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acute pain in tailbone

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
I woke up on 10/12/09 in extreme pain in my lower back with spasms running up to my shoulders. I tried to walk and my legs were weak and throbbing. There was no injury, no strain, I was healthy and happy. Since that morning I have been to the emergency room four times and admitted once for six days in which I saw an orthopedist, a hemotologist, a gynocologist and a neurologist, none of whom could find any cause for the pain. The doctor ordered narcotics to manage the pain, and I laid in bed for six days in agony as the narcotics didnt even dull my pain. The pain starts in my tailbone and radiates east and west through my buttocks and into my legs. My leg muscles throb relentlessly and this causes extreme excrutiating pain that has not stopped in over a month. I've been to a chiropractor, a rheumatologist, and a gastroenterologist none of whom can find any reason for the pain. Accupunture has proved unsuccessful. I am desperate for a diagnosis so I can move forward. I've been unable to work or even stay in my own home and am exhausted for the pain and getting depressed . Does anyone have any ideas of where I can turn, what it could be or some way to relieve the pain?


  • Did you have an MRI while in the hospital? I would think that you did and they just didn't see anything that would explain your pain.

    Have you seen a Pain Management doc yet? They have alot of other tests that they can do in order to find the source of your pain. I went through 2 years of trying chiros, Pt, docs, neds, etc. It was my PM doc that has been a lifesaver. By the injections that he gave me he was able to verify that some of my pain was coming from arthritis in my facet joint. Through a discogram he found multiple annular tears that were causing the nerve pain running down my leg.

    I have severe pain in my tailbone and buttocks especially while sitting. It comes from the arthritis in my facet joints and DDD. I am able to get rhizotomys (nerve burn) about 1 x a year that do help to control this pain. It is not uncommon for people with chronic or acute back pain to go through the same thing that you are in order to get answers and relief.

    So please don't feel hopeless. There is help for you unfortunately you may have to go through a process in order to find it. If your depression becomes unmanageable please do not hesitate to talk to your doc about it. It is much easier to get under control in the early stages than it is the advanced. Good luck and please keep us posted.
  • like you, i didn't do anything to cause the extreme pain in my lower back, didn't have an accident, didn't fall - it just happened. i actually felt my lower spine lock slightly and spent over a year in pain, not knowing what was wrong with me (a radiologist missed the signs on my mri).

    please don't give up; as jj says, it's a process and many people on this site have gone through 'the process' to reach a diagnosis. if you're one of the lucky ones you'll get a diagnosis soon, but it can take months or even years, whilst some of us continue to have pain without a complete diagnosis.

    if i were in your position, i'd read everything i could about problems in the lumbar and sacral regions (see link: https://www.spine-health.com/conditions/degenerative-disc-disease/lumbar-degenerative-disc-disease), read people's posts and absorb/digest all the information before seeing the doctor again. personally, i'd then go armed with questions written down for my doctor/pm/neurosurgeon (i always forget most of what i wanted to ask) and make sure i was given thorough answers.

    you've made an excellent start by finding this site. i sincerely wish i'd found it before i did!

    bye, val
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  • thank you! yes I had an MRI, a CT, Xrays and an Ultrasound, they found an ovarian cyst which is why they called in the gynocologist who confirmed that a cyst there would not be causing my pain and back spasms. I truly appreciate your kind words of encouragment. I dont know how anyone functions a normal life like this. Most doctors think I am making it up "its all in your head". They asked about my personal life and love life and contacted my family to see if I was a drug user or perhaps just seeking attention. If it isnt bleeding or obviously broken the doctors seem to just shut you out and assume its psycological. I will try the PM doctor and see if they can offer some pain relief, thank you for the suggestion
  • At times I feel as if my tailbone will just break in half when it is at its worse. I truly feel that a GOOD PM will be able to offer you help.

    I accepted your buddy request and please feel free to pm me anytime if I can help. Please do let me know how you make out.
  • i know the pain and frustration you're going through. fortunately for me, i am within 25 minutes of a hospital that has a policy that has to treat everyone for pain if they say that they are in pain.

    if you aren't close enough for a pain clinic or hospital with a similar policy, you should chose a doc willing to work with you for referrals to at least a rheumatolgist, neurologist (for nerve conduction velocity (ncv) and electromyography (emg) tests) and ask about arachnoiditis to make sure your pain isn't from inflammation of the arachnoid lining. more info on arachnoiditis:

    i found toradol to help with flare-ups. medrol never seemed to work fast enough for me although i still take the medrol pak about 3 times a year.

    i'm not a doctor, but hopefully some of my life's trials will help someone find answers.

    feel better!
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