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I feel like a hypochondriac!

sagehenssagehen Posts: 221
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:47 AM in Fibromyalgia
Well,my PM doc has concluded I quite possibly may have fibromyalgia. Due to my having all the symptoms.I have been doing alot of reading,and I have to agree with the doc,it sure does fit the bill.I have also been told I have seronegative RA.I told my dear sweet husband(I'm being sarcastic),and he rolled his eyes,interrupted me and changed the subject. I spent 3 days last week so exhausted I could barely move.This sort of thing has been going on for a very long time. I don't say too much to anybody about all this. I feel like a whining,complaining hypochondriac! Even though getting explanations for the pain,exhaustion,incontinence,ibs,depression,is enlightening,telling anybody "Hey we're getting things figured out,I have..." is something I avoid. My support system is nonexistent. BooHoo....I know...so that's why you all get to hear it!!!! Thanks for listening.....Sagehen


  • Good morning
    So sorry you have no support system to speak of.
    I was diagnosed after 2 years of having every test known to mankind!
    That was about 5 years ago.
    I have since learned to read people very well!
    I only share with people that i know won't critisize or belittle my pain!
    I take Ultram daily and am seriously considering trying the new drug SEVEA[SPELLING]
    I don't qualify for any financial help/ssi,so i have to work!
    Some days,it takes all i have to make it back home..
    I have no life after work anymore,just gotta try and recoup for the next day.
    Online support groups are awesome..
    Don't bother trying to convince a non believer,it will only raise your stress level and make you hurt worse!
    I do believe my 19 yr old daughter will be diagnosed soon as well..They say it's very likely..Since i have it...
    You know, we need to go to 15 more doctors first;0(
    Hang in there and don't go to a doctor unarmed ..Print out info and be your own advocate..It really does help!
    Feel free to message me amytime you need an ear..

  • apart from a few spouses that understand .many of our other halves ..don't ...and they can't ..because they just can't imagine the 541T we go through every day and who can blame them ?? if i did not suffer every day i would find it hard to believe that some one could be in so much pain all the time .so i say 80ll025 to them ! its you pain and there you pills ..just take them and if your other half can't or wont understand then its THERE problem NOT yours
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  • Fibromyalgia is not hypochondria! But I totally know what you mean. I had chronic fatigue for so long before my accident. But then I see people who can just go all day- I haven't felt that way in years.

    Nobody else will understand what it's like being in your body. I've given up trying to tell people that their chronic back problems and mine are likely not really at all the same (gee, I'm sorry your back goes out every year at christmastime, hope you get some help for that!).

    Chronic fatigue, whatever the cause, is even harder to explain. People think exercise will help, but going for a walk just makes you feel like you've been hit by a truck. It's not a fun feeling.

    Do a search for "the spoon theory." It didn't work with my friends, they still mock me about my spoons. Maybe yours are nicer ;) (I <3 my friends, they are my lifeline, but as anyone here might have noticed I have a sarcastic streak a mile long, my friends are the same. You can't imagine the conversations...)<br />
    edit: ps, my final diagnosis was "hypogammaglobulinemia" which is no more fun to explain than fibro, I promise!
  • Hiya >:D< >:D< >:D< I am totally with you on this one :? with some people , if they can not see it , it aint happening!!! ~X( This makes me so angry(well not so much these days )my ex-partener used to do exactly what your husband does,he would say "how did you get on?" then i would start to tell him, then he would change the subject X( My daughter and i are close and i would say she understands me more now than ever, and she knows when im having one of the worser days O:) My sister works at the orthopedic out patient clinic and she understands me more now, we have grown closer and she admitted to me she thought that my back,neck, knee and leg problems was not that bad, until she understood more, and took a look at the MRI :? but unless these people can either experience the pain or gain the knowledge of whats happening :B , then they will not understand us :? My ex (when we were together ) he was asked to sit in with an orthopedic and PM appointment so they could explain to him what was what, and he just said NO and walked out.Just trying to say you are not alone here we are all here for you. If you ever want a rant PM me :H

    Angie O:)
  • Fibro, hernias, DDD, nerve damage, the whole shebang - if people can't see it, they don't get it! Try not to let their 'lack of compassion or understanding' bring you down. A true friend will eventually, same with many families! I'm so sorry you are to the point of self doubt, or even thinking hypochondriac! I HIGHLY doubt you are one of those!! Gentle *HUGZ* :)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
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  • Hi Taunya,

    So sorry to hear of this level of noncompassion from your hubby. I've got a friend who has fibro and am coming to a little better understanding of the misery it can cause. I hope your doctor is wrong about this but in any case, you know you can come here for the support you're not getting at home and with friends. You can have a boo hoo party here any time you need one. The saying that misery loves company is so true--we're here for you on your bad days as well as your good ones. >:D<

    2009 Foraminotomy C6-72010 PLIF L4-S1Multi RFA's, cervical inj, lumbar injLaminectomy L3-4 and fusion w/internal fixation T10-L4 July 17Fusion C2-C5 yet to be scheduled
  • I feel for you as you have no ongoing support network..Ive found this site to be a godsend in my down moments and also thru the goodtimes..
    Im here if you need a shoulder and feel free to PM me..
    Reading everyones posts makes me so glad to have my fiancee/hunny so caring and never saying a thing except to help me.

    I was diagnosied with Fibro only 4 weeks ago and it made sense with a lot of the pain and such I was having that was different to my noraml pain and severe pins and needles in my arms and legs..

    I would appreciate any information that anyone can give on Fibro also..
  • A dear friend of mine and her husband started suffering from horrible chronic fatigue and pain. It took doctors a while to figure out that they both suffer from Lyme's disease. If the docs had looked into their back ground a bit sooner, they would have discovered it sooner and possibly save them many years of needless suffering. The neurological effects of Lyme's disease are very similar and often confused for fibro. Fortunately they had the means to seek better treatment and found a doc that could see what was going on!

  • I finally got in to see a rheumatologist a few months back who is very well thought of in my area. She was awesome and took almost an hour going over my history.

    Of course, when I saw her I was having a good spell. Anyway, I didn't have RA or lupus but she sent me packing with literature on fibro. Now we didn't talk about fibro while I was in her office but she handed me the literature when I walked out the door.

    I'm still unemployed so I've been able to walk every day and not be stressed from a job (of course I stress over money) -- my point is I think my symptoms are exacerbated by stress. I'll find out how bad it will get when I secure my next job and life starts rolling at a fast pace again.

    I, too, live on tramadol and advil. I also do a lot of stretching and am really careful about how I bend and reach for things.

    Thank goodness for on line support -- no one can understand chronic fatigue or fibro unti they are able to live in your body for a day. You look OKAY so people don't get it.

    Take care and I hope you find relief in one or more of the coping remedies. Oh, and MEN---forget it! Our SH guys excepted.

  • Hiya Judy, >:D< I also have fibro, and i agree that stress does make it worse well certainly exagerates the pain and the fatigue.

    I also have DDD and nerve damage, grade 3 arthritus in right knee (need a new knee but i am told they will not do this until i am at least 55, unless it goes on me in the mean time)and recently i saw a rheumatologist and i have this in my feet and hands and also left knee, because of the swelling my knuckles are disfigered, he wants bloods and scans just awaiting appointment! He wants to give me an immune supressant for this(i think thats what he said) , but he wont do trail and error with meds as i take so much for everything else(this is why he wants to do the blood test to identify which arthritus it is.

    I am on an everyday struggle with all this, just get to deal with one thing and somthing else pops up.

    I am also out of work , for now i am long term sick!
    think this is a good thing though with fighting the pain and fatigue, and with all the meds my concentration is not what it was.

    I just say i suppose i am more lucky than some , there are many that are much worse than me!

    Angie >:D< :H

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