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New doctor/revised meds - wish me luck!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:38 AM in Pain Medications
Going from:

qty of 120 5 mg Ultram
qty of 60 Norco 10/325
qty of 90 600mg Motrin (my poor stomach)
qty of 15 Ambien (for problems sleeping from time to time)


qty of 90 Norco 10/325
qty of 90 Baclofen (never had this before, ever.)
qty of 60 Pamelor 25mg
(not sure if he will keep me on Ambien once I run out, said it was ok to keep taking what I have left as needed and we will see how things go)

I'm nervous because the tramadol started having almost no affect on my pain and the norco was following suit (I guess I'm tolerant, been on norco for years. I have to hope that the addition of the muscle relaxer Baclofen and the anti-depressant Pamelor will work well as a partner with the Norco.

My old doctor would not order new x-rays or an MRI despite my most current ones being 3+ years old now. He was also not open to trying new medications (they haven't shifted in 3 years now, at all). This new doctor went ahead and ordered the new x-rays, etc.

I don't really have what seems to be muscle spasms...so I'm not sure about the relaxer. I know my past MRI showed a narrowed nerve pathway, among other things.

Has anyone had experience with Baclofen and Pamerol? Did it benefit you? Any advice or experience you could share with me would be great.

I really wanted him to shift me off of the Norco, try something different. He wanted me to try this combination. He said something about there being 40-something anti-inflammatory's and that in his personal experience only 2 of those 40-something helped him.

I just want to be able to get to work and not lose my job. I want my house to be clean...I just want to enjoy my life again.

Wish me luck guys.

And good luck to all of you going through this, it's nice to find a place where people understand.




  • I take this and it does work pretty well for me. I only take it when I have spasms. It sounds like you did a very good thing by getting a new doc. Sometimes that is what it takes to get things moving in the right direction again. Good luck to you.
  • I'm glad you got in with a new doctor and he adjusted some of your meds. They usually give you a muscle relaxer because back pain and spasms go hand in hand, and it take a combination of different classes of medications to combat this pain. I never tried Baclofen, just Zanaflex, Flexeril, Valium, and Skelaxin. Flexeril was the worst and did nothing but keep me up a night and sleep all day.

    I'm from the US so I'm not sure what Pamelor is. Maybe your doctor will increase the number of Norco's a day; the maximum is 6 because of the Tylenol content and that's how much I took along with an extended release narcotic.

    Most doctors would have you go up to an ER med after you've taken a short acting med like Norco or Percocet. Take care and I hope this new doctor is willing to work with you.
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  • Pamelor is nortriptyline. In addition to sleep, it's also used off-label for leg cramps. I was on it for several months, until the doctor prescribing it finally figured out I wasn't having actual leg cramps - it was nerve pain that just felt like leg cramps. :)

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