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ACDF w/Corpectomy on 7/29

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:34 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Just wanted to let those who are thinking about getting surgery, that I made it with minimal pain. I had a different story then many of you :

Sun before surgery I was rushed to the er for severe pain in my neck, it truly felt like my head was going to roll off my neck. The pain was unbearable. Bottom line: after 6 hours in hosp and XRAY& CT SCAN I fractured C6 twice if not broke it. I was sent home with pain meds and a hard collar to wear until surgery on the 29th.


Got to hosp at 6am for a 7am surgery, all was well except the ORS were crazy due to stabbings and everything else. the last time on the clock I saw was 7:10 and then waking up at 10:30 to my dr saying I needed to go back under for revision surgery my plate moved 4 degrees and my dr did not like that. Keep in mind I would have to wait until 6pm due to the OR schedule and the equipment, etc.

Finally around 7 I went back in the ER, and had surgery #2 - all went great and I was kept very comfortable.

I stayed in the hosp Wed, Thur and Fri and since I was up walking around all morning Fri they let me go home. The orginal plan was me to leave on Sat, due to being under general twice.

My pain was and still is very minimal, my throat is sore but not bad -- my neck has a kink in it, but nothing really worse than that. I am in a neck collar, which is annoying at times.

I am on flexaril and percots,I only take them 3 times a day and could honestly cut down even more too. But my dr said for the first week stay ahead of the pain and take my meds, on a schedule rather than when need be.

I do take a benedryl at night to help me sleep, and i take my last dose of pain meds then too - I dont get up in the middle of the night either for anything.

I have been eating alot of yogurt and applesauce, just because of the neck brace and my throat.

The hardest part for me was getting out of bed the next day, my head was so heavy and the even the slightest move felt like it would fall off :) However everyday after that I have been OK.

Basically, for those of you who are waiting for surgery do it. I have one small issue which is my pinky on my left hand that gets numb off and on. My pain is OK and my other symptoms are gone.

I do have a bone stiumlator which is like an IPOD that has two stickers on my neck, that is to help me fuse oter than that I am 100%. I am more tired some days, but my husband is amazing and I nap when I need too.

Keep a positive attitude and remember you will overcome this, and you will :)

I hope all of you have a speedy recovery!!


  • I'm glad to hear you are doing well. It must have been tough to be told that you needed to go under again, but better to correct it while you were there anyway. Sounds like you are having good results.

    My surgery was two days before yours (ACDF, two levels). I am recovering well also although I have some pain in my shoulder. I'm glad to have the anticipation behind me!
  • I hope all is well with you today. I think the neck braces are a good thing. They support our heay heads after a surgury like that my surgeon had me wear hard type one for 2 months after surgery. At times i wish i still had mine when i get pain.
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  • let us know how you feel when your not taking percots anymore ...

    i heard flexaril are good also..

    best of luck get well soon...
    My recovery was a rough one - I hope yours goes quicker... Most docs say several weeks, but I haven't read ONE story in here where it was that short of a recovery. Took me ALOT longer. I think of several weeks as 2-3, then we are talking months, right? EVERYONE is different & DON'T forget that!!! I know you were mostly concerned about the pain meds, but just be thankful you have some to help in recovery! There was NO WAY I could EVER get addicted to my pain meds because they made me droggy & beachy & nausiated -
    this web site was SO VERY HELPFUL... You'll WILL get better,,,, when???? dunno but know this WILL pass!!! Seemed like 4EVER TO ME!!!
    >:D< BIG HUG - Julie
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