my loving thoughts, Patsy
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