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"Highs" and Lows of Narcotics



  • As we feel better, we start to add activities back into our lives. We may in fact not have a progression of the illness, but be subject to increased pain because of increased activity. As you noted, your Dr, doulbed your meds, Good, this may allow for you to continue to keep active. Otherwise, we fall into a YO-YO effect, where we are active, hurt ourselves, stop and become in-active, then go active again, hurt ourselves again and yo-yo this across the month. We don't see the pattern, until we think about it later.

    Some Dr's = totally miss this need for adequate meds and under medicate us, to the point where we do not have good anlagesia and so we never get to the point of being as active as we could be.
    It is a very fine line, that we must live with, Hope you doing well! Cheers, David
  • Another thing to remember is that often, we bear the burden of taking that first step toward increasing our activity levels, even when we're under medicated, in order to provide the proof our doctors need to justify increasing the medication dosages. It can be really easy to fall in to the "you go first" mentality with our doctors and say "I'll be glad to become more active, if you give me more drugs first."

    I think chronic pain is a completely unique disease in the sense that we have to prove we can do better in order to get the treatment we need to help us feel better. I was in my PM's office yesterday and I told him I was concerned about him becoming reluctant to prescribe to me, after having to make 3 trips to the ER in 2 days, for uncontrolled pain. His response was "Sometimes medicine fails, but you haven't. You've done everything I've asked of you. It's just a bump in the road.. so let's fix it and move on."

    And then he handed me a hell of a set of scripts to get me movin' on... ;)

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  • Jeaux-I totally understand, my boys make fun of me when I take a zanaflex and go to sleep at night and then if hubby not home, they stay up a little longer on the XBox!

    I have a hard time getting why someone would take the meds I take for fun, too, cuz now that I've developed a tolerance, there is no "high" and I don't want to be on them. However, I do know from my professional experience and hubby's professional experience that many who take narcs recreationally combine them with other meds or illegal stuff to get their good high.
  • :D I prefer a natural high and, no, don't get high on my pain meds, just helps bring the pain level down so that I can get some level of normal functioning. Now in mid life, just want to keep the body from falling apart so don't want to experiment and damage it further -- still making up for damage I did in the early 70's (LOL!).

    Take care,

  • Nope, I do not get high from my pain meds. All I get is an ease up in my pain...that's all.
    But people who take pain meds to get "high" take them different than we do. They crush and "snort" them or something like that or smoke them??? Anyway they take them differently, don't they??
    All we want is a reduction in our pain. I have no idea how it feels to get high on anything!! I would never want my mind messed up in any way.
    The one time I took Lyrica it really messed me up bad. I could not walk, talk and my vision was blurred!! A friend called to chat and said if she did not know me better she would have thought I was drinking. Was I high then?? Heavens knows I NEVER want to feel like that again!! It was awful!!
    If that is the "high" people want...then they can have it!! All I can say Kelly.....they are out of their cottin pickin minds!!
    No, I do not think the "wave" you are talking about is that high either. I think it is all together something different.
    If I am wrong about how people take meds to get high....please correct me.
    Patsy W :H
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  • lol Judy, I used to get the natural high, being adrenaline rushes or whatever, but sadly, not so much anymore... Can't do the things that I once could!! but in that respect, I think I'm glad I was just a lil tyke in the 70s!! LOL
    Patsy, you're right, they do crush the pills, but I'm not sure about smoking?
    I was hospitalized a few years ago due to a severe kidney infection (fever of 106 that lasted for 4 days) and they gave me demerol shots for pain control. One day, about 20 minutes after getting a shot, which usually was when it started working for me, my commanding officer and sergeant-major walked in. After a minute, they looked at each other, looked back at me and started laughing. When I was released from the hospital, I was sent straight to the field (IV and all) to meet up with my unit on exercise. Needless to say, I was pretty cranky about the whole situation, and my CO asked if they were still giving me demerol through the IV, as I was funnier when I was higher than a kite. I didn't feel like I was ever high from it, but I guess I was pretty spacey, lol.
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • LOL... Were u thinking of me?
    No I get no high from meds. I will say I did back in my early 20's.
    I asked my dr about it and he said it's changed because of my bodys chemistry since I'm older now. There had been on occasion times that I get a rush when I was on hydracodone and soma and the first dose I would take in mornin of those with coffee first thing that I'd get like a quick rush feeling because the coffee made my meds melt and work real fast. And it gave me have a rush feeling for about 10 minutes. But only that first dose, not the rest of the day. But not with my new meds of mscontin and baclofen. That's was a weird feelin in my head but not now.
    Now my mj use doesnt really, I don't smoke a big fat stogy, just a few hits to calm my nausea. Yeah I could take fenergan but it causes your meds to work stronger, and causes drowsiness, the drowsiness also with using levsin, which defeats the purpose of what I need, which is to EAT. With my gallbladder and also scar tissue issue causing blockage and nausea,I'm starving and have lost 13 lbs fast this last month. Thats not healthy! That is the reason I use mj, along with the pain the meds don't touch and to help sleep. And I don't use it every day. Or all day! My business, k!
    Now off that!!!!
    My meds cause no euphoria at all!!! But I want to tell all something.
    The other day I was watching oprah with dr oz talking about this lady addicted to meds after an accident who also shared her meds with her son. She got a rx once a month from dr, 120 pills per month, and they would be gone in 5-6 days. She took over 7,000 pills per year. Cuz when they were gone she buy more through a dealer.
    Crazy!!!!! And shared with her son.... What a loser!!!
    Well it frustrated me, this is the reason we get a hard time and bad name.
    Well, for every chronic pain sufferers defense I sent an email to the dr oz show. I would encourage all to do the same. Becuz we need a voice.
    I explained I was frustrated about him not addressing the difference of addiction and dependence that we have to take meds for a better quality of life, that without meds most of us would be bed bound in pain, becuz surgergies were not feezable now or not anytime soon. So we need meds. So these stupid people cause us grief and that's not fair. There is a difference of addiction and dependance of a better quality if life and so on and so on. Hope he answers me.
    It was a good letter, wish I could just share it with u guys.
    People need to know how these addicts make it impossible for some of us.
    Anyhoo, no high from meds!!!!
  • Yes BW - that is so right. I had a history of ER visits and with that and the fact that I had to have ER control the pain[none of this was in my head! LOL] I was able to use this in writing to explain to my PM dr that I needed to have things increased, because I already know how to fix myself, I am not able to write my scripts to control the pain and allow myself to get back to my life fast.

    With that, He wrote what I had asked for and told me to be responsible for figuring out what worked and what did not.

    In a month, We met again and adjust things - Since then, I have been stable in my meds. Sometimes less, never more and I have my life and activity level back.

    That was my orginal goal, to get active as I was and not have more than I needed to control the pain. So - a year later. I have lost 10 lbs off last year and continue to work away. I am my lightest, in 20 years. So I would say it works!

    It is really being honest with oour Dr and doing our part! doing exercise whether we want to or not!

    Peace - David
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,296
    but please do not post any letter than came from any talk show.
    I do have to ask you to please not continue to repeat the situation about marijuana usage. You have stated it several times, and if it helps you , fine, but there are many people who object to this as well as many medical professionals who would never agree to what is being done.
    The next comment applies to many who use "I dont get high" from my pain medications. Well, the reason you take pain medications is to help control the pain, not to get someone high.
    Some of the rationale that went behind the so many Pain Contracts was comments about patients wanting to get high, not getting high from their medication. In both cases it is a misunderstanding why someone takes those medications
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
  • It was a letter I sent not received. I'm only stating my own view, please don't take it the wrong way. I know some people object, that's why I stated that was all I wanted to say, not looking to start a convo on it, don't want to.
    I won't mention it again, sorry you felt like I needed a scalding for it. Don't want to offend no one!!!!!
    So back to the topic at hand!!!
    Thank you and hope you have a good day , Ron!!!
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