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Can my c5-c6 and c6-c7 be causing all this leg weakness?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,321
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:30 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Hello All,

I hope you are all coping reasonably well, I know how much hard work it is for all of us to struggle through each day.

Question please, from your own experiences.

This lower leg pain, and leg weakness is getting much worse. Legs feel like they are so heavy all the time, and just plain hurt! If I go up the stairs, by the time I get to the top, they feel like I've walked 100 miles.

Can the discs/bone spurs at C5 thru C7 actually affect your legs ?

Pain Clinis ordered PT but I have to wait for another 10 weeks to get PT for my neck. But that's it.

Seriously considering going back to my Primary Care Doctor, and asking for a second opinion? I'm 6 months in now and everything seems to be getting worse not better, and I'm not happy just to have drugs fired at me all the time.

Neuro wasn't that interested, and I wonder if an Ortho may be better.

I would like to hear of any of your experiences with leg weakness and pain associated with C5-C7 disc.bone spur damage ?

Understand it's only opinions I am after.

Thanks all, and may your God be with you



  • Scully,
    I can only speak of my case, but yes problems at c5-c, c6-7 did cause my balance problems. They also found many more problems, most of them it seems were being caused by stenosis at other levels, hence my third surgery to decompress my spinal cord at c3 and c4. My, myelopathy problems are at c5-6, c6-7 during my inital injury, that was only part of the problem, the last surgery has lessoned some of my balance issue, most of that was due to feeling weakness in my legs and left arm/hand. I also am dealing with some left arm/hand numbness, that numbness has changed sine surgery 3 also. My spinal cord has been total decompressed from c3 to c7, it is too soon to say if things are healed as far as they can be. In my experiance my OS found the problems thatcaused my third surgery, my NS did the surgery. So perhaps another set of eyes may be of help. I hope that you get the answers you need.

  • How bad are the bulges?

    I have mild to moderate stuff going on with those disc (Read what's wrong below). For me it first started out at weird pressure headaches, then I got neck pain from laying down...Then when I started to lay on my right side, the left side of my neck felt like it was being bent in half, when it wasn't. Oh but the first symptom actually was hand and feet tingling and easily falling asleep.

    Make a long story short it has been a little over a year and a couple months ago I developed some lower back pain , along with hip, knee, ankle, buttock, foot pain on my left leg only. The same pain but less that I have been feeling on the left side of my neck and my shoulder and just below my shoulders on my back.

    The neurologist said that the leg stuff is apart of the neck stuff, that it is all related. I do have some osteophytes on L3, but nothing imo that would do the left leg pain. So for now I'll just go with the whole it is all connected blah blah and see what happens. I mean I can see how it could reach my leg, and it make sense given it is the same side that is affected in my neck, but well I'm not a doctor. I just know when something isn't right.

    Why , you might be lucky. For about three to four months the neurologist said it was just depression and anxiety, until I got my x ray , and mri then he was surprised to see anything show up since I was only just 26 at the time. And I did have depression etc, but I knew that, that just couldn't be the only thing... So sometimes you have to keep at it, if you know in your gut that something isn't right and keeping going to a doc till they figure it out.

    I would seek whomever has helped you the most so far. From what I've read here most people see neuro-surgeons or orthos.
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  • Hello Guys,

    Thank you.

    OK, the bone spurs, apparently push into the 'theca' but do not compress the cord. MRI done in January. We don't get as detailed a report in the Uk as you guys seem to get in the US.

    I really don't think the new symptoms I have are from anxiety or depression. What I do know is that 6 months in, my symptoms are getting worse, and, instead of zooming around, driving, working, shopping, running a home etc. And sailing an 11 metre yacht !

    I now, cannot drive, cannot work, and seem to now only stagger round the house like an 80 year old ! I'm 50.

    I am going to seek a second opinion, I've read that sometimes, the progression can be rapid. I do know that I'm not unable to take my daily walk at a good pace, in fact I can't even walk as far as I could a month ago, let alone at a good pace.

    I must have a second opinion. I refuse to give in to whatever is going on and I want fixing!..............so that's what I'm going to tell the primary care doctor next week.

    My thoughts are with you all, as always,

  • Scully:

    Sorry to hear of your worsening condition. I have herniations of the same vertebrae that you have your bone spurs(c5/6/7) and also have nerve root impingement and spinal cord compression. My pain and weakness is all in the neck, shoulder, and arm. From what I've been told, and through some of the medical research I've done, there isn't any mention of cervical problems causing a problem in the legs. Do you know if any of your thoracic and lumbar vertebrae have been viewed by an mri? I ask this because some of the lower thoracic vertebrae, and definitelt the lumbar will often cause leg problems. In any case, good luck, and God bless.

  • Definitely yes! I had cord compression at C4-5 which caused numbness in my legs. My symptoms progressed rapidly. Labor day I had electric shocks in my arms and by the 1st week of November my legs (knee down) were going numb at night. I soon found that I could only sleep on my side. If I slept on my back, then the next day my left leg would be difficult to lift when walking. It would last a day and a half before getting some relief. I finally had surgery in April (7 months after the electric shock feelings) and I still have leg pain when I lay down (2 years post-op). The pain is minor and tolerable, but we figure it is the result of permanent nerve damage. Don't delay...get another MRI done and if you need to, get a 2nd opinion!
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  • i had cord compression in my cervical spine at three levels and had constant nerve pain all over my body and weakness in almost every muscle. After my surgery ,the day of when i came too i no longer had pain in my hips and legs,the relief was incredible.I had two different doctors tell me that all of my symptoms were coming from my neck and it was confirmed after my surgery.If it wasn't coming from my neck then there wouldn't have been such a dramatic change.
  • MRI shows the above mentioned. One surgeon says I need the surgery as soon as it can be scheduled (july 15). I got a 2nd opinion from another NS. He said he could fix it (like the 1st one said), but he told me that it would not cause me to be paralyzed. The first NS said if not operated on cord could be perm. damaged and/or paralysis. So difficult to make a decision with 2 different opinions about what to do. I know I will have to have surgery. It would be helpful with my job to have it during the Holidays in NOV/DEC instead of July 15th, however I don't want to mess around and wait too late.
    Any suggestions/help/opinions?
  • I don't know about your second opinion,why he would tell you that there isn't a chance of paralyzis from cord compression.My cord was compressed as well at three levels,i fell many times and i few times i had trouble moving my legs afterwards,i thank god that i am not paralyzed now. You definitely can be.There was a gentleman on here a long time ago who had cord compression decided to put off having surgery as long as he could,one day he went to his backyard to do something ,tripped over a rock and fell he ended up in a wheel chair.If you fall or have a car accident anything that will move that disc more towards your spinal cord your at risk for paralyzis. NOT trying to scare you just trying to let you know that it is definitely a possibility and you should listen to the surgeon who told you that.
  • Hiya
    Hope your getting sorted - things are quite different in the UK but after four surgeries and different opinions I am convinced that second opinions are important if you are not sure about the first one and I have pain in my leg which is definitly coming from my neck. !!! You take care and good luck.
  • Docs could not tell my if it was from my c4,c5,c6,c7???? I just had dual acdf on 6/30 so time will tell if it is causing the limp I have. I also have lower back issues but I don't know if it's related. Good Luck!

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