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Anouther question about C5/C6



  • Hi, I had a fusion of C5/C6 as a 43 year old male non smoker. I had the same fears as you. In my case a carbon fiber cage was used with a shot of bone marrow from my hip. It fused completely and the sergery was a complete success. The pain after sergery was minimal. Wearing that collar around for a month. was the hard part. I had more mobility in my neck after the fusion that prior because all the pain was gone and the muscles were at peace. Now I am dealing with c4/c5 and c6/c7 due to another auto accident. look into the cage and get a cgood doctor. Rich
  • I am one week and 4 days post op. I work from home and I am able to work a few hours a day with resting inbetween. I think my situation is unique because of what I do.

    I have a soft collar and it is not so bad. What is bad is not being able to drive. I am reliant on others and it is driving me crazy, and my husband.

    Cadaver bone is a good option as I felt like why destabalize something else or cause myself more pain than necessary however with your previous experience, I would definately discuss with a surgeon the options and prior issue.

    I did have a tube while I was under but once awake, it was gone. I do have a lump in my throat, as many do with this kind of surgery, however I can breathe on my own no problem. Definately get bendy straws, freeze pops, plenty of movies or something, a shower caddy that allows things to be at your height so you don't have to bend in the shower, slip on sneakers for walking, ice packs and heating pads, advil if allowed by your NS, and try to find an outing 2 to 3 weeks post op to look forward to. It really helps.

    I wish you all the best and encourage you to consult your surgeon about the bone issue and alternatives. Good luck and just try to breathe and relax. The unknown is scary but consider you have a community here. Everyone's experience is unique to their own bodies but information is key in reducing fear. Talk to your NS about your anxiety as well. Totally normal to have it, but talking about it can make it better.
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  • Just saying hello :)

    For my below listed injury or illness, old age, whatever you call it...
    Is it normal that I'll just continue on through life with the pain medication that is currently working for me?
    The SSI informed me when I applied twice for 1/2 time disability, early retirement that their panel of professionals find that my type of injury usually heals after one year.

    Well, 2 years after the intial it flared up again with over use physically of my lifting. Now a year after that it still flares to Level 9-10 pain if I do 'any' type of labor, carry 3 logs into the house, carry one box, carry two grocery plastic bags. Any of those things causes me a week of extra medication and pain.

    Why does typing cause my fingers and wrist to numb up? The neck causes that?

    My job is sitting at a computer and customer service, phones and typing up afterwards. I am 1/2 time right now, since July, had two months off work initially before I could return., Am now going to attempt full time work. I think I may regret that and plunge myself back to recovery and then return back to 1/2 time.


    3/2006 age 55
    Left arm/hand/fingers suddenly can't move, after sitting in a class at work for 8 hours in plastic chairs with 's' wave pattern. 3 days emergency hospital later MRI shows protusion at C5-C6 discs, and worse at C6-C7.
    For two years I return to regular life but get extremely bad neck pains after lifting anything. Wifes' Father and then mother pass away during this time, we pack up house, sell it and move to another state, unpack. After one year we move and I do all of the moving of boxes to save money.
    Wake up and right shoulder/arm/hand/fingers won't move.
    Go to doctors. I explain the previous injury from 2 years ago and get prescribed pain medication. Adjust pain medications from
    some tylenol derivitive
    to a combination that works:


    And it works, except whenever I 'do anything' physical I have to take one or two Vicatin for two to three days straight to get back to Pain Level C5-6 which is constant and regular.
    12/09 MRI
    Finds a slightly larger protrusion in C6-C7 disc, but otherwise nothing else.
    04/09 current
    I dug four small holes with my hands and shovel last weekend and had to be on Vicatin for 5 days straight and constant Level 9-10 pain all the way, lightening up yesterday and finally today. Day after tomorrow will be back down to regular Level 5-6 pain.
  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,778
    for us all .... i find it hard to check into this site because it hurts me to hear about all of the new cases and people that are being affected by this disease - disorder.

    here's a link that will give you more info than you would ever want ... link after link about our conditions:


    i had cadaver that failed) now my hip bone is connected to my neck bone. anyone who says the hip bone pain was worse than the neck pain .... probably should have never has neck surgery to begin with. when the neck pain and arm, shoulder, had pain becomes bad enough .... you will go to every length to get relief. (that certainly includes harvesting a little of your own bone). all of you toughen up ... it is an uphill climb. my fortune cookie today said "life is not a problem to be solved - but rather a mystery to be lived".

    prayers for you all,

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