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L1, L3 fusion L2 Complete removal ( Burst Fracture)

James VictoriaJJames Victoria Posts: 2
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:48 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Can anybody tell me how long it will be before I won't have this terrible leg pain after my surgery? This is almost unbearable!!!!
Operation was in the middle of Sept.2010.


  • SpineAZSpineAZ WiscPosts: 1,084
    So I assume you are saying you were fused L1-L3. Were you sent home with a rigid brace to wear during recovery? The higher level fusions such as ones that start at L1 do seem to take a bit longer to heal from. In any case the nerves heal VERY slowly. Thus the continuing pain you feel is normal and it takes a while for your body to heal, the inflammation in and around the nerve to decrease from surgery, and the nerve to begin to heal. I had L3-S1 fusion in February and still get nerve "zingers" down my left leg but they occur much less often as time goes on.
    2 ACDFs, 2 PCDF, 3 LIFs; Rt TKR; Rt thumb fusion ; Lt thumb arthroplasty; Ehlers Danlos 
  • I've had major leg pain after surgery. The doc offered Neurotin to help me through but I don't think it helped and I didn't like the side effects and the notion of taking more pills. Ditto for the Lyrica. The nerves take a long time to settle down and heal and I'm talking months. The oxycodone did nothing for the nerve pain but it settled me down so I wasn't flighting it all the time. I tired to avoid activites that made it worse but nighttime was the worse. It has gotten a lot better but wow, it takes a long time.
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  • Was given Neurotin. Helped my leg pain greatly!!! I start P.T. This week. Bet that is gonna be fun. Hey, Thanks for the answers! At 53 I never imagined breaking my back, much less this bad!!!
  • Hi James,

    I had a burst fracture of L2 had hardware put in at the time but no fusion. Now, I'm having a total removal of my L2 and fusion L1-L3 in Dec. What happend to you? It sounds like same operation that I'm going to have!!

  • My 16 year old son fell out of a deer stand on mid Nov of 2011. He had a L2 burst fracture. He had an anterior L1-L3 fusion with a L2 Corpectomy. We spent 10 days in the hospital and left with a TLSO brace and have been having physical therepy the last eight weeks as well as muscle stem in the left leg. So here's the deal ........ having issues that there is no feeling in the left thigh (outer portion) no feeling over the groin area as well as the left testical now hangs three inches lower than the right. We are being told this is from cutting nerves? Has anyone had this? Has anyone recovered from this? He cannot lift the left leg up more than 2 inches. I knew that the brace would be on for months and that he can only have it off for sleeping. Did not realize there would be other complications and was not mentally prepared for all the hurdles. It has only been eight weeks since this surgery so I am hopeful for recovery but I would love to hear any feedback for similar complications or suggestions on what to do.
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  • Ckelly. You should Google Cauda equina syndrom. I too have similar problems. L3 burst fracture from a I.E.D. bomb under my vehicle. A bunch of injurys, below the knee injury being one and the back pain with the problems of a weak leg to go with it make the burst fracture the worst for me. It took me a while to lift my left leg then it seemed every year a bit more come back. The one best peice of advice is to get to the pool and do says therapy, swim laps and work the core muscles. After a couple years of horid posture I had to use therapy tape and tape my shoulders back cause of weak core muscles. Best of luck. One last thing. Pain management try out side of the box besides just pills. I take half doses majority of the time and wait 45 min and if the pain is tollorable I won't take any more, if the pain is still their take the other dose. This helped break the addictive part plus teaches the brain not to automaticly think a pill is the fix. This is how I learned what my real pain tollorance was.
  • steve gealdssteve geald Posts: 1
    edited 08/19/2013 - 9:14 PM
    ckelly , I had this surgery 4/15/2012, derived from motorcycle accident. I see your surgery is before me. I also am having the some complications , as the doctor tell me it was a nasty surgery. expect more form a dr. than it was a nasty surgery. saw him last week for follow up and ex-rays now he has taken me off all pain meds. cold turkey, still have left testical hanging all way down, same numbness as form the beginning. also have 5 IN. bulge that pops out below the 10 in incision when I try to go to bathroom, or cough, strain, etc. thinking some mussel is not attached , as he said it takes time for admen wall to heal. this bulge really hurts as if something is tearing, back pain is constant, and leg thigh and groan soreness. last week was a joke visit: he never even look at anything, just listen to complaints. set me up for appt. to pain management, when I nail him down for some answers, he tell me I will probably be this was for rest of my life.as for the lifting of the leg, they cut the hamstring to left leg, I still have a limp, and im only 4 month out of surgery. any information kick back my way, cause im really worried about the bulge that pop out, it really hurts to #2 some times, I've lost 20 lbs to this date. tks.
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