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Tricky pain

deloriearddeloriear Posts: 19
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:36 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Comes from time to time. Severe pain/muscle spasms throughout my left arm. There is time when I lift heavy things and I have no pain and other times (like today) I have done little and I feel like I want to cut my arm off. I guess I got a bit cocky with my nuerosurgeon last visit b/c he asked me if I needed a refill on pain meds and I said no b/c I didn't have pain for a month. Today I wish I never said that and being a Saturday I can't get ahold of him. I have already made 2 trips to ER and they only inject me with pain meds and send me home so whats the point of a 100 dollar co pay for that? Does anyone know how to get ahold of a DR on a weekend. Not sure if he can call in a prescription but I am at the end of my rope with pain today...how lucky to have these problems at 34 yrs old with a 3 yr old son who constantly wants me to play with him. Instead of dissapointing him I play with him and deal with the pain.


  • That's what that emergency number is for. Call the regular number and they should have a service number to call.

    Also if you go to ER ask them for a two day supply to get you through to Monday. Unfortunately today too many people are shopping for pain meds so the hospital and doctors have to be careful.

    You may also be able to call you pharmacy. If you had been on this med for a while they may be willing to give you a two day refill to get you through the weekend.

    Good Luck and let us know what works
  • just called pharmacy and they said they don't do anything without a Dr's call or script. just tried heating pad but no luck
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  • I will confess that I always keep some vicadin and codiene around. These were left over from past ortho surgeries. In the past my husband and I have been lucky not to need these heavy meds more than a day past surgeries. We have also been saved once or twice when new injuries happened in remote areas or on weekends.

    As my kids get older I have learned another horrible lesson. Not only are adults shopping for pain meds - kids are stealing them from the medicine cabinet at home. THere is a huge market among teens for these drugs. It's a $1 or $5 high. I received a call last year from my son's principal telling me that a kid in school was selling vicodin in class.

    So the lesson here is that if you decide to keep pain meds in the house make sure that they are not only kept out of reach of kids but if you have a teen consider locking them up.
  • The one thing nice to read here is people understanding the policies set forth by the doctors. In my state the pharmacy won't take a call by doctor for a schedule 2. So the only way to get one filled is by having the actually script. At all of my doctors they clearly have a notice about pain meds and not running out on the weekends. If you call the emergency number it says "it is not a emergency if you are out of pain meds". They have made it pretty clear about going to the ER if need be. One thing I did do was to have my doctor make arrangements with the ER for me to have meds waiting if I should ever need that route. It makes it easy they can get me in and out and clear the board. Also it helps so there is no issue that I am seeking drugs but rather i have plenty at home but can't break it with what I have. My doctor offered that up for me sometime back, and i took him up on the offer. Since the whole system is computerized works out pretty well for me and he gets alerted the minute I am there as well.

    But I do feel bad that you had to go to the ER for some relief today. Hope they took care of you and your feeling better now.
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