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after c1 c2 surgery

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:31 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
i've had my c1 c2 surgery on 16 march. i had screws, wires n titanium to stabilise my c1 c2. i had to wear a big collar after surgery for a week. after that i changed to a hard collar and i had to wear it for a week. i would like to ask how long will it takes to move my neck more to the sides and up and down. i currently can move my neck to left a bit, up and down but i just can't move to the right. when i move my neck to the right, it looks like my head is tilting. i've asked my doctor about it, he said it's normal and i can move my neck more after 3 months of surgery. he said i can only move a bit now and don't stretch too much.
may i know how u all exercise your neck after removing the collar? can u all move ur neck like normal now?
hope to see reply soon n sorry for the bad english..

p/s: my head is slanting to the left before surgery. my head is still slanting to the left but just a little now. may i know anyone experience this before?


  • Finally! Someone who has had C1-2 fusion! From all the research I have done about this fusion, it will be many months to recovery so don't rush it!!! Movement will be permanently restricted in all directions - each person is different and range of motion varies.

    I would like to know why you had the surgery. Was this for trauma, rheumatoid arthritis???

    Can I ask about how old you are (general range) and where you had your surgery? I would not want it done by someone who does only 1 a year.

    Thanks for any information you can share - you can pm me if you prefer.
  • Do u mean that i can't move more like normal even though after many months of recovery? i just can't move to the right now. I'm worry that i can't move to right in the future.

    I move my head to the left when i woke up, then i heard crack sound on my neck so i thought i had sprained my neck. My head started to slant to the left. i have seek some doctors but i still haven't recover after 3week . So, i went for mri scan and ct scan, it shows that my bone had rotated.

    i'm 23 this year and i had my surgery in Sunway Medical Hospital in Malaysia. My doctor had done many surgeries before and this doctor is a good and very experience doctor.

    So, u had c1-2 fusion too? if yes, how is your neck now? Can u move like normal now? Do u still will hear pop sound in your neck?
    i'm sorry for asking so many questions, hope u don't mind ^_^ oh ya and thanks for your reply.
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  • No, I haven't had the surgery. Before I can direct you to some online information, I would ask again why you needed this surgery. Do you know which 'bone had rotated.?' Your surgeon should be able to explain why this happened and if he recommends a second surgery. Have you done a google search for atlantoaxial anatomy so you will better understand this unique part of the cervical spine?

    But from everything I have read so far, you will not be able to move your head as you normally would prior to injury/surgery. C1-2 is what allows you to turn your head side to side. If it is fused in place, then you can't turn your head like you used to.

    I would suggest that you make a list of questions and talk with your surgeon about these concerns. I'm truly sorry that you are in distress.
  • Hey guys, cant help much cause I have the same questions, but lemme put my 2 cents in...
    I'm 20 years old, fractured my c2 while body surfing in Laguna Beach Calif. had anterior surgery, where they put a screw through my c2, went 5 months in an aspen collar and my bone never healed together. Nov. 20th 2010 I had a posterior c1/2 fusion using 2 rods, 4 screws and a wire. I was told that movement will never be the same, but will cope with what we have. I am too soon out of surgery to be making any assumptions, but am very scared I will not be able to return to my regular life (snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, etc.) Like I said, we will cope to the new mobility in the neck, but will it be as strong or am I more susceptible to paralysis? Thanks guys and good luck!
  • Hi - I am new to the board. Was doing some research on my neck problem and found this website. I have a very large osteophyte growth from C2 to C1, and it is pressing on a nerve.... I am in pain 24/7. So far, the surgeons I have gone to will not operate because it would put me at risk. I really need to find someone to do this surgery - I can't live like this. I can barely turn my head to the left or right. And also get constant headaches. I am going to Rush to see a surgeon in a few weeks. Is there anyone out there that has had anything similar? If so, did you find someone comfortable enough to operate? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :-)

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