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Hip and shoulder pain

kjkbnapierkkjkbnapier Posts: 22
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:46 AM in New Member Introductions
Just curious about my hip and shoulder pain could they both be linked to my spinal problems ? I just found out the other day that I got protrusion and herniation of cervicle disc so maybe this could expliane my shoulder pain. The mri shows them to be small protrusions and herniations on the right side but my left shoulder has the most pain.

The hip pain has been with me for years my right hip locks up on me and causes me to have a small limp for hour at a time. It does not stay with me all the time !!! Maybe a few hours a day and I have not discussed this with my pm doc becaue we are working on the spine. After reading romeos post below I was also involved in an work related injury about 6 years ago and the hip pain started at that time and w/c pretty much dumped that and went only with the spinal injury. I guess the question is should I ask the pm to look more into the hip pain or wait till we figure out what all is going on with the spine ?

Some history on my adventures

8 years old diagnosed with osto arthritis in leggs and back
I am 39 years old.
6 years ago injury of spine broke facet joint healed nicley
L-4 L-5 SMALL DISC PROTRUSION. Spent lots of time in pt chiropractor, accupuncture, inversion table, tens units, disc decompression. and lots of otc meds and a few others like flexril muscle relaxers. Pain neevr went away. Closed w/c claime to be able to fix the problem. Bad mistake !!!

12 years ago injury from working on building a workshop in back yard same inuries as above pt meds and mri's and x-rays nothing was ever followed thru.

Now at times I can and should use a caine to help walk but dont because I feel embarrassed and dont want others to see me doing this. So when the hip pain hurts I just simply dont go anyplace. Ok back to the question should I bother the doctor with this hip pain being he is a new doctor and I have done nothing about the hip pain in the past and there is no diagnosis ? Could this hip pain be arthritis ? Thanks a bunch guys you are all great folks.



  • I would definitely tell your Dr. about the hip pain. I hurt my back in 2007, and then in late 2008 I started to get pain in my hip as well. It came about after I had been through a series of physical therapy - PT just aggravates my pain more, and seemed to cause this hip pain. When you hurt your back, it causes other pain - maybe it's because I compensate or try to avoid pain by putting more pressure on my hip - I'm not really sure. Because I spend so much of my days lying down, I bend a lot from my cervical spine (lifting my head, etc) and so now I have developed shoulder pain, and my right arm really hurts (I can't lift it sometimes - it is so weak and painful) and my little finger and ring have numbness and tingling (although I haven't yet told my Dr's about this new issue - I should, too!) So hurting your back in one place affects other parts of your spine and your body.

    Anyway - best of luck!
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